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Shot by Chelsea Poe for the film Fucking Against Fascism, this scene features two of queer porn’s favorite performers – Carnegie Velvet and Suzie Spindrift! This scene was shot and edited by director Chelsea Poe, and starts out innocently enough: Carnegie Velvet is reading Suzie’s cards, only to end up in her bed fucking her pussy instead. With awesome references to Dyke Drama and the Slutist Tarot, it’s a queer porn classic already.

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Shot in January 2020 in Vegas during the AVN Convention, this adorable femme 4 femme BDSM scene was produced by the models and shot by Courtney Trouble, who then ended up licensing it for our QueerPorn.TV Showcase! Enjoy the scene these fabulous performers put on for you while they enjoy themselves and the luscious light swirling around them.


I rode my friend down an elevator shaft for QueerPorn.TV and I Loved It!

lyric-seal-4337 copy

Carnegie Velvet (formerly known as Lyric Seal)

What makes you queer?
Recently I read this really amazing article about queercore from Out Magazine. A lot of the queercore artists and queer punks that were interviewed talk about queercore being something that was talked about being a pre-existing culture and utopia, before there was any scene or word for it. That’s what makes me queer. I believe in the ever evolving existence of my family, my resistance, my altculture, my artist’s colony, the people who will be referred to as my contemporaries no matter who is or isn’t talking about us or representing us. We’re magic. You have to believe in us for us to be real. But trust me, belief is everywhere. I believe that queers are hardly representable, but I do love a good movie. So let’s make a very gay one. Faith in my weird queer revolutionary brethren, is what makes me queer. My faith is queer. My love is queer. My magic is queer. My body is queer. The way I dance is queer. My style is queer. My punk rock lifestyle is queer. The way that I translate and adapt and survive is queer. My failure is queer. My success is queer. Queer is life.

What do you hope to accomplish by making queer porn?
I hope that disabled and other people with non-normative bodies and abilities, both visible and invisible, will recognize that they can move the way they move and still get fucked exactly the way they always dreamed. I hope that people will be inspired to learn about each other’s bodies and to love each other better. I hope to accomplish pristine fabulousness.

What is your favorite sex toy?
My sweetie’s tongue. Hand. Cock.

Pitch your life as a reality tv show.
After building relationships with folks through disability justice, erotic performance, and and dance communities in the Bay for three years, I moved here from a small town in New Jersey a year ago, and boi am I glad I did. There is no other place that I have experienced where I can be my whole self, and move around with something close to ease, and glamour! I get to wake up late, dance with my friends, fuck my friends, write, and teach people how to love each other better for a living. I get to live in a sweet beautiful family hood in Oakland with three of the biggest queer geniuses I know. I wake up to disco and hot jams in the kitchen. High schoolers smoke and talk shit outside of all of our windows. My neighbor wants me to paint her boobs for special occasions. When I have news, people want to hear about it. I am a people loving tatted up very gay hypersensitive Disney princess, birds flying around my head my life is so bright, and to my delight, people are loving me back. My biggest problem is when my chair battery dies in the rain on my way to work, and when strange straight men laugh at me when I say I’m a dancer. 

Tell us about your QPTV scene(s.)
Jiz and I had an impressive list of fantastical music video esque shoot ideas, built in part by my creative partner and housemate, which included an idea in which we were sled dog racers in a blizzard. Apparently some of these things were not feasible. An elevator shoot was my choice, because once in high school I had a horrific experience of being trapped in a very small, very old elevator for an hour at my school. Cops had to drag me out by my arms (I don’t like cops) and the front page of our county newspaper read, “GIRL IN WHEELCHAIR EXTRICATED FROM ELEVATOR.” Humiliating. So I thought, what if I was with someone really cool and hot when that elevator stopped? What if I knew and loved my body? What if I got to have sex I like to have with my strange queer crip body, and when the elevator starts working again, I didn’t even notice? What if the headline read, “GIRL IN WHEELCHAIR GIVE ORAL SEX.” I wouldn’t say that’s a particular fetish, but it is a way I am taking back my memories, and owning my survival, rather than letting trauma own me. And duh I got to have sex with one of my best friends and porn crush, Jiz Lee, so that’s a dream right there.

Indica Was Challenged by Sinn Sage to a Hitachi Chicken Callenge. This is the straight through experience of two girls getting wet in their pink panties. Indica could not hold back long enough. With Sinn Sage’s deep stares, Indica cums first but still feels like a winner. the losing Indica turns to help the winner Sinn Sage reach climax and more of her squirting potential. Watch this hot cum filled clip of Indica and Sinn Sage now!

