Carnegie Velvet

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I rode my friend down an elevator shaft for QueerPorn.TV and I Loved It!

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Carnegie Velvet (formerly known as Lyric Seal)

What makes you queer?
Recently I read this really amazing article about queercore from Out Magazine. A lot of the queercore artists and queer punks that were interviewed talk about queercore being something that was talked about being a pre-existing culture and utopia, before there was any scene or word for it. That’s what makes me queer. I believe in the ever evolving existence of my family, my resistance, my altculture, my artist’s colony, the people who will be referred to as my contemporaries no matter who is or isn’t talking about us or representing us. We’re magic. You have to believe in us for us to be real. But trust me, belief is everywhere. I believe that queers are hardly representable, but I do love a good movie. So let’s make a very gay one. Faith in my weird queer revolutionary brethren, is what makes me queer. My faith is queer. My love is queer. My magic is queer. My body is queer. The way I dance is queer. My style is queer. My punk rock lifestyle is queer. The way that I translate and adapt and survive is queer. My failure is queer. My success is queer. Queer is life.

What do you hope to accomplish by making queer porn?
I hope that disabled and other people with non-normative bodies and abilities, both visible and invisible, will recognize that they can move the way they move and still get fucked exactly the way they always dreamed. I hope that people will be inspired to learn about each other’s bodies and to love each other better. I hope to accomplish pristine fabulousness.

What is your favorite sex toy?
My sweetie’s tongue. Hand. Cock.

Pitch your life as a reality tv show.
After building relationships with folks through disability justice, erotic performance, and and dance communities in the Bay for three years, I moved here from a small town in New Jersey a year ago, and boi am I glad I did. There is no other place that I have experienced where I can be my whole self, and move around with something close to ease, and glamour! I get to wake up late, dance with my friends, fuck my friends, write, and teach people how to love each other better for a living. I get to live in a sweet beautiful family hood in Oakland with three of the biggest queer geniuses I know. I wake up to disco and hot jams in the kitchen. High schoolers smoke and talk shit outside of all of our windows. My neighbor wants me to paint her boobs for special occasions. When I have news, people want to hear about it. I am a people loving tatted up very gay hypersensitive Disney princess, birds flying around my head my life is so bright, and to my delight, people are loving me back. My biggest problem is when my chair battery dies in the rain on my way to work, and when strange straight men laugh at me when I say I’m a dancer. 

Tell us about your QPTV scene(s.)
Jiz and I had an impressive list of fantastical music video esque shoot ideas, built in part by my creative partner and housemate, which included an idea in which we were sled dog racers in a blizzard. Apparently some of these things were not feasible. An elevator shoot was my choice, because once in high school I had a horrific experience of being trapped in a very small, very old elevator for an hour at my school. Cops had to drag me out by my arms (I don’t like cops) and the front page of our county newspaper read, “GIRL IN WHEELCHAIR EXTRICATED FROM ELEVATOR.” Humiliating. So I thought, what if I was with someone really cool and hot when that elevator stopped? What if I knew and loved my body? What if I got to have sex I like to have with my strange queer crip body, and when the elevator starts working again, I didn’t even notice? What if the headline read, “GIRL IN WHEELCHAIR GIVE ORAL SEX.” I wouldn’t say that’s a particular fetish, but it is a way I am taking back my memories, and owning my survival, rather than letting trauma own me. And duh I got to have sex with one of my best friends and porn crush, Jiz Lee, so that’s a dream right there.