Let Me Tell You About This: BJ Dildo!

We have a new feature at QPTV, free on our YouTube Channel! Sex-educator Andres Everything takes a look at some cool queer sex toys and in every episode, tells you all about them! How cool is that?  Courtney Trouble and Andres Everything produce this mini-segment together with hopes to help queers figure out how best to use some of their favorite sex toys.

Andres is a sex toy, safer sex, and accessory expert with over a decade of experience in the field and he is here to tell you all about some of the cool stuff we find in the world of queer and queer-friendly sex toys.

This episode was filmed on-the-spot – as in, we made it on an iPhone the second we got the idea!

Our toys come from various sources, some we get for free through our personal sponsorships. Our videos are hopefully seen more as how-to discussions, and not an advertisement for the toy. If you do choose to purchase something from Let Me Tell You About This, please support a rad queer-run business and go local if you can!

New Releases for Autumn Will Make You Fall In Lust

With crisp breezes beginning to nips at our heels, it’s time to snuggle up with a good book… or a hot porn!

Now available from Pure Play Media is “Fuckstyles 2: Dirty Fucks“, a hardcore porno mix tape of scenes between hot dyke couples, trans guys, trans women, and even some gorgeous gay men! Showcasing the diversity that TroubleFilms is known for, “Fuckstyles 2”

With QueerPorn.TV favourite performers like Ruckus, Chelsea Poe, Nikki Hearts, James Darling, Andre Shakti and Courtney themselves, this DVD promises to be even hotter than the first in the series.

These new queer porn classics are bound to make your head spin. Lots of kissing, lots of eye contact, and lots of hot sex beautifully shot in HD will make you wonder when Fuckstyles 3 is coming out!

While we’re on thirds in series, we can’t forget “Lesbian Curves 3: Soft Girls & Strap Ons“! The latest in the award winning Lesbian Curves series is available for preorder with expectations it will be out in September, and we’re excited to see it in the flesh!

Featuring QueerPorn.TV BBW stars like April Flores, Karla Lane, Kitty Stryker and Cinnamon Maxxine, the scenes in this DVD range from sweet to sultry, with strap on cocks taking center stage.

With five brand new scenes featuring gorgeous fat femmes, juicy tomboy switches, and deliciously hard and huge strap on dicks, “Lesbian Curves 3” is the best yet! This title will also be available from Pure Play Media.

Whatever your pleasure, we have queer porn to fulfill it. Who needs a bonfire when you’ve got the flames of lust licking you warm, right?

Stocking Stuff Hers! And His! And Yours!

Queer Porn TV got a LOT of goodies from our favorite sex toy makers and movers this month for use on set, and we wanted to give them all a great big merry shout out!

Smitten Kitten


First of all, our dedicated safer sex sponsor Smitten Kitten sent us all kinds of condoms and dental dams and lube, just in time for all the cozy queer porn we needed to shoot and keep sexily safer sexed! Thank you SK for always making sure our queer porn stars are wrapped up tight!

Feelmore 510


Last week, Oakland and AVN Award’s best sex toy boutique Feelmore gave us, and you, the gift of porn when they became the exclusive Bay Area retail establishment for TROUBLEfilms DVDs like our babies Girl Pile and Fuckstyles! Stop by their warm and wonderful store and give owner Nenna Feelmore a huge kiss and a thank you for carrying your favorite queer porn.





Tantus sent us a gigantic box of sex toys and their brand new line of premium leather harnesses, which got put to good use immediately thanks to strap on superstar Nikki Hearts, featured to the right. Courtney Trouble immediately claimed the white leather Hello Nurse inspired strap on because clearly, it was made for them. The rest of the toys were put in a goodie jar to be used by Queer Porn Stars in 2014! We are pretty excited to see that slapper slash anal dildo put to good use, tbh…



Fucking Sculptures


All Hail the Hot Pink Fucking Sculptures Butt Plug!

All Hail the Hot Pink Fucking Sculptures Butt Plug! Maxine Holloway, Jiz Lee, and Andre Shakti fight for the Fucking Fun!

We Fucking LOVE this local (Bay Area) based glass dildo company for all these gorgeous glass sculptures they’ve been giving us to fuck! Most recently they helped us give away a good sized, perfectly made one of a kind glass butt plug to the wonderful queer porn stars who attended Courtney Trouble’s Queer Porn Movie Party in Oakland this month.

