I hooked up with a rapper for QueerPorn.TV and I Loved It!


What makes you queer?

The fact that I don’t give a fuck what plumbing someone carries with them. I refuse to get put into all the little boxes of sexual orientation labeling that mainstream culture demands of us. Oh, that and I looove getting tied up, cuffed, slapped, and shoved around in the bedroom (or wherever sex is taking place)

How has being a queer porn star changed your life?

Lots of opportunities to meet rad new people with similar politics and interests, which is not something more mainstream work offers me.

What do you hope to accomplish by making queer porn?
I hope to further help destigmatize performers who won’t limit ourselves to working with a specific body type/age/gender/race/ability/etc.

What is your favorite sex toy?
Tossup between the Hitachi wand and the inflatable (vibrating!) butt plug. Both are pretty magical

Pitch your life as a reality tv show.
I don’t watch tv, so I’m kinda at a loss for this one, but I’m sure it would involve pissing off lots of yuppies and insecure straight dudes

Tell us about your QPTV scene.
I liked this scene a lot! I love when my scene partners seem mutually interested in adding a bit of passion to our performance, and engaging on a level beyond the usual model of meeting someone just in time to fuck, get paid, and go home. That and I love making out. Any scene that leaves room for lots of kissing and doesn’t just focus in on ejaculation as the end goal of the interaction is good in my book!

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