Manon Praline

Posted on June 29, 2021Comments Off on Manon Praline

Performer Name Manon Praline

Gender, Pronoun? Trans Femme, She/They

Tell us something about your sexual identity. It’s evolving so fast I have a hard time to follow, just call me a Queer Dyke 😉

I’m here to make badass porn! Porn which I can identify with, porn that can be inspiring for our sex lives, porn that explores the edges of what’s considered acceptable or showable and the edges of my kinks. Rather than being assigned to some narrow roles, I want to embody, in films, the visions of my weirdest fantasies.

How has making porn changed your life? My exhibitionist side has been plenty rewarded

What’s your favorite sex toy? Still obsessed with my Doxy Die Cast Wand Massager and its Le Wand Curve Silicone Attachment

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