This 6 minute video documents Trouble going down on Nova while using a dental dam! 

As TROUBLEfilms welcomed Nova Sky into our home for some creative content trade, the conversation of safer sex came up as part of our normal pre-porn negotiations. We were both tested and wanted to do a bareback lesbian scene with clean toys, but Nova said she also wanted to try something important to her: showing safer sex techniques in a free editorial. Well, you know me… I’ve always thought it was cool to normalize safer sex in th the queer community – we don’t get nearly enough attention or information – so I said yes, enthusiastically.

Happy to present this free film, “How to Use a Dental Dam” by Nova Sky. Please follow the link to her ManyVids to stream or download this adorable high-chemistry informational.

If you’re wondering, “where can I get dental dams online?” look no further than Stockroom.

Watch for Nova’s debut in Sinn Sage’s new 2020 film release!

Affiliate link to Stockrooms Dental Dams:



Amsterdam, October 16th,


Berlin, October 21st 7PM-4AM
Altes Finanzamt
Doors Open from 7 performances by 7:30

Chelsea Poe and Courtney Trouble are about to bring TROUBLEfilms’ new queer porn art film XØXØX on tour to Europe!

XØXØX is described by Poe as “a new kind of queer porn film, filled with art and truly explicit pornography.” Incorporating trippy visuals from various places including Berlin, Las Vegas, and the smoky Oakland skies of November 2018. TROUBLEfilms is proud to distribute this queer porn film by Chelsea Poe that incorporates lush layers, creative lighting, and abstract color stories over hot queer hook ups. Trippy location-based visuals set the scene for each strap on thrust, each kiss, and finger-and-Hitachi-fueled orgasm. 

XØXØX: A queer porn; an explicite art creation made by Chelsea Poe with Aussie pop artist KT Spit. The opening scene features Courtney Trouble and Xoe Nova hooking up while overlays of the Las Vegas strip pulses to the electronic dance music over moans and hitachi buzz. Manon Praline and Mahx Capacity get into a scene of loving bdsm impact play. Shot in Berlin and San Francisco in the Castro, the overlays play into the action but never detract from the gonzo-style handheld explicit sex footage. Chelsea Poe and Jane Way hook up in a posh hotel. Chelsea Poe tops Jane with her strap on until Jane is literally choking on their own cock.

The hardcore scenes of Courtney Trouble and Xoe Nova and Mahx Capacity were shot by Chelsea Poe, while Chelsea’s scene with Jane Way was shot by Courtney Trouble. Mixing wide angle gonzo-style GoPro technology with the queer porn style and bright overlays “hopefully provides an entertaining watch; more than the lovely reward of watching a porn but also of seeing cool colors and compositions,” says co-editor and visuals provider Courtney Trouble.

“Screening in towns and cities creates community around sexual expression and fosters political and personal intimacy,” says Trouble; “making connections between queer music, visual art, and queer porn through touring is how we feel like we are engaging with the Queer Arts and making space in those community for sex workers and minorities.”

In 2018, Poe and Trouble toured London, Berlin, Amsterdam, and Paris with Fucking Against Fascism, another vignette anthology by Poe that looks deeply into the queer sex the artist is able to document in her DIY process; sometimes meaning where she is able to afford to work or with other sex workers she’s able to barter with. A highlight of the ‘18 tour was “our venue in Amsterdam!,” which Trouble explains attracted a huge crowd, sold out, and inspired an ongoing screening series at Vrankrijk benefiting Trans Lifeline.

“For me,” says Poe, “its getting these films accessible to queer folks in these cities around the world.” Poe is from a town of Dutch immigrants in Michigan and identifies as a Dutch American pornographer on Twitter, where she’s also been quoted as “Cooler to smoke with than Miley Cyrus,” according to fellow indie artist Laura Jane Grace of Against Me! 

Read Chelsea Poe’s recent interview in PAPER Magazine.

Poe takes her work “to places where queers usually consume Art” she says because she feels rewarded by the crowds. “I feel really lucky to have found a way with that connects with queer folks around the world. Screenings have been one of the most rewarding experiences of my career.”

Press Inquiries/Review Requests please contact laceylust666 at (Chelsea Poe) or courtneytrouble at

The film is for sale at RealQueerPorn.Com and TROUBLEilms.Com

All Event Details:



Amsterdam, October 16th,

XØXØX (45 minutes, USA)
An experimental queer porn film conceptualized by Dutch American film-maker Chelsea Poe with collaborations by TROUBLEfilms, Chelsea Poe, AORTA films/Mahx Capacity, and Xöe Nova. With a soundtrack by KT Spit and trippy visuals by Courtney Trouble. This Poe picture is meant for group viewing.

short films by Fuck The Facism Collective

plus, THE QUEER SENSUAL: a special collection of all-new short films by multi-media artist and porn-maker Courtney Trouble that explore queer sexuality and the senses, including the premieres of Blind Trust (sight) and Ken Doll Dreamin’ (touch) and “Tasting Sinn” (taste)

our opening and/or closing visuals include work by subversive queer porn artists from around the world: full list to be made post-performance. Trouble’s on-site video installation performance will have you curious to watch more.

