I came *at least* 3 times for Queer Porn TV and I loved it!

Name: cola
Gender: i not lady, i animal (as quoted by me at the tender age of 3)
Location: philth-adelphia via the deep, deep south.
Identities: queer, femme, southern, brat, mama, switch, slut
What makes you queer and/or sexually transgressive? my propensity to partner with people who identify across the entire gender spectrum and then some.  my tastes aren’t influenced by mainstream media or images of what is sold as “sexy” but rather about connecting on about a billion different levels that can make someone so very hot.
How has being a queer porn star changed your life? i utilize filters and groups on the internet much more, ha!  but really, it’s changed my life in that i am much more visible as a chubby queer femme switch with a variety of “tastes” openly expressing and enacting my desires.  and that feels really fucking sexxxy.
Pitch your life as a reality tv show.  sweet southern office manager by day, sex-posi burlesque dancing, porn performing, ass kicking queer by night…  if that doesn’t sell i don’t know what will!
Dish about a hot exhibitionist experience: when i was a much younger queerling, i went to my very first true spirit conference in washington, dc where i got to attend a hotel room party that turned very xxx, very quickly.  it started with a hot femme lady who had invited folks in to do a squirting demo, as a few of us were lamenting in earlier conversation our lack of expertise in this area.  she insisted we all remove some clothing, since, of course she was sharing so much in exchange with us, which was getting everyone a little hot and bothered, standing around watching her get fucked to a total mess of bliss.  in what ended up being my first public sex act ever, i gave my then boyfriend one of the hottest lap dances i’ve given to date and topped it off with the slurpiest, sloppiest most enthusiastic blow job to the cheering of onlookers as they got fucked themselves.  it was the first time i realized i *just* might be a bit of an exhibitionist.
What is your favorite sex toy? after recently discovering that i can fist myself, i’d like to holler from the mountain tops:  my own hand.
Tell us about your QPTV scene. my scene with charlie spats was special in that this was the first time i was partnering with someone on film that i had not previously fucked or even met, so there were a lot of hot conversations leading up to the scene talking about what we like, what we wanted to get out of the scene, etc which was super exciting for me… through our chats, we discovered we’re both a bit nerdy with a slightly fetishistic relationship with books, and i loved the idea of disciplining charlie with books, something thick and heavy that would deliver a real thuddy blow to his adorably tender ass.  i was admittedly so turned on by his innocent-seeming giggles that i ended up riding him all night like a little fuck pony, coming so many times i literally lost count!

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