Neptune Violet

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Performer Name 

Mrz. Neptune Violet

Gender, Pronoun? 

Female, she/they

Tell us something about your sexual identity.

Gender-fluid, femme-obsessed

website, twitter handle or other promotional link

What would you like QPTV to know about you?

I am a model, content creator, and “soul-shaking body quake” who bends gender and cultural expectations like a bag of soft pretzels. Moreover, I’m a a socio-politically aware and sex-positive binary-shatterer who is going to be “America’s Next Thot Model.” How has making porn changed your life?Living a life primarily defined by sex as a sex-defined person epitomizes me actualizing my best life. Just life Coldplay sings that every teardrop is a waterfall, every orgasm I achieve is my humanity exploding like a butterfly from a cocoon.

What’s your favorite sex toy?

Hitachi magic wand