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Maxine Holloway & Charlie Spats

Queer Pride Weekend is over and Maxine Holloway is a hot mess. She had too much fun and forget to get laid. Lucky, Charlie Spats passed out on her floor and is willing to help a girl out and the chemistry is fantastic. I feel like Maxine Holloway fans will love this seriously slutty, depraved, perverted pillow princess scene full of hot BDSM, pussy pounding, and yes – even a little bit of throw up. (content warning! she pukes on his dick during the blowjob, per request of Maxine herself and to the perverted delight of everyone on set! Feel free to fast forward if it’s a little too close to your own post-pride reality #winkwink)


Shot by Kitty Stryker!

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Maggie Mayhem & Maxine Holloway

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There’s a whole lot of fake-looking, male-directed “lesbian porn” out there. This isn’t that. This is Maggie Mayhem and Maxine Holloway, two smoking hot, totally queer femme babes that love to fuck other girls, playing with the pink in an authentic, hardcore, seriously sexy way. They brought a ton of sex toys, but spent the first half of their time together squirting on each other’s bare hands, eating each other out, and getting a little rough!

Run Time: 20.27

Maxine Holloway

I femme fucked a glass snake dildo for Queer Porn TV and I loooved it!

Location: San FranciscoIdentities: Queer Femme, Smart Sex Meow
What makes you queer?
I want to fuck YOU! (yes, you)
How has being a queer porn star changed your life?
It has made my wildest fantasies become a day at the office! Right now porn is kind of the glue that is binding my interests of art, sex-positivity, feminism, photography, sex-workers rights, film, health and sex-education. Its all connecting for me and porn is a huge part of all of it.
Pitch your life as a reality tv show.
I would have an ‘Amazing Race’ style reality show but called ‘Amazing Queers’. Porn Stars would be divided int teams and race around the world performing pornographic feats, sex-education workshops and sex-positive smut challenges in every city. The stellar playback moments would be Juliette March, Mickey Mod and I completing the most 3way cuckolds in Istanbul! And then James Darling putting condoms on icicles in Antarctica with his adorable mouth!
Dish about a hot exhibitionist experience:
So the very first time I squirted was in a room with 75 people watching, live on the internet and being recorded for later viewing. It was really hot being so turned on by wholesome pervert, Billy Castro, while everyone watched. But then to have my body respond in a way that it never had was really intense and mind-blowing. At first I though my vagina had broken, and great – everyone was watching! But it felt way to good to be broken- I have been happily squirting ever since!
What are your favorite sex toys?
Does Courtney Trouble count??? Hands, The Outlaw Dildo, The Eleven and of course the Hitatchi.
Tell us about your first QPTV scene.
I loved shooting for Courtney & Tina because I love them and have mad respect and excitement for what they are doing with their work. It started off with Courtney taking some sultry pictures of me in my living room. It was easy to flirt with the camera because Courtney is such a freaking babe and I want to make out with her all of the time!I also really enjoyed the interview I did with Tina. I love listening to every sexy & smart word that comes out of this lady’s mouth so it was cool to be on the other side of that. So it was really good for me to verbalize my thoughts about sex, queerness, gender and sex-work. Through the interview I think we both had a kind of light build moment when talking about why depicting female sexuality is important. It verbally validated my sense of being a femme by redefining the traditional context of femininity into someone who identifies their sexual wants and gets satisfaction and pleasure. I loved that Courtney & Tina cast 2 strong Femmes together. I felt like we really showed how strong and intense female desire can be. There was nothing dainty, meek or passive about Maggie & Maxine!
I was super excited to work with Maggie. I had recently shot a really hot porn scene with her partner, so it was extra titillating for me to get around with a couple. I have a huge perverted sister-wife fantasy so anything triangular gets my blood going! I think Maggie is so hot and smart. Her mind, her writing and her work turns me on just as much as her amazing ass, adorable nipples, sneaky smile and dirty mouth. She is super verbal and visceral when fucking – I loved every single moment of it. And it was so sexy to see her licking and sucking on my shoes! Ooo-la-la!

Madison Young, Mickey Mod, Maxine Holloway, Juliette March


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Madison Young takes her performance art to a new level with a little help from her horny housemates in this appetizing foursome! Exploring objectification and taboo erotic juices, Madison makes herself into the perfect breakfast. First she gives provocative head to AVN-nominated Mickey Mod‘s banana. Then she becomes a human juice maker, writhing squealing and cumming on a Hitachi Magic Wand. Femme hussies Juliette March and Maxine Holloway join Mickey in squeezing sticky oranges all over Madison’s body and eating her alive with lust! Finally Madison gives herself a soy milk enema and expels it into a cereal bowl, which the happy group hungrily consumes. Run Time: 12.05