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Papí Coxxx & James Darling Basement Fuck

Two of queer porn’s finest are filmed together at last, and holy fuck was it a match made in queer porn heaven. Papi brings out the powerful switch in James Darling, and after James blows Papi’s awesome strap on cock, and gets fucked by both the cock and the stainless steel porn super-toy the Eleven – they switch, and James fists Papi into oblivion. Just as you’re applauding the end of the scene, James and Papi take this scene to the next level with some serious double-Eleven hole-to-hole action and a standing ejaculation that will make you give a standing ovation!

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Queer Porn Orgy from Fucking Mystic

orgy-posterChelsea Poe‘s sexual magic has come to a climax, and a hedonistic one at that! As she enters the room, a swarm of gorgeous queers devour her, over come her, and come over her over and over again. With a cast of 17 incredible queer porn performers (listed blow), this orgy is the culmination of a community of stunning, creative, brilliant, beautiful queers come together for a wet and emotional art project.

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chelsea poe, andre shakti, ramses rodstein, james darling, kitty stryker, jeze belle, april flores, betty blac, jiz lee, lyric seal, juba, cinnamon maxxine, b. nefarious, vivian dawn, cyn, ivy dykes, and indigo bleu.

directed by courtney trouble.
shot by courtney, cocopop, and nyc


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QueerPorn.TV at PRIDE!

We are excited to release our extra special Pride Schedule to you – if you’re in San Francisco please come to one of our events and say hello!

Tonight, our documentary is playing at Frameline at the Victory Theatre. We believe it is sold out but if you’re going to see Sexing The Transman, you’ll see our short film before the full feature! There’s an afterparty at The Lexington!

Then, on Friday – you’ll find Courtney Trouble working an awesome daytime photo booth for the San Francisco LGBT Center Transgender Economic Empowerment Initiative at Dolores Park from 3-5pm before the Trans March!

Amos Mac from Original Plumbing and Courtney Trouble from QueerPorn.TV at a Pride Party in 2010!

Then, on Friday night after the Trans March head over to the Elbo Room for the most awesome of awesomeness, the Original Plumbing official Trans March Afterparty, UNOFFICIAL! Original Plumbing is a quarterly print magazine with photos and features geared towards trans men and community. We love this magazine and the guys who run it, Amos and Rocco are old friends of Courtney Trouble, who will be there at the party repping QueerPorn.TV and giving out free copies of Fuckstyles, memberships, and giving away a few tickets to the Main Event….


This year’s quintessential queer pride party is going to be OFF THE HOOK. With Lady Tragik, a queer electro music, rap, and performance artist as our headlining act YOU WILL NOT MISS THIS. FTM porn star James Darling will be stripping, Courtney Trouble will be doing an erotic performance art act, Dorian Faust will be doing her amazing indie burlesque magic – SF femme staples Jenna Riot and Chelsea Starr will be DJing with DeeJay Andre, CUM AND GLITTER will be doing nasty thing to you in the Kinky Kissing Booth/Erotic Cafe – and QueerPorn.TVORIGINAL PLUMBING magazine, and Nick’s Pizza Made In Oakland will be giving away free stuff all day long at this outside daytime patio pride party at El Rio. Tickets are $7 online, or $10 at the door. Don’t wait in line – buy the tickets. And Share This Post and Invite Your Friends. http://www.facebook.com/events/297522756997254/

Wolf Hudson and James Darling’s Bath Tub Scene

As we unleash part two of Wolf Hudson and James Darling‘s bathtub extravaganza upon the world, we thought we’d take a moment to reflect on filming this wet and wild scene.

Wolf and James’ manfest is near and dear to my heart for many reasons. First of all, do I love me some boy-on-boy sex. It’s no secret I search for gay male porn when I want to rub one out. All that hairy grunting and growling…Mmm! So creating such a scene was a pervert’s dream cum true!

I just could not resist the urge to pornographically immortalize the skylit bathtub and gorgeous green backyard of my beloved Oakland home. Courtney shot the video on her fancy Sony HDR.

The first edition of this boylove fuckfest showed instant popularity. We got some feedback confirming that one of QPTV’s goals was working; people who might not have expected to be aroused by a transman and a cisgendered man getting it on were converted by this raw carnal enthusiasm these guys have for each other’s bodies. They smooch, fuck, suck, rim, and cum bathed in natural sunlight and soapy water.

But don’t take my word for it; I was just watching from the sidelines. This is what the performers had to say about their time in the tub:

Wolf Hudson: “I’ve been intrigued by FTMs for quite some time and find them fascinating. The fact I got to work with James Darling was a treat. He is a very sexual man and fantastic lover. Pounding his tight pussy and seeing him really enjoy was electrifying for me… I love seeing that. I look forward to doing more shoots like this for QPTV in the near future indeed.”

James Darling: “This was my first shower/bath scene! And it was with Wolf Hudson, what a dreamy talented stud, damn!! HE PICKED ME UP AND BANGED ME AGAINST THE WALL. No one’s ever done that and I had my doubts for a minute, but Wolf totally had me the whole time. It was also really hot to see the neighbors out the window while getting banged. That’ll be one for the spankbank for years to come. Thanks for the gift that keeps on giving, QueerPorn TV!”

