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Bella Vendetta and Brook Rain

Real Life Love & BDSM for Valentine’s Day Because We Love You!

Watching porn on a tube site in Mistress Bella Vendetta’s house is a big no-no, so when our brand new star, sexy tomboy submissive Brook Rain gets caught – the punishment is going to be protocol plus punishment. Brook Rain gets spanked with stern love by her real-life partner and Mistress Bella Vendetta, one of the toughest Doms in queer porn history. That should keep little Brook off the tube sites for now…or will this just make her act out more?

This scene was shot by BrutalMaster.



Let Me Tell You About This: BJ Dildo!

We have a new feature at QPTV, free on our YouTube Channel! Sex-educator Andres Everything takes a look at some cool queer sex toys and in every episode, tells you all about them! How cool is that?  Courtney Trouble and Andres Everything produce this mini-segment together with hopes to help queers figure out how best to use some of their favorite sex toys.

Andres is a sex toy, safer sex, and accessory expert with over a decade of experience in the field and he is here to tell you all about some of the cool stuff we find in the world of queer and queer-friendly sex toys.

This episode was filmed on-the-spot – as in, we made it on an iPhone the second we got the idea!

Our toys come from various sources, some we get for free through our personal sponsorships. Our videos are hopefully seen more as how-to discussions, and not an advertisement for the toy. If you do choose to purchase something from Let Me Tell You About This, please support a rad queer-run business and go local if you can!


My Biggest Fantasy, Meeting You Two For a Threesome Here in the Sun

Chelsea Poe brought her QPTV attitude all the way over to Berlin where she ran smack dabs into the Sluts4Sluts Collective and their two biggest stars Rooster and Dion. They sucked her right up with a rainbow straw and spat her out into the cutest queer flat on the brightest day in Berlin, where they made this sexy, sublime threesome — shot by an entire family of queer pornographers over the course of the 2017 Berlin Porn Film Festival.
This scene is a collaboration between Sluts4Sluts Collective and QueerPorn.TV and is also featured in the new film Fuckstyles 3: Threesomes

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Goddess Kyaa, Mistress Julie Simone, & River Enza

Sweet Enough, Tougher Than Ever

Goddess Kyaa brings her IRL submissive River to Mistress Julie Simone, for a 2-on-1 involving red bondage rope, stomach slapping, whipping, nail scratching and other delightful tortures. From Julie Simone’s Bound Trans Submissives.

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Kelly Quell

Name : Kelly-Marie Quell / Kelly Quell
Location : Providence, Philadelphia
Identities : Femme, Transsexual Women, Hipster Anal Princess Next Door , Pretty Little Slut.
Pronouns : She/Her
What makes you queer and/or sexually transgressive?:
I spent 24 years of my life as a boring, vanilla, cis-het boy ( I was even married!) and that shit really sucked.  I came out of the closet, left my wife, and started transitioning. At this point I  stopped holding anything and everything back and I really came out of my shell. I discovered my sexuality and gender, I found beauty in the mirror and inside myself, I connected with my submissive slut side. This  makes me feel empowered.  I have awesome sex with all genders and it is very validating and makes me feel sexy.
Favorite Sex Act : Being Fisted, being spit on, being slapped in the face, called a “good girl”, Fucked deep , hard and fast,
Favorite Food : Tacos de Lengua
What made you want to make Queer Porn:
I came out of the closet and was looking for porn online that I could identify with. I had no idea HOW to search for what I was looking for.  I was typing in search strings like ” ALT Trans Punk “,  ” Queer Punk Trans Porn”, etc… I eventually made it to QueerPorn.TV and realized this was exactly what I was looking for.  I watched “Queen Bee Empire” by  Samuel Shanahoy and was hooked from day one. I found out about the Queer Porn Film Fest in NYC and I drove 4 hours to it to meet and network with people like me as well as learn some really important things and watch some fantastic short films.
How many porn scenes have you been in? :
So, I’ve only ever shot queer porn, 3 of the 4 scenes were self directed. The first one was called “Warehouse Slutz” and was shot in my old warehouse space in Providence RI with my friend Megan Young (whom I met on OkCupid hahah). I finally just got around to finishing the edits on it (2 years later).
Second scene was with Marina Lee for Chelsea Poe’s directorial debut ” Queer Porn Americana” and was a dream come true. I flew out to the midwest and shot in a very warm hotel room in Grand Rapids, MI. We had really good chemistry. I love how it turned out, (Even though my hair was really short and messy and I sweat all the makeup off my face). I had a total blast.
Third scene was called “Two Queer Cuties” with my really really close friend, Ophelia Switch which we shot in my living room in my apartment and my partner filmed us on her iPhone 7. We’ve had super big crushes on each other for a very long time.  She told me she was planning on moving at the end of the summer, so we decided we should shoot something. We shot a really passionate scene together.We have been wanting to hook up for a very very long time.  The scene we shot that day were beautiful and so full of real energy.
Fourth scene is called “Anal Food Cake Slut Birthday Party for Kelly” and was shot the same day as “Two Queer Cuties”. Ophelia and I get really messy with frosting and sprinkles and she fists me while I sit on my kitchen table.  It was so much fun getting that messy with her, and very tasty too.
Twitter @KellyQuellTS
Website is

Kelly & Marina

Some lusts just cant quit.

This is one of those scenes that starts out sweet… very very sweet, so sweet you get a toothache. And then the niceties wear away, the groans turn gutteral, the kisses become never ending. This is one of those scenes that you can’t anticipate, the ending so far from the beginning, such is the nature of great sex.

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Q Tip, Emerald X Files, and Cinnamon Maxxine

Three’s A (Porno) Party

Q Tip and Cinnamon Maxxine share a bed and some lusty vibes in this Seven Minutes In Heaven vignette, watching queer porn and bro-ing down with some vibrators. The queer babes start hooking up when a shy Emerald pokes her head in the door asking if she can assist. The duo invite her in and it becomes a sensual, sexy, super slippery threesome in no time.

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Girls Rule Boys Drool

Face Fucking The Handyman

Trouble and Chelsea Poe corner their handyman Nefarious and start shoving gorgeous strap on cocks into his mouth. He submits immediately and begging sucking us each off. We move to the bedroom where we blindfold him and play bratty bedroom games, making him guess which cock he is sucking on, making him gag, and getting that drool of his everywhere. We turn him into a pathetic little pretty boy with two cocks in his mouth. You can hear us humiliating him and giggling, and there’s some great POV shots and close ups of him gagging and drooling on our big strap on dicks.

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? The Circle ?

How do you enter the circle?
In perfect love, and perfect trust.

The Circle starring Artemis Moon, Robin Mae, Charlie and Milo is a true homage to The Craft, a 90’s cult classic where four witches get a little too close. In this version, the witches smoke weed and masturbate like they’re possessed – I think we like this version better? You be the judge!
The four young witches cast a circle and light a joint. High and inspired, they levitate Robin during ‘light as a feather, stiff as a board’ and she feels someone – or something, touching her. After that, Charlie initiates the other witches and they take turns writhing in the middle with a vibrator. The evening turns into a wicked orgy, everyone anointed in glitter and cum. Spectacular editing, music, lighting, acting, and some real magic makes this a very special Halloween at QPTV indeed.

Part of Charlie Bee’s Film Club!
Screenplay and editing by Charlie Bee

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