Who are these sleaze-bags anyway?

Courtney Trouble and Tina Horn met during the great San Francisco porn renaissance of the late 00’s. After eight years at the helm of the internet’s first and longest-running queer pin-up and porn site, Trouble began making a feature-length DVD a month, providing a forum for countless queers from literally all over the world. Emerging from a background in pro-BDSM and comprehensive sexual health education, Horn saw the freedoms of Bay Area porn as both a profitable outlet for her rampant attention-whore tendencies and an opportunity to promote real social good. Their common background of sex work and DIY punk community inspired them to band together take pornography into their own hands.

And what do they believe?

As diy punks, we value community, and believe that the relationships cultivated by art and work and shared vision contribute to rich creative experience and higher quality production

As poltically-minded artists, we believe in using sexually explicit media as a platform for documenting and archiving the sexual expression of the disenfranchised (ie those who don’t see their bodies, gender, desires, lifestyle, or erotic pastimes represented in culture or media)

As feminists, we believe that our work is essentially revolutionary because the female queer gaze is a radical tool to exploit the pornographic medium

As queers, we believe in reinforcing an open definition of Queer as an all-inclusive, empowering identity for EVERY HUMAN.

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