XØXØX is described by Poe as “a new kind of queer porn film, filled with art and truly explicit pornography.” Incorporating trippy visuals from various places including Berlin, Las Vegas, and the smoky Oakland skies of November 2018. TROUBLEfilms is proud to distribute this queer porn film by Chelsea Poe that incorporates lush layers, creative lighting, and abstract color stories over hot queer hook ups. Trippy location-based visuals set the scene for each strap on thrust, each kiss, and finger-and-Hitachi-fueled orgasm. 
Start writing or type / to choose a block

Berlin, October 21st 7PM-4AM
Altes Finanzamt
Doors Open from 7 performances by 7:30

An Unofficial BPFF Queer Porn Pre-Party
More details coming soon, but don’t miss it!
This event is similar to the Amsterdam event, brb!

It’s the Berlin PFF this month and all your favourite performers are in town!! Let’s usher in a week of filth and festivities with a screening, spoken word gems, fun music, drinks and a dark room 🙂

We will also have the German Premier of QueerPornTVs latest feature XOXOX

Doors Open from 7 performances by 7:30

Poems and Performance by
Franciscx Vera

Short Films
Humeda Espera
Performers Antu La Banca and Braxxy
Direction: Antu La Banca
Production: Angie Rouxel
Camera: Vika, Carla and Martina

Andie Macario

Andie Macario

Directed by Muluk
Cherry Vecchio
Maria Riot
Juan Ejemplo
Josecarlo Herniquez

LAS BAJAS PASIONES – Ya no hay miedo (feat. Panxo de ZOO)
Director José Pouchucq Otondo
Equipo de dirección: Javiera Valenzuela Castillo & Simón

Ken Doll Dreamin’
TROUBLEfilms X Sluts 4 Sluts COLLAB
Courtney Trouble/ Dion de Rossi/Leo Leander
Shot by Chelsea Poe

XOXOX (German Premiere)
Experimental Queer Porn Film by Chelsea Poe
Courtney Trouble/Xoe Trope/Chelsea Poe/Mahx Capacity/Praline Manon/Jane Way

More details to come as we get them babies!

Meet you all in the dark room! Paragraph

8 euros recommended donation – pay more if you can!
no one turned away for lack of funds

Buy Always Room For One More

Inquires: Courtney Trouble, info [at]

It is official, we have another gorgeous Sinn Sage release on our hands. Film-making couple Sinn Sage and Drake Man O War have crafted a film about one of our favorite TROUBLEfilms topics: Group Sex!

Sinn and Drake perform together with recent award-winner Karla Lane and current APAC Chair Riley Reyes (seen in cover). Sinn and Kellie Shaw take on Drake in a POV blowjob, and the forth scene is a queer porn classic just waiting to happen: Sinn Sage is fucking Goddess Kyaa in a femmey pink princess bedroom when her submissive girlfriend River Enza walks in. “Instead of getting mad, River gets laid – and it’s one of the finest trans lesbian submissives scenes I’ve ever seen. River deserves everything for this moment,” says distributor Courtney Trouble of TROUBLEfilms. “You may have noticed this film features a vast array of sexuality, which only furthers our revelations that threesomes are the queerest, and coolest, hook ups of all time. Sinn nails this style every single time!”

The film is availible exclusively through and It was released on Sept. 23rd 2019 and if eligible for the awards season – TROUBLEfilms is rooting hard for Sinn Sage to be nominated for her incredible work in 2019 as a director and performer. Please consider us in your final round of pre-nominations this week.

“There’s just something really special about the number 3 . . . and when it comes to sexual exploration, it’s my favorite number! Join in to watch as my partner in crime Drake and I capture some steaming hot, utterly exciting threesome scenarios with some of the sexiest queer porn stars in the biz!” – Sinn Sage

When Sinn Sage and Drake Man O War are involved, there’s one thing you have to know: Theres ALWAYS room for one more.

Format: Download
Length: 120 minutes
Starring: Sinn Sage, Drake Man O War, Karla Lane, River Enza, Riley Reyes, Goddess Kyaa, and Kellie Shaw

Queerions, you have not seen this film yet, TRUST.

You have not seen Sinn Sage ravage Chelsea and Alani. Nor have you seen Ruby snag Chelsea in an anal hook and force her to suck cock. And you definitely have not seen Lita Lecherous explode cum balloons all over Chelsea’s pretty tits.

But…. you could be, right now. 🙂


Chelsea Submits is a colorful femme BDSM film featuring Chelsea Poe, Sinn Sage, Alani Pi, Ruby Riots and Lita Lecherous. Chelsea explores sploshing, humiliation, slut training and generally roughed up by 3 super hot femme dommes!!!

“Playing with Chelsea is so fun – she loves getting messy just as much as I do,” exclaims Lita Lecherous who douses Chelsea in sticky cum in a pervy hot pink birthday scene in the new TROUBLEfilms exclusive release, Chelsea Submits. The raven-haired femme dom who makes her porn debut this year continued, “The scene was a huge fantasy of mine and she was the perfect fit.”

Bratty roommates Alanı Pi and Chelsea Poe get some domestic discipline from fed up roommate Sinn Sage. Sinn Sage strap ons a cock and puts her roommates in line over the kitchen counter. