Wolf Hudson

Location: Los Angeles, CA
What makes you queer?
I do not identify as queer or bi. I use the term “Sexualist”, but I do support my queer peeps and some of the hottest people I’ve met in my lifetime are queer. The one’s I’ve met are extremely intelligent, articulate and deliciously sexual. Being aware and confident to express yourself in a manner that does not fit the mold of conventional society is something I continue to aspire to. I love the queer community.
Pitch your life as a reality tv show.
Okay… so ever wonder what it’s like to be a freak? Have I got something for you! Wolf Hudson is a super freak and famous in his own mind… a recipe for a good old fashioned hot mess. LOL… I honestly would not want to EVER want to put myself out there like that. I am much more comfortable taking my clothes off then pealing off layers of my personal life for the world to see. Maybe my struggle with that would make for great TV.
Dish about a hot exhibitionist experience:
Believe it or not, the hottest moment came to me in the simplest of ways. I took my ex-girlfriend to Folsom Street Fair 2009 and just went as tourist, since I’m usually there working. I was half naked (wear leather chaps, a baseball cap and a cock leash attached to her neck). It was packed, the weather was scorching and we were tired from walking. We found a spot to rest at and just started making out. Very passionate and feeling each others bodies… which gave me a raging hard on. She started to laugh while we were kissing and I soon realized that a HUGE crowd had assembled. They took pictures and then cheered us on as we acknowledged their presence. A bear looking guy comes up to us and said “That was the hottest scene I’ve ever scene.” That was a special moment.
What are your favorite sex toys?
The Hitachi Magic Wand. Yes… men can use it too. I use it under my taint and It’s sublime! And the orgasms… EXPLOSIVE! I’ve shot my eye out, no joke. LOL
Tell us about your QPTV scene. I’ve been intrigued by FTMs for quite some time and find them fascinating. The fact I got to work with James Darling was a treat. He is a very sexual man and fantastic lover. Pounding his tight pussy and seeing him really enjoy was electrifying for me… I love seeing that. I look forward to doing more shoots like this for QPTV in the near future indeed.

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