Merci Madame Manon

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This is a QueerPorn.TV Showcase Scene by Insatiable Pictures and Praline Studio.

trailer for Merci Madame Manon

In this switchy scene, Madame Manon is proud to show off her gorgeous and so perfectly obedient babydoll Puck Ellington. The Femme domme uses the doll as her personal toy for pleasure, breaking through the limits of ethically acceptable sex practices.

But Puck knows how to take what they want out of the situation and enjoys it quite a lot until they flip it into a T4T straight play, makes Manon kneel down, and turns her into a Domme I Like to Fuck.

Concept and Performance : Puck Ellington & Manon Praline

Written and directed by : Manon Praline

Producers : Insatiable Pictures & Praline Studio

Camera: Jo Pollux & Theo Meow

Editing : The Abandoned Cinema

Sound Post-Production and Color Correction: Salty Chéri