I Boi-ed it up and spanked the shit out of Tina Horn for Queer Porn TV and I Loved it!

Bi-coastally dedicated, I might just be here…or there.
Identities: Queer, occasional femme, switch, idiosyncratically chameleonic.
What makes you queer and/or sexually transgressive?:
Even in this age of growing sexual freedom, being a sexually empowered woman is a transgressive act.  Being a queer woman who likes sex and is sexual is even more transgressive.  I feel that it’s important to show my agency in the sex that I have on camera and in the rest of my life and to express my diverse sexuality to give people a new conceptualization of queer and what it is to me and what it can be for them…
How has being a queer porn star changed your life?
How much time do you have?  The ways are too numerous to count! Most prominently, doing queer porn has helped me find and understand myself, learn about my likes and dislikes.  It has connected me with me a massive community that I care about deeply, given me an opportunity to be creative and performative and represent myself in an incredibly unique and fulfilling way.
Pitch your life as a reality tv show:
Hot grad student moves across North America to the East Coast/Canada to focus on school and just as she does her porn career blows up.  She becomes bi-coastal and travels constantly, cultivating her sexual performance while writing her thesis and trying to find the meaning of life.
Dish about a hot exhibitionist experience
: One time…in this porta-potty at San Francisco Pride…
What is your favorite sex toy?: The NJoy Eleven.  I could wax ecstatic about that toy for hours.  And I have.
Tell us about your QPTV scene(s.) First of all, I LOVE Tina Horn.  Not only does that lady have a sweet ass but has a sweet heart too.  She requested that I boi out for her and give her a good working over.  We had both attended a play party in Toronto many months before the scene where I briefly spanked her.  She enjoyed it, I enjoyed it so we sought to re-create some of that D/S play for our scene.  I had such a good time, I was in a tense place and the lovely Tina let me work out my frustrations on her in the scene.  I was grateful and rewarded her sacrifice with some damn good fucking.  I’m looking forward to seeing the scene.