Coral Aorta

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I got fucked by pretty pink pointe shoes for Queer Porn TV and I Loved it!

Name: Coral Aorta
Gender: ladybeast
Location: San Francisco, CA
Identities: queer. kinky switch. pain slut. low-femme. sex worker. radical. pervert. flapper. whore. 
What makes you queer and/or sexually transgressive? my desires for genderfucked androgynous creatures, fags in glitter and leather, public sex, perverted, dirty, on-the-cement sex.  the way i love all sorts of bodies.  my queer boy partner sucking my cock like a god while i tan his ass and we talk filthy about the other people we want in on this.  “we are shape-shifters, all of us, liquid mosaics of mutable and transient urges”.  how i get wet for “the leather daddy and the femme”.  learning new tricks because i want to be the kinkiest witch i can.
How has being a queer porn star changed your life?  i’ve been headed this way for years.  i interviewed nofauxxx models when i was in college for a minute but it took me a long time to make it to this coast.  it’s better this way because i’ve lived a few lives already, and now that i’m finally in the thick of porn and sex work and beautiful queers everywhere, i’m ready for it.  queer porn, and the queer sex work community, makes me feel hot, empowered, inspired, desired, capable of wild things, and part of something so much bigger than myself, something i can bring more people into so they can feel the same.  i’m learning and growing constantly; it’s the opposite of the isolation i felt as a kinky pervert in other places.  queer porn was the first beacon of sexy hope i saw when i was searching, and i’m thrilled to be a part of it all.  oh, and i learned to squirt!
Pitch your life as a reality tv show.  small-town girl with prophetic dreams follows waves of chaos that lead her to concert stages, street performance, circus tours, punk farms, squats, mansions, a few trains, first-class airplane tickets bought by europeans, flooded homes, broken bones, burlesque shows, DIY art venues and finally the bay area, where she learns to turn that habit she has of getting naked in public or for cash into something much more interesting: porn! and art!  this show would have lots of insane animation, and video vignettes in the style of “daisies” or “sweet movie” or “berlin blues” (fuck reality).  music by all the bands the girl has played on her radio show, hosted in her house, or invited to play at her art space.  at least two hot messy sex scenes per episode.  queer feminist burlesque peep-show interludes.  
Dish about a hot exhibitionist experience (a sex party, public sex, a wild time on set or with a client)  climbing scaffolding to fuck on a condo rooftop in boston, getting caught and not caring.  steaming up the car all night on mission street.  all the burlesque shows in maine, the photo shoots in public, the wild screaming covered-in-frosting performance piece during art walk.  my first orgy, in the cloud club basement.  my first sex party, in san francisco of course.  the gay boat on my birthday, me and three queer boys, best present ever, and that boat whenever they want to incite an orgy out on the water.  getting my tits flogged for the first time, on stage, covered in candle wax.  all the BDSM porn scenes since.  and: dyke march NYC, eighteen and just left home, marching topless at the front of thousands, high on the idea of it all.  
What is your favorite sex toy? flogger, hitachi, my mind
twitter username @CoralAorta
Tell us about your QPTV scene(s.) What was special about the experience/performance/set-up? Did you live out any fetishes or fantasies? Tell an interesting behind the  porn story.
this shoot was so exciting for me!  i had recently moved in with siouxsie q., and went up to pdx with her to shoot porn for another site.  in that mommy/littles scene the ‘sisters’ dynamic showed up, and we liked it so much we wanted to explore it further.  we’re both theatre/performance art geeks, and wanted our scene to be kind of like a ‘cum & glitter’ show with an immersive set & role-play.  i got a hard-on for the idea of ballet fetish porn, sitting in a dance studio thinking about all the leotards and tights, while siouxsie is a real ballerina and wanted to break in her new pointe shoes on my pussy!  it was a lot of fun dressing the room up to be our ‘teenage ballerina bedroom’, and i felt totally in the role with her.  i loved seeing how our ‘teen femme’ presentations developed, and were totally different but both really hot.  fucking and getting fucked by my bratty sister was the best!  i <3 you siouxsie q.