Dylan Ryan and Tina Horn

Posted on April 4, 2011Comments Off on Dylan Ryan and Tina Horn

So there I was, getting spanked by Mr Gray at the Aslan Leather Feminist Porn Awards Switch party, when out of nowhere Dylan Ryan (in fancy drag no less) approaches the spanking bench and respectfully requests to land a few smacks on my already cherry ass. I was already under such a subby spell that this attention from Dylan was icing on a very yummy cake. Afterwards she flattered me by saying she doesn’t get a chance to play with women who really love to take pain as much as she would like.

This is the perfect example of why I started QPTV: so I could make a scene like that happen again!

Dylan is usually known as a high femme, so performing with her as she showed her versatility in full butch regalia was so hot! We performed some heavy spanking, flogging, strap-on sucking and fucking, all in the East Bay dungeon where I cut my teeth as a professional BDSM switch. The red curtains in this room remind me of Twin Peaks, and the leather sling is one of my all-time favorite places to bone.

The wonderful queerness of this scene, I think, is the way we play with very common tropes of guy-on-guy BDSM porn imagery of lifestyle slavery (in the vein of say, the classic leather novel Mr Benson) even though both Dylan and I identify as women. This is the kind of genderfucking that we are proud to explore on QPTV!

Here’s what Dylan had to say:

“First of all, I LOVE Tina Horn.  Not only does that lady have a sweet ass but has a sweet heart too.  She requested that I boi out for her and give her a good working over.  We had both attended a play party in Toronto many months before the scene where I briefly spanked her.  She enjoyed it, I enjoyed it so we sought to re-create some of that D/S play for our scene.  I had such a good time, I was in a tense place and the lovely Tina let me work out my frustrations on her in the scene.  I was grateful and rewarded her sacrifice with some damn good fucking. ”

All of the photos were taken by the talented Shilo McCabe, who runs the Sex Positive Photo Blog.

Enjoy(I know we did!)