I got fisted in the ass for Queer Porn TV and I loved it.

Location: Seattle, WA
I identify as a trans woman, trans admirer, skater punk, futch dyke, sadistic switch, D/s submissive, baby girl, kinky, poly, and extremely queer.
What makes you queer?
I definitely have a very complex and constantly shifting sexuality, and that is a big part of who I am… I love sharing this part of myself with others, and sex work is my greatest passion (especially performing in queer porn)!
How has being a queer porn star changed your life?
Meeting people I once thought of as my “heroes” and over time seeing them become real friend and lovers… Queer porn is my art. I am able to let my emotions come out in a way that only happens when I’m performing on camera.
Pitch your life as a reality tv show.
Hmm that’s an interesting question. Since it’s supposed to be reality, I guess it would be a bit like “Rob and Big,” except a whole lot more nudity, queerness, and probably even more videos games and pot smoke too! I do love to skateboard, mostly just cruising and bombing hills on my longboard, so that would have to be a big part of my show…
Dish about a hot exhibitionist experience: I’m normally quite shy and I prefer a quiet, closed set, but sometimes I just don’t get that option. The set of one of my more recent film projects, Sophia St James’ 3-day shoot for Twisted Getaway, turned into “queen porn summer camp”.  There was as much hot sex happening in between scenes as on camera. In one of my favorite scenes, Marxxx “abducted” me outdoors, ripped off my clothes, and fucked me hard, face down in the mud. It was near the woods, a bit away from the house in the shoot, and it felt somewhat private.  It was an intense scene, and super hot to boot!  I got really into it and was in a bit of a daze towards the end. As I got up afterwards, post-orgasmic and covered in mud, I realized that every cast and crew member had been watching the whole time quietly. It was shocking, a bit humiliating, and incredibly hot, all at once!
What are your favorite sex toys?
I love the Hitachi Magic Wand, and if I ever was stranded on a desert island that’s the toy I’d bring (Hopefully they’d have outlets there!).  I really do need to mention my Leo, which is what Tobi strapped on to fuck me in our Q-Tube scene. It was passed on to me from a friend, yet it gets more attention than any other toy I’ve ever owned. Its the perfect size and shape for me, partners like to use it on me, and the suction cup base comes in handy every once in a while. 😉
Tell us about your first QPTV scene.
The most significant thing about this shoot was simply having Tobi Hill-Meyer as my co-star. After meeting a few times, then working together on two different multiple day shoots; one that Tobi filmed for Sophia St. James, and the other being Tobi’s upcoming Gendercater spoof porn, we had become good friends. We were co-workers and had even started dating casually, but we had still never done a proper scene together as co-stars. So, this scene is our first together, which really meant a lot to both of us. Of course, its also just my first time working with Courtney and QPTV, which is an honor in and of itself.
Also worth mentioning is that this will be one of *very few* queer porn scenes to feature two trans women fucking. It has always been an honor to be a part of the adult film industry, but it means so much more to me to feel like I am actually helping to break new ground for queer porn. Hopefully this can lead the way for more studios for more trans women to get on camera and show the world just how beautiful we are, and just how hot trans sex can be!