There’s some big news coming out of the Fucking Sculptures and Courtney Trouble camp, so keep up with them on twitter or subscribe to their newsletter, where you can win $500 worth of goods this week just for telling them your favorite color.


newdrxadwithcodeWho needs a magic wand when you can get off on a scientifically proven globe of vibrational power?!?! Orgasmatronics is a scientifically sexy brand new sex toy company that’s bringing the sexy back into science with their new line of tech-savvy sex tools!  They sent us the X1 which is a powerful, plug in vibrational super toy with three attachments. We were floored by it’s power, and it’s sitting pretty in our porn studio just waiting for a queer porn star to take it for a ride!! If you want one all to yourself, click here for 15% off!

THANK YOU for all of these awesome gifts, and for all of you well wishes and warm fuzzy feelings. Indie porn is never alone, thanks to the awesome sex toy stores and manufactures who help us make and sell our humble little pornos.



(want your product featured in a scene? want us to test drive your new home made wares? send us a message and let us know what you’ve got, maybe we can use it! all toys get gifted to the performers who use them unless they are very safely re-usable. we are always interested in safer sex tools, gender enhancing toys, and of course, gorgeous home made gear.)


QueerPorn.TV Says No to Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival

This week, QueerPorn.TV took a direct stance against the trans-phobic policies of the 38-year old Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival, when Courtney Trouble declined to allow them to screen the QueerPorn.TV documentary What Makes Us Queer as part of their festival.

Here’s Courtney’s public statement, which includes the e-mail sent to MWMF.

Michfest Wants What Makes Us Queer

This week I was invited to screen the short film I made with Tina Horn and QueerPorn.TV, What Makes Us Queer, at the Michagan Womyn’s Music Festival happening this summer.

The organizers of the MWMF have steadily enacted or fought to enact Womyn-Born-Womyn (but since trans women Can and Are often “born womyn,” I will simply say that they have fought for an anti-trans policy) for the past 30 years, refusing trans women at the gate until just recently, where they are allowed to come, but not without a tremendous amount of pressure to leave.This year Lisa Vogel (Michfest founder and producer for the past 38 years) made it plain and simple in an open letter: MWMF is “WBW” only space and how dare we challenge that lived experience, that “sisterhood” – clearly stating that the “trans community” is not part of the “womon’s community.”

(If you are unfamiliar with the 24 year old struggle for trans women inclusion on the land, please read this essay by Emi Koyama http://eminism.org/readings/pdf-rdg/whose-feminism.pdf or this article written in 2003 by Michelle Tea http://www.mcsweeneys.net/articles/transmissions-from-camp-trans-2003)

The main organizers of the festival continue to make excuses and attempt to protect themselves from the blatant fact that trans women are women, and should be welcome in any women’s only space. Their refusal to switch to a completely trans-inclusive policy breeds the kind of hatred that radscum like Cathy Brennan, owner of trans-phobic threat sites like Pretendbians and Gender Identity Watch, are born from – the longer Lisa Vogel makes distinctions between women and trans women, the more these rad fem hate mongers feed from it.

A simple Google search for “trans woman murdered” brings up multiple unique results daily. In a world where trans women are murdered, abused, and neglected by family at such an alarming rate, this is activism required by ALL feminists.

Violence against trans women is violence against women – and as long as women’s spaces continue to protect the hatred and actively discriminate, all of us must fight.

This year, the Indigo Girls stated that this would be their last MichFest performance unless the policy was changed for good.

I have friends who go, I have friends who boycott, I have friends who go and do activism on the land or help run Camp Trans across the street. I have friends who run Trans Womyn Belong Here, an organization that fights for trans inclusion in feminist spaces like MichFest.

I personally find myself walking away from conversations about MichFest seemingly constantly – I am annoyed by how much space it takes up. I’m from a younger generation of feminism, a riot grrrl, a gender queer punk who has revolted against lesbian separatism and women’s only spaces since birth. A woman’s only space is not mine to participate in. I do, however, make the yearly pilgrimage to Fabulosa Fest, a 5 year old festival that celebrates women’s music, art, film, and health – but invites all genders to participate.

