Arabelle Raphael


Identities: queer, femme, pervert, monster, feminist, sex worker, princess, middle eastern/french, switch, pain slut, a girl that does very bad things and wont shut up about it.

What makes you queer? that’s a big question, queer means a lot of things to me. What makes me queer includes the fact that  I love all bodies. Who I am, who I love and fuck as well as how is not dictated by anyone else’s terms.  My politics, how I relate to my body and use it, my community.

How has being a queer porn star changed your life? I got to get a chance to show the world what goes on in my bedroom, which most of the other porn have done has not given me the liberty to do that.  I gained a community, lovers, friends. I learned a lot about what I liked.  It’s changed my life by just simply knowing that I had a part of creating hot pornography representing queer femmes.

Pitch your life as a reality tv show. not tv appropriate

Dish about a hot exhibitionist experience: Well this one time, i was at party full of pretty straight people.  I was on in the smoking section with my friend giggling and making out.  She started getting wetter and wetter. I started to fuck my friend quietly. She started to moan louder and louder so I started fisting her smoking my cigarette while a whole group of people watched  with their mouths hanging open. she started screaming and squirted all over my arm and the the floor. I put my cigarette out in her mess, we got up and went back inside to go get a drink.

What are your favorite sex toys? 
right now enjoy butt plugs and of course my hitachi

Tell us about your first QPTV scene. well,  Jolene is one of my Madames at the Lusty Lady where we work. Ever since I started working there I had been checking out this ridiculously hot red head.  Finally I got to bring her home one night and had a  threesome with her and my boyfriend.  The image of Jolene with my fist in her hole stayed on my mind and was definitely something I wanted recorded!  I got to try all kinds of dildos that I had never used before too!