QueerPorn.TV Owner Courtney Trouble!
QueerPorn.TV Owner Courtney Trouble!


QueerPorn.TV is proud modern sluts, trans guys, trans ladies, genderqueers, cisgendered folks, fags, dykes, tops, bottoms, switches, sadomasochists, perverts, activists, punks, and artists at their kinkiest, raunchiest, filthiest, rawest, most passionate, radical, and real.

Their alluring personalities and outrageous performances embody the contradictions inherent in Queer Identity and Queer Desire: they are nasty and romantic, glamorous and natural, creative and spontaneous, personal and political.

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Queer Porn Icon Courtney Trouble and Tina Horn launched QPTV in November 2010 as a political movement and personal artistic project. It has quickly become the loudest, brightest, and strongest queer porn web site ever!

Courtney Trouble personally runs this website under their company TROUBLEfilms, while Tina Horn contributes now as the director of QPTV NYC – queer porn shot in the city that never sleeps!

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