Shot by Drake Man O’War

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this scene is from the film:

Author’s Note: I wrote this piece in May. To be released early June.  With the BLM movement taking centerstage I believed it was the right thing to do to pull it back and sit down and shut the fuck up and listen to what Black sex workers needed and wanted.I think the information is important and still relevant, and Courtney still wanted to share this with you all, with the request that you set a reminder to donate to Black led sex worker mutual aid funds. – Bella Vendetta

Editor’s Note: This is truly an important summer, one we will remember for reviving civil rights activism and bringing to levels we’ve never experienced before, a sense of urgency and action. We are thankful, and wanted to create a little space for pride to be celebrated, in July. This was written in early May to archive a few of Bella’s personal experiences as a Western Mass queer. Pride is the annual marking of the night that gay, lesbian, and trans folks – forced into dangerous situations by police, said enough is enough. We are Proud of being Queer, We Belong Here. Bella asks us to not forget what this means. We honor those that bashed back, who protected themselves so that we could know what that looks like, those who threw stones in self-defense and taught us how to fight back. I hope you all celebrated amidst our struggles in the best ways you know how. We miss you, we love you, we have more for you soon. – Courtney Trouble, for QueerPorn.TV

Mis Little, @feelmorocksmob at the 2019 Northampton Pride Parade, where TeamClearHeels marched for queer sex worker visibility. Photo by DiMichelle

Supporting Sex Workers is a Radical Act of Queer Pride

by Bella Vendetta

It’s 2020 and the world is like a scary episode of some well known sci fi series you might be bingewatching currently.  We don’t need to get into that.

The news is literally filled with new atrocities everyday and staggering numbers we can’t begin to wrap our minds around.  We don’t need to get into that.

I won’t write a new piece about the origins of pride, there’s lots of those that exist already. Here’s a good one posted by SWOP USA.

What we do need to get into though are some thoughts and actions and realities so we don’t lose sight of where we are in time.

Most public pride parades were cancelled months ago, I didn’t see any major pushback in the queer community; We seemed to collectively understand that was the safest thing possible, even if it made some of us sad, even depressed. “Social distancing” for so many of us, where our queer identity intersects with disability, where we come from small rural towns and being alone alot and not feeling connected, has become a way of life.

When it comes to calls to action and public health, maybe the LGBTQIA+ community has more experience than cishets in general?

For some of us it isn’t the first pandemic we have lived through.  For others we’ve heard stories passed down from the elders in our community who survived and witnessed the AIDS pandemic. Which disapropiriately killed our own queer community, and particularly gay and bi men, Black people and sex workers.

We have survival skills.

As much as we want to frolic in the streets screaming with joy and solidarity, spreading glitter, kissing strangers and celebrating each other, now is not the time.

In lots of cities nationwide pride has been turned into a for-profit marketing and merchandising machine that completely loses sight of the roots of the reasons for celebration. Most Pride parades don’t organize much to give back anything to or even give a voice to, queer sex workers.

It leads to many of us feeling alienated and invisible in a time that should  celebrate and uplift us.

As a result of all that I have mostly felt pretty disconnected from Pride events, and as a antisocial person in general being in large crowds in hot sun is not usually much fun for Me.

It can never be said enough that “Pride” was started by trans sex workers of color.

DO not erase them, do not forget them.

Do not forget the reason we all come together to celebrate our diversity and freedom.

I’m not here to write another article about sex workers not being included in relief packages or stimulus bills.  Those have been done to death. We all have journalists breathing down our necks asking us for the latest in tragedy porn so they can rewrite it as a filler piece for some publication that is not offering to pay us for our time. I want to tell you a story.

Belle Vendetta helping carry the TeamClearHeels banner at Pride. Photo by DiMichelle

In My area of western MA the big Pride event is in Northampton, MA.  Noho as it is lovingly called is a college town, and is also ranked in top five and in many lists number one cities for lesbians.  It’s grown and changed over the years, been gentrified and in some ways diversified, and still remains to have a high population of queers.  College educated queers.  Older queer families that make enough money to live that that particular pricey area of western MA.  Our Pride event is held in May, weeks and weeks earlier than the rest of the country and the reason for that is so that the city can include the multitude of college students in with the festivities.

I am happy that our local Pride is not super corporate and has actual members of the queer community deciding what goes on and how things are run and doing the actual fundraising.

Our Pride is however, SUPER family friendly and G-rated.  It gets a lot of flack for it actually.  I understand organizers are simply trying to include as many people as possible.

We have a wonderful and fair amount of great queer organizations that proudly march.  And of course a whole lot of allies and schools and churches and other places like that that want us to know that they are accepting of queers and they welcome us.

I have never seen sex workers specifically march during a western MA Pride, and if I am wrong about that, I would be extremely happy!

