A Note from Courtney Trouble:

One of the challenges I’ve had as owner of QueerPorn.TV is trying to balance two very strong personal beliefs: that consumers should Pay For Your Porn, and that queer folks should have access to images that resonate with them.

For most, pornography is an established “luxury entertainment” situation, like other kinds of films and photo collections. But there’s certain contexts in which queer pornography serves a deeper purpose than luxury. For those who find valuable information, reassurance, and community through these films and images, I believe that access to queer porn (under the premise of well documented, explicit footage of queer people having sex on camera in safe and ethical situations) is less of a luxury, and more like a necessity.

It is for that reason that QueerPorn.TV has continued to put accessibility, and the representation of the unrepresented, before profitability.

Please, enjoy this selection of completely free queer porn.

Thank you to our paying patrons and site members for making this essential access possible. PLEASE, keep it up!

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