Anyways, I digress. I am FOR SURE not the expert on all of this stuff, and a deep inner shyness is being fought right now as I type this, but here it goes. There are others who say this better, and I give great thanks to my friends who inform me of what’s going on and help me form the words I need to bring this kind of awareness not only to my fans, but also myself.

The express and direct UN-inviting of trans women from women’s spaces, feminist community, and queer/lesbian culture is aggravating to me, and would like to finally come out with my response to this and any future invitation to take part in the MWMF:

My response is that I will not allow my work to be shown at MichFest until it is a truly inclusive space for ALL women.

Trans women are women, and I don’t feel comfortable showing my film where trans women may feel directly unwelcome, unappreciated, othered, or unsafe.

The organizers of the festival have made it clear that this is still an issue, and while I have largely stayed out of it, this invitation gives me a direct chance to align with those that boycott MichFest for being trans phobic and creating an atmosphere for some radical feminists to continue to abuse, threaten, diagnose, and discriminate against trans women.

Until MWMF actively fights the hatred it’s bred, I have no interest in being involved.

My participation in the film festival would require all the following:

1) That the film festival where my film is shown has a clear, direct statement that MWMF is a space for ALL women, and that there be a director’s statement posted before my film that states this as so.
2) That a screening fee of $100 be paid to the Trans Womyn Belong Here organization as a donation to charity.
3) The screening and any discussion space before or after it be officially declared a welcoming space for all women, “WBW” or not.
4) That MWMF as a whole release a statement against the discrimination of trans women, specifically denouncing the abuse and hatred against trans activists by sites like Gender identity Watch and Pretendbians. A good start would be to donate money to organizations that benefit trans women like TGIJP, CeCe MacDonald, SRLP, or Trans Womyn Belong Here. MWMF could also provide scholarships to trans women who want to come to the festival, create fest-sponsored safe spaces on the land, and try to right some of the hundreds of wrongs those on the land have committed in the past 30 years.
I should also declare that I do not identify as a WBW, but as a person, sometimes a woman, and always a feminist.
Thank you for considering What Makes Us Queer – it’s a great film, and I do hope that those on the land get a chance to see it at some point or another!

Courtney Trouble

QueerPorn.TV Take’s Over NYC!

Last night in Brookyln, we took over one of NYC’s sexiest queer dance clubs, Rebel Cupcake! Hosted by Courtney Trouble and Bevin (of QueerFatFemme.Com fame) – Rebel Cupcake was one giant make out session. Porn, fashion, femmes, fags, and fierce dance moves collided!

Thanks to Sugarland for hosting us, and to VIP guest Tina Horn for repping QPTV NYC and letting us have a little co-founder’s re-union!

Thanks to former TROUBLEfilms editing intern Jacqueline Mary for the incredible QPTV backdrop – it was a GIANT TV!

Here’s all the pics from the photobooth, taken by Courtney Trouble! (or click here to see the smaller, SFW set on Facebook!)

[nggallery id=5]

Queer Porn Takeover at SWICH SF Valentine’s Day!

Last week in San Franisco, QueerPorn.TV crashed one of the hottest lesbian dance parties in the city – Switch SF at QBAR, hosted by DJ Jenna Riot and DJ Andre (who DJed Courtney Trouble’s infamous Queerly Beloved Pride Party last year!)

Jiz Lee and Dylan Ryan showed up to go go dance for the ecstatic crushed-out crowd, and Courtney Trouble hit up the photobooth with her camera and one hundred free copies of Fuckstyles, which the crowd gobbled up faster than the cupcakes resident photographer Suck&Blow brought!

Below, you will find the photos that Courtney Trouble snapped, followed by our queer porn favorites from SWITCH’s official snaps (taken by Suck&Blow)  under the gallery, or check out their whole collection here

[nggallery id=4]

Buy Nothing, Watch Queer Porn TV!

Hey Babes!

So, this morning, tons of people hit up stores and got trampled in hopes of buying a few good items, and really ended up with a bunch of mediocre stuff and lots of lost money. Not only does this support huge corporations rather than buying locally (Go Plaid Friday!), it’s really just a big ol’ mess.

Here at Queer Porn TV, we’ve caught onto the awesome phenomena of Buy Nothing Day, and we couldn’t be more stoked. Buy Nothing Day was started as a Black Friday alternative, where for just one day, we make the effort to step back from this crazy economy, to relax, unwind, and “unshop”. For our lucky and diligent fans, YOU, that one, paying such good attention, we are making it so that today you can have your cake (pie?) and eat it, too!! That’s right, in honor of Buy Nothing Day, Queer Porn TV is offering 3 free hours of access to the site, from 9pm to midnight PST!