I approached a few years ago asking if TeamClearHeels413, a collective of current and former strippers living and working in the Western MA area would be welcomed to march.  I was pretty astounded when the answer was YES!

I did not want to lose sight of the origins of the occasion.  The first year we got to march SESTA/FOSTA had JUST passed and we all marched loud and proud for sex workers rights.

We held signs calling for the repeal of SESTA, telling folks that to support lgbtq issues you must also support sex workers.  We yelled it and I mean yelled it.

We were lead by Lorelei Erisis, Miss Trans New England as well as a stand up comedian and local activist.  She has a background in theater and alot of control over her voice and was just SO LOUD, projecting her voice, leading us all in chanting SEX WORK IS REAL WORK SEX WORK IS REAL WORK.

It felt like we had brought back some power to this little small town pride celebration and it felt like anything was possible.  People from the crowd were joining in off the streets to march with us. A person with tears in their eyes took a moment to thank us for existing and being so visible.  All these little powerful experiences were happening. Lots of kids there who asked their parents what a sex worker was over dinner, lots of room for education and improvement. We weren’t just nameless faceless bodies hunched over cars open windows in a hastily put together magazine article.

We were living, breathing humans from their very own tiny community!  Confronting them!  Saying we are here!

We are queers we are part of your community.

People listened.

We even made it on the cover of the Valley Advocate.  People in our community were discussing sex workers rights.  It was a cover story…and we even talked them out of using one of those nameless, faceless sex workers leaning over into a car images and to instead include images of US actually marching. That was our first official year as Sex Workers at this Pride Parade.

The May 2018 cover of Valley Advocate, covering TeamClearHeels 413s first ever presence at the Northampton Pride Parade. They marched again the next year, with increased presence and support for sex workers at official Northampton Pride marches. Valley Advocate cover shot by Brandon Stack

The next year we marched Lorelei led us again because it felt wrong to do it without her and how could anyone even begin to match the sheer force that is Lorelei Erisis.

SESTA/FOSTA still ruining the lives of sex workers everywhere we still screamed for the repeal of this horrible law.  We called for the dismantling of the whorearchy, for the separation of sex work from sex trafficking, and for rights not rescue. We had an afterparty at the stripclub where fat femmes naked bodies were celebrated and folks of all persuasions threw money in support.

We looked damn good doing it. Everything seemed aligned.

I was so excited to do it all over again this year.  We had pre pre pre planned and even had dates and rain dates for times to get together to make signs to hold and decide on chants this year.  Already printed our flyers talking about who we are and what we need and ways folks can support their local sex workers.

Then covid hit.

 It became really clear that we wouldn’t be gathering and handing anything out to anyone. There was a mad rush to re-organize our funds and time and efforts.  All of the sudden all strippers were out of work and in need in so many ways. We blew through our budget for the year in the first month just feeding families and then fundraised for more and blew through that feeding more people and organizing free masks.

So here’s what you CAN do to honor pride this year.

To honor the tradition of this celebration and why we all gather together.Support some local sex workers. Support local trans sex workers. Support local trans sex workers of color. Support street based sex workers. Support strippers. Support cam performers, OnlyFans models, porn performers, and queers in the sex industry trying to get by. Their jobs are not safe.  Our jobs weren’t safe before and we are even more unsafe now.

Redistribute funds. Donate. Support mutual aid reliefs. Subscribe to your favorite performers sites and tip heavily. Buy cam shows order custom clips. Send send send  to SWOP and localized relief funds for sex workers.

Donate to bail funds, to safe housing projects for survivors of domestic abuse.  Support peer counseling for sex workers.

Support, signal boost, retweet, repost, follow, like and GIVE MONEY to Black led sex worker organizations.  There are specific organizations that are led by trans woman of color and they need funds!

BUY PORN. And if you don’t have a lot of money or you are a fellow broke queer sex worker then signal boost.   Offer your time free of charge to sex workers.  Take inventory of the skills you have to offer. Editing? Writing? Car repair? Offer your skilled labor to sex workers free of charge without expecting anything in return.

Let your fanbase know what is important to you and that we need to be HUMAN right now.

We need to include sex workers in pride this year and every year.

It has been beautiful to Me to watch the queer community rally for Black Lives Matter movement and march in solidarity during Pride month. The NYC Pride Parade turned into a Black Trans Lives Matter protest and THAT is the energy we need to keep going forward. Yes, we have PRIDE in our sexuality, pride in our orientation, pride in our community, and most of all pride that we can come together for movements that really matter

Here are some really wonderful organizations you can donate to not just for Pride, but every day, every week every month. Make supporting and uplifting Black led sex worker organizations part of your daily norm. Work it into your finances.

