Daisy Ducati

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I Flooded The Floor for QueerPorn.TV and I Loved It!

 Femme/She and her

Location: San Francisco

Identities: Bad bitch queer femme porn princess

What makes you queer: I decide my sexual partners based on attraction and chemistry, not based on their gender or sex.

How has being a queer porn star changed your life? It has given me a community of people who are supportive personally and professionally, and allows me to make a living doing what I love doing best!

What do you hope to accomplish by making queer porn? I am demonstrating how a diversity of sexual experiences, partners, fantasies, and orgasms can challenge mainstream pornography norms that promote reductive roles for the actors.

What is your favorite sex toy? My speculum. Definitely.

Where can we find you? daisyducati.com, @daisyducati for Instagram and Twitter