Puck Ellington

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Performer Name Puck Ellington

Gender, Pronoun Genderqueer – any pronouns

What would you like QPTV to know about you?

Puck is both the birth and endurance of pleasure. My reality is formed by where my body takes it, hence the silky softness and sensuality all around me. I’m recharged by bathing in pools of intimate tension and tenderness; I keep the notion of sex ever-flowing in my life whether it be for the camera, for myself, or even by myself ;). I find that these rivers guide me to community, collaboration, and ultimate beauty.

Tell us something about your sexual identity: Fluid and Intuitive. I find all types of bodies scrumptious, as long as there is that inexplicable spark.

How has making porn changed your life? Making porn unlocked a certain block in my mind towards my capabilities and capacity for fulfillment. Making porn employs my body, my endurance, my emotions, my art, my sensibilities, and sensitivities – it’s easy to forget just how much goes into it, how much one can put themselves into it, and when I step back to see what I’ve been part of creating I feel impressed with myself and motivated to create even more.

What’s your favorite sex toy? The shower head, I keep it old school

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