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Rex & Mademoiselle

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Part Two Trailer:

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This story of domestic BDSM bliss is not so far from the truth for these real life lovers, but on screen they make this special connection immortal with cuffs, kissing, and two of the best blow jobs we’ve ever seen. And that’s only in the first 10 minutes of Part One… In Part Two, Rex gets a solid beat down from two of his favorite BDSM toys before his Ma’am fucks him hard with her handsand in Part Three, this epic love story ends with Rex’s fist and cock pulling countless room-shaking orgasms out of Mademoiselle’s gorgeous body!

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I beat My boy toy for QPTV and I loved it!

mademoiselle-bioName: Mademoiselle

Location: Baltimore, MD

Gender/Pronoun: Femme/She/Her

Identities: Queer Alpha Femme Top/Ma’am/Mommy/Lady/Little Girl

What makes you Queer? Queer is a state of mind for me… It is about my love, my life and my politics… I am Queer by orientation. I am Queer by intellectual desire. I am Queer by choice. Choice to do what feels right to me and choice of who I share my life with. Queer is my right and my privilege. Queer is my bliss and my activism. I am proud to be Queer.

How has being a Queer porn star changed my life? My life has been bettered by doing Queer porn because the experience has allowed me to stand tall for POC visibility, body positivity and Femme power. It hasn’t given me a voice and a new way to explore my bliss and have fun.

What do you hope to accomplish by making Queer porn? Queer porn is so important for visibility and ecstasy. When I was a wee Queer baby, there was little, if any Queer porn, let alone Queer porn with people in it who looked like me. By taking the plunge into making some of my own, I hope to a) add to the growth and availability of Queer porn, b) put more out there for people like me to identify with, c) advocate, as a woman of colour and size, for body love and d) make people cum as hard and as often as possible.

Fave Sex Toys: My favourite sex toy to use on others is the Njoy 11, my favourite to have used on me is the VixSkin Maverick and my favourite for both is the Njoy Pure Plug

Tell us about your QPTV scene:
In a modern, Queer twist on the 50’s housewife fantasy, in this scene I am coming home from work to find My houseboy cooking dinner. As he handles a juicy steak, I take his meat in My hands and indulge in a full course meal of boy toy before dinner…