Aren’t you glad you’re not at Target?

From 9pm until Midnight, PST tonight!!
Username: buynothing
Password: watchQPTV


Feel free to share this on Facebook, Twitter, or Tumblr!!


QueerPorn.TV Fisting Day Post

It’s Fisting Day here at QueerPorn.TV, our favorite sex-positive holiday! Oh let’s just admit it – it’s our favorite holiday of any kind. 

This year, we are inviting you to join us for a FREE live streaming sex education demo by Tobi Hill-Meyer, director of Doing It Ourselves: Trans Women Porn Project.

At 6pm PST, we will turn on our lovely streaming window sponsored by the good queer-loving folks at SkinVideo, so that Tobi and her co star Briar can show you the ropes of Fisting 101 For All Genders!

Click here to go to QPTV Live and tune in at 6pm PST!

To get you ready, here is a free extended clip of Tobi, with Maya Mayhem, in one of our favorite on-set fisting moments:

Also, for a 30% discount in our clip store for ANY DVD OR SCENE CLIP, use the coupon FISTING at checkout. Expires on 10/31/12


Check out our blog post from last year, with a break-down of our fisting scenes and some incredibly moving words written by queer porn star Tina Horn.

What Is Fisting Day?

Fisting day is a global event, celebrating and debunking the negative stereotypes of fisting, a sex act that uses the entire hand.

Fisting Day was created in 2011 by co-founders Courtney Trouble and Jiz Lee. Coinciding with the release of the banned and censored film Live Sex Show, directed by Trouble and starring Lee and the legendary Nina Hartley in a fisting scene, Fisting Day began not only a celebration, but a call for awareness – this sex act is banned and censored in most forms of adult entertainment, and that fear is reflected outside of the sex industry as well.

We believe that sex-positive education, exposure, information, and discussion is an easy cure for this fist-phobia!

On fisting day, visit fistingday.tumblr.com for global submissions.  Meanwhile see last years round of blogs as well, here: http://courtneytrouble.com/blog/international-fisting-day-round-up/

QueerPorn.TV at PRIDE!

We are excited to release our extra special Pride Schedule to you – if you’re in San Francisco please come to one of our events and say hello!

Tonight, our documentary is playing at Frameline at the Victory Theatre. We believe it is sold out but if you’re going to see Sexing The Transman, you’ll see our short film before the full feature! There’s an afterparty at The Lexington!

Then, on Friday – you’ll find Courtney Trouble working an awesome daytime photo booth for the San Francisco LGBT Center Transgender Economic Empowerment Initiative at Dolores Park from 3-5pm before the Trans March!

Amos Mac from Original Plumbing and Courtney Trouble from QueerPorn.TV at a Pride Party in 2010!

Then, on Friday night after the Trans March head over to the Elbo Room for the most awesome of awesomeness, the Original Plumbing official Trans March Afterparty, UNOFFICIAL! Original Plumbing is a quarterly print magazine with photos and features geared towards trans men and community. We love this magazine and the guys who run it, Amos and Rocco are old friends of Courtney Trouble, who will be there at the party repping QueerPorn.TV and giving out free copies of Fuckstyles, memberships, and giving away a few tickets to the Main Event….


This year’s quintessential queer pride party is going to be OFF THE HOOK. With Lady Tragik, a queer electro music, rap, and performance artist as our headlining act YOU WILL NOT MISS THIS. FTM porn star James Darling will be stripping, Courtney Trouble will be doing an erotic performance art act, Dorian Faust will be doing her amazing indie burlesque magic – SF femme staples Jenna Riot and Chelsea Starr will be DJing with DeeJay Andre, CUM AND GLITTER will be doing nasty thing to you in the Kinky Kissing Booth/Erotic Cafe – and QueerPorn.TVORIGINAL PLUMBING magazine, and Nick’s Pizza Made In Oakland will be giving away free stuff all day long at this outside daytime patio pride party at El Rio. Tickets are $7 online, or $10 at the door. Don’t wait in line – buy the tickets. And Share This Post and Invite Your Friends. http://www.facebook.com/events/297522756997254/