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Nikki Darling & Chelsea Poe


In our favorite queer porn play space, we are invited to watch Chelsea Poe get completely humiliated, dominated, and fucked by the great Mistress Nikki Darling.

By Chelsea Poe, Ajapornfilms, and Courtney Trouble

Check out Chelsea Poe’s Submissive Mixtape anthology film.

GENDERFLUX: Nikki Hearts + Jiz Lee


Queerporn.TV is thrilled to bring you GENDERFLUX, from superstar porn director and major heart-throb Nikki Hearts and originally published on Indie Porn Revolution! It was so popular we decided we needed to share the love with our Queerporn.TV members too!

GENDERFLUX brings gender fluid strap on fucking to its highest form, shot in perfect HD, with high voltage chemistry between Nikki and the incomparable Jiz Lee. Nikki meets Jiz in an industrial loft for a clandestine power hook up. They each strip their sophisticated suits off to reveal two matching hard strap on cocks, ready to get wet. Jiz juices up Nikki before letting her fuck them to orgasm – then Nikki slips into Jiz’s puddle and gets her own slice of strap on perfection. Nikki Hearts and Jiz Lee are a match made in queer porn heaven!

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Nikki Hearts & Courtney Trouble


nikki-courtney-posterCurvy queer porn bombshell Courtney Trouble has it so bad for lesbian porn rock god Nikki Hearts, and finally gets the nerve to invite her over to a luxurious crash pad to make out and get down and dirty. The chemistry between these two tattooed babes is off the charts, and they spend the entire evening eating each other out, fingerbanging, and strap on fucking while hardly being able to keep each others mouths apart enough to get anything else done. Fans of hard fucking, soft bodies, and great kissing – this is your new favorite porn.

Shot by April Flores

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GIRL PILE: Sinn Sage, Nikki Hearts, Arabelle Raphael, and Tori Lux

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We wont give it all away, but we are 100% sure this is the best All Girl Group Sex scene you have EVER seen, by like, one million points. These babes are a landslide of sex and you don’t own enough panties to keep your seat dry. A special thank you to Rae Threat and the amazing folks over at Fleshbot for being our helpers on set!!!!

Length: 55 minutes


Sandy Bottoms and Nikki Hearts Part Two

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If you can believe it, Sandy and Nikki were only half done when we left them embracing in their sunny bed. We meet up with them again and watch Nikki fuck Sandy with a strap on before letting Sandy lick and finger her to orgasm. This sweet and sensual lesbian sex scene gets us going slowly, but never seems to let us stop….

Nikki Hearts and Sandy Bottoms

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This scene is, basically, why porn was made. So you can bring two totally gorgeous girls together on a sunny afternoon, in a pink bedroom with diffused day light, wet pussies and hard kissing… and lots and lots of shuddering orgasms, lips bitten, bodies trembling… This is lesbian sex at it’s absolute FINEST. Prepare to delete your entire girl/girl collection and replace it with this authentic, raw, wet, and utterly perfect porn scene.

Nikki Hearts

I Strapped it On for Queer Porn TV and I LOVED IT!

: LA
Gender: Female
Identities: Androgynous, queer, bamf.
What makes you queer and/or sexually transgressive? Lots of people refer to me as a lesbian, but I personally identify as queer, because even though I get it on with ladies, I believe in fucking who you want, how you want, when you want, and not being judged for it.
How has being a queer porn star changed your life? In lots of AWESOME ways! I get paid to bang hot babes, in fun places,around amazing and inspiring people, and send out the message that I believe in most! (see above ;)) Those are all my favorite things to do!
Pitch your life as a reality tv show: From punk band to porn star: Nikki Hearts fingers babes by day and bass guitar by night… HA!
Dish about a hot exhibitionist experience: Lets just say I have a thing for bathrooms, specifically dirty rock n roll bar bathrooms.
What is your favorite sex toy? We-vibe under a strap-on harness, I’ve yet to do so in a scene. Its the best, though!
twitter username: @NikkiHeartsXXX
Tell us about your QPTV scene(s.) My scene with Sandy Bottoms was during a crazy busy week, I flew out to SF from New York just for the day to do the shoot because I LOVE QueerPorn.tv and have been so excited to work with Courtney. I’m so glad I could come out, we had a great time, and it was such a cozy set! I now officially have a thing for pink-on-pink lit bedrooms![/column]