New VIP Members Area

Posted on February 16, 2021Comments Off on New VIP Members Area


Well, it has been over ten years since QPTV posted it’s first videos. I remember staying up for days on end trying to perfect to codex for our exports desperate to see if people could watch our films on their phones. Most of the time they couldn’t. If you’ve been around since then, you’ve seen the evolution from one process to another and you’ve probably noticed that our technologies have finally caught up with how quickly queers could piece together digital pornography.

2020 gave us a lot of time to focus on member’s experience and the biggest project on my list has been getting the member’s area fully fleshed out. Here’s a few of the major improvements you’ll find already in place!

If you’re new, the vintage scenes cut into three parts may seem obnoxious but back in the day, it was the only way to make sure everyone got a chance to watch it even, even folks trying to use low speed internet. I have done my best to combine the parts into the same pages now, so you can experience the longer love scenes in one place. We’ve even stitched them together in a few cases, so prepare yourself for a few easier-to-watch longer Classic QPTV scenes.

When “alt porn” became “a thing” it was commonplace for a site viewer to be able to see the content before joining or signing in, so I made sure that every scene had a post and that you could watch it all right there if you signed it. Now it’s more important that the member can stay in a lounge type environment, your own theater, your own little corner of the universe – in part because it makes the mobile experience so much better. So, this month I fleshed out the Queer Porn TV VIP Members Lounge. Now you log in here and explore all of our content there. Our public site will now feature LESS of what we have, with a more visually exciting tour page and free section to show people what they are missing INSIDE the members area. Our scene index still offers a good deal of the information it once had, with a new system for navigating to the theater to your preferred content.

So members, you only need one login link, and once you’re in, you’re in. You can browse, cross-reference, search, explore tags, and more once you’re inside. You can bookmark and browse with ease, like a VIP!

New features can and will be added inside the member’s lounge, so if you’ve got a request for anything, please let us know!