I got sweet with Jiz Lee for Queer Porn TV and I loved it.

Location: Brooklyn, NY
Identities: POC GenderQueer Queer Solo-Polyamorist Kinky Dandy-Panty-boi Practitioner of Switchery Performance artist Educator Activist
What makes you queer? I’m an “unusual” fell@… sexual orientation and gender wise… possibly more
Don’t quite fit in the binary
I fluctuate/transform and ride the waves
How has being a queer porn star  changed your life? I’ve been able to exercise my kink publicly
abolish some myths about queer-of-color sexuality
participate in sexual liberation / education
and have some great fun doing it.
Dish about a hot exhibitionist experience: I recently organized a kick-ass fisting daisy-chain with 6 hot queers in a barn at a kinky retreat in the woods. We had a crew of folks watching while they were getting fucked or getting off in some way shape or fashion. Hotness, moans and screams of delight filled the barn… and so did all the squirting.
What are your favorite sex toys? How can I pick just one? There is the Vibertex mystic wand, the Njoy Eleven and the Lelo bob butt plug… can I count them all as one favorite toy since I use them at the same time?