We’re happy to serve, Mr. Darling!

Parts One and Two of Wolf Hudson and James Darling will doubtlessly worm its way into your spank bank, too!


Wolf Hudson & James Darling Part Two

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In this exciting finale to one of our most popular hardcore scenes, super-stud Wolf Hudson and trans-boy James Darling just can’t seem to stop being dirty no matter how much time they spend in the bathtub! James eats Wolf’s muscular ass, rimming his hole – then gives drooling head to his massive cock. Wolf matches James’ multiple orgasms by jizzing a huge load all over his back, a climax not to miss.
Run Time: 7.30 ||  Watch Wolf Hudson & James Darling, Part One

James Darling wins Sex Performer of the Year!

James Darling channeling Prince

It’s no secret that we at QPTV supports the Trans-male Community. Some of our dearest friends, lovers, and collaborators identity as trans-males and we care deeply about being allies to their causes. Queer Porn TV currently features several transguys in sexy hardcore action, representing their own bodies and desires. We drool over Billy Castro’s body-builder torso, Puck Goodfellow’s tireless lust and creativity, Roger Wood’s dreamy eyes.

So when TransGuys.com annoucned the winner of their Transguy Community Awards Sex Performer of the Year was non other than …. drum roll…. our own James Darling, we were pleased as punch!

We’ve worked with James before on other projects, and seen him come into his own over the past year as a porn star and as a super sexy boy! His QPTV interview is especially articulate and revealing and his steamy bathtub scene with Wolf Hudson already has the sex-blog-o-sphere buzzing.

Congrats James! Let’s make that unicorn porno sometime soon…



Wolf Hudson & James Darling

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Super-stud Wolf Hudson and trans-boy (FTM) James Darling just can’t seem to stop being dirty no matter how much time they spend in the bathtub! Under natural skylight sunshine these guys give each other sloppy head. Wolf eats James’ adorable ass and penetrates the horny boy’s hole with his huge cock. James cums hard riding Wolf’s tireless dick, and keeps cumming back for more. And while it’s insanely dirty, there’s a sweetness that saturates this broad-daylight fuck fest. Stay tuned for Part Two where Wolf shoots all over James’ ass. This classic QPTV scene was shot by Courtney Trouble and can be found in full on the film Fuckstyles of the Queer and Famous!



Run Time: 19.04

James Darling

I went balls to the wall for Queer Porn TV and I loved it.

Location: San Francisco
FTM, pervert, prettyboy, dandy, fag, switch, lover
What makes you queer?
Queer can be so many things to so many people, the meaning often drowns in the sea of our post modern vocabulary. But for me, queerness is about the desire for more than the preconceived notions about gender, bodies and sexuality handed to me at birth. It’s something often outside the comfort and realm of understanding of people who have never needed to question their place in the world and the kind of sex they enjoy. It’s about taking what it means to be a man and blissfully fucking it in the ass. My queerness white knuckles me by the throat until I have no choice but to face the myriad of options beyond the mundane and thoughtless. It’s filth, adrenaline, and liberation. Refusing to sell myself short and being open to experiencing the vast beauty of all kinds of bodies and persuasions.
How has being a queer porn star changed your life?
Being a queer porn star has allowed to meet a ton of incredibly sexy porn babes and work with some very inspiring people. I think performing in porn has helped me come to a greater place of love, acceptance and comfort with my body. And, of course, I get laid more.
Pitch your life as a reality tv show.
Young handsome James Darling leaves his humble upbringing in the south to pursue a life of pervy glory in the bay. Hilarious and surreal misadventures ensue as he balances odd jobs as a towelboy/manager at a gay sex club, houseboy for hire, phone sex operator, boylesque performer and budding ftm twink porn hustler. Follow James as he travels up and down the coast sucking and fucking his way into the hearts and minds of queer lovers everywhere.
Dish about a hot exhibitionist experience:
Growing up I went to church every Sunday. By the time I was in high school I was convinced I was inevitably going to hell for being such an unrepentant filthy queer. Because of this, I wanted to milk my sinful existence for all it was worth. On Sundays, I would take my girlfriend with me and we would cut out of the sermons to go to the graveyard behind the church. I would watch cars drive by as I sat on top of a tombstone with my girlfriend between my legs sucking me off. I’d fuck her until cum covered my hands, grass and pine needles sticking all over our Sunday best. We’d wipe off our faces before going back in time to take communion, and I would blush thinking about her cum going down my throat along with the blood and body of Christ. It was pretty sacrilegious/badass and I still jerk off to it, not gonna lie.
What are your favorite sex toys?
My hands first and foremost. Second to that are my trusty Vixskin cocks.
Tell us about your first QPTV scene. This was my first shower/bath scene! And it was with Wolf Hudson, what a dreamy talented stud, damn!! HE PICKED ME UP AND BANGED ME AGAINST THE WALL. No one’s ever done that and I had my doubts for a minute, but Wolf totally had me the whole time. It was also really hot to see the neighbors out the window while getting banged. That’ll be one for the spankbank for years to come. Thanks for the gift that keeps on giving, QueerPorn TV!