Mutual Aid Fund for Sex Workers of Color

BIPOC Adult Industry Collective supports Black queer and trans porn workers and adult industry perfumers as part of it’s core mission to improve .

“Black & Pink is an open family of LGBTQ prisoners and “free world” allies who support each other. Our work toward the abolition of the prison industrial complex is rooted in the experience of currently and formerly incarcerated people.”

Point Source Youth is particularly committed to supporting sex workers because of our commitment to supporting the most marginalized members of the LGBTQ and queer communities, including youth of color and youth who aren’t stably housed — all of whom participate at a higher rate as sex workers, often for survival.”


~Bella Vendetta

Bella Vendetta has been making queerporn for 18 years in rural Western MA.

Queer trans man Xöe Nova invites Dominique Rystan over to his apartment for some fun in the form of a super intense fuck! 

“I had so much fun being topped by Dom, they spit on me and make me suck their dick, then they finger me and get me ready for what’s to come. They fuck me hard until they cum deep inside me” – Xöe Nova

This Queer Porn TV Showcase is brought to you by the cinematographer THE CVM CVLT and is owned by Xöe Nova and Dominique Rystan. We’re just lucky enough to show it to our members, and encourage you to support these gorgeous indie porn makers.



How lucky are we that our two biggest trans porn star crushes accepted our invitation to come get down queer porn style!!! We were falling all over ourselves during this shoot, it was so hot seeing these professionals bang it out like sex goddesses, and when they started SCISSORING…..    well, thank god we had tripods.

this porn was directed and styled by chelsea poe, shot by chelsea and courtney trouble, and edited by courtney. Music is by a queer austrailian band called gloss!

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Gorgeous new scene shot by rae threat and chelsea poe documenting Disco Titts and Courtney Trouble bouncing around the room. This connection was highly anticipated by both performers, having waited for years to get into a porn making opportunity together. What did we get? TOTALLY STUNNING FISTING FOOTAGE, lesbian sex, scissoring, titty sucking, drooling, condom play, spanking, nails, all the great things that can happen in a queer porn scene happen in this one. If you love queer femmes and you love a porn scene that doesn’t hold back, this will be your new fave.


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April giggles, moans, and comes hard around Q-Tip’s cock before returning the favor with her hands for orgasm after orgasm in this scene straight from Indie Porn Revolution’s best and brightest!

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LC3-rqp-banner copy

This scene is directly from the film Lesbian Curves 3: Soft Girls + Strap Ons – if you like it, you should see the whole movie!



Chelsea Poe wanders into Oakland sex toy store Feelmore 510  and sees Daisy Ducati checking out the bondage section. It doesn’t take much flirting before the two tumble into bed together for a switchtastic fuckfest that leaves them both breathless and spent.

This scene is part of the film Fucking Mystic, which you can find in full here!

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Cupcake Sinclair and Chelsea Poe

Two submissive sex workers take some time out in a luxe bedroom to just adore and worship each other, each giving into some lovely power dynamic experimentation and play. If you need to see two girls just love on each other gently and sweetly, but you don’t want to give up a little bit of that BDSM passion, this scene will satisfy your sweet spot.

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This 6 minute video documents Trouble going down on Nova while using a dental dam! 

As TROUBLEfilms welcomed Nova Sky into our home for some creative content trade, the conversation of safer sex came up as part of our normal pre-porn negotiations. We were both tested and wanted to do a bareback lesbian scene with clean toys, but Nova said she also wanted to try something important to her: showing safer sex techniques in a free editorial. Well, you know me… I’ve always thought it was cool to normalize safer sex in th the queer community – we don’t get nearly enough attention or information – so I said yes, enthusiastically.

Happy to present this free film, “How to Use a Dental Dam” by Nova Sky. Please follow the link to her ManyVids to stream or download this adorable high-chemistry informational.

If you’re wondering, “where can I get dental dams online?” look no further than Stockroom.

Watch for Nova’s debut in Sinn Sage’s new 2020 film release!

Affiliate link to Stockrooms Dental Dams:

It is our great pleasure to give you sex goddess April Flores putting on a relaxed, sensual, vivid show on top of luxurious purple sheets. April gets dirty, smearing red lipstick all over her own tits and ripping her red fishnets apart to reveal her luscious ass. She gives slobbery head to a thick brown cock gagging herself to get thick saliva to spread on her already dripping pussy. Then April fucks herself to orgasm in more positions than you can count. Filmed in Toronto during the 2011 Feminist Porn Awards, this private solo show by April flores can only truly be described as magnificent.


featuring an original soundtrack by David Jaberi
Special thanks to Maxwell Lander

Run Time: 16.05