Black History Month on QPTV: Some QTPOC and BIPOC Porn To Watch!

Posted on February 19, 2021Comments Off on Black History Month on QPTV: Some QTPOC and BIPOC Porn To Watch!

Black History Month is here and we’ve put together a list of just a few of our favorite showcase scenes and exclusive QPTV scenes that star Black performers. We are proud to be a part of your porn watching, and proud to be doing it with our friends in the BIPOC Sex Worker community. Thank you for considering our work as part of your Black History Month viewing!

“Poly Sutra” by Royal Fetish Films comes with lyrics as an invitation to watch and breath in the heated hedonism of this fourway. This film was made by the fine folks at, and we have paid for the pleasure of sharing it with our beloved members. We encourage you to follow Royal Fetish and their future work!

The newest Queer Porn TV episode follows Brook Rain into the woods to find a private place near a creek to play with her favorite toy, a gorgeous strap on cock.

Two submissive sex workers take some time out in a luxe bedroom to just adore and worship each other, each giving into some lovely power dynamic experimentation and play. If you need to see two girls just love on each other gently and sweetly, but you don’t want to give up a little bit of that BDSM passion, this scene will satisfy your sweet spot.

This raunchy and campy DIY film is about the sexcapades of friends Tracey, Stacey, Lacey, Kacey and Macey over 24 hours during a hot and sweaty summer. Nothing is kept secret, from pool parties, new crushes, solo j.o’s, to sexual fantasies and diary entries.

This story of domestic BDSM bliss is not so far from the truth for these real life lovers, but on screen they make this special connection immortal with cuffs, kissing, and two of the best blow jobs we’ve ever seen. And that’s only in the first 10 minutes of Part One… In Part Two, Rex gets a solid beat down from two of his favorite BDSM toys before his Ma’am fucks him hard with her handsand in Part Three, this epic love story ends with Rex’s fist and cock pulling countless room-shaking orgasms out of Mademoiselle’s gorgeous body!

Shot in January 2020 in Vegas during the AVN Convention, this adorable femme 4 femme BDSM scene was produced by the models and shot by Courtney Trouble, who then ended up licensing it for our QueerPorn.TV Showcase! Enjoy the scene these fabulous performers put on for you while they enjoy themselves and the luscious light swirling around them.

Chelsea Poe adores the domestic bliss of scrubbing the floors, but not quite as much as she loves getting controlled and dominated by Jade Phillips on her kitchen floor. This hypercolor BDSM romance was conceptualized by Courtney Trouble, shot by Ajapopfilms, and brought to life by the incredible Jade Phillips and the happy kitchen slut herself.

Jade Phillips & Courtney Trouble

That’s not all of the queer POC content we’ve got, so feel free to explore our scene index, or if you’re a member – log in to the VIP Lounge and there’s even more queer porn in there than out here in the public side. Enjoy your porn watching adventures!

Interested in getting involved in more Black history at its intersection with sex work and the adult industry? We highly suggest getting to know the BIPOC Adult Industry Collective, launched in 2020 by current BIPOC sex workers. One thing they do is create wellness spaces for BIPOC sex workers and their allies, and TROUBLEfilms has been happy to sponsor a few months of that from time to time. This young organisation will be around for a long time if we can properly support them and make space for their projects everywhere we organize. <3

If you work in porn, please reach out if you think you would be a good fit with QPTV. We both commission new work and license old work. You can reach Courtney directly at xxxtroublefilms at gmail.