Sinn Sage

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I strapped on for Queer Porn TV and I LOVED IT!

sinn-sage-6981Name: Sinn Sage
Gender: Female
What makes you queer and/or sexually transgressive?
i’m queer because i hate defining my sexuality within black and white parameters! queer is the definition that i feel most comfortable wearing!
How has being a queer porn star changed your life?
it has made it infinitely more rich and filled it with meaningful experiences that have and continue to provide beautiful color to my existence!
Dish about a hot exhibitionist experience (a sex party, public sex, a wild time on set or with a client).
there’s this place in LA called the Dr. Suzy Show. . .
What is your favorite sex toy?
my spare parts harness,
my generic blue dildo,
and although i hate to say it, my hitachi.
Tell us about your QPTV scene(s.) What was special about the experience/performance/set-up? Did you live out any fetishes or fantasies? Tell an interesting behind the porn story.
it was special for many reasons: my first time working for Courtney Trouble! my first time working with Arabelle Raphael and she was fantastic! and it was Nikki Hearts’ first time being fucked with a strap on! and i just plain adore Tori Lux! plus i love group scenes and it was just all around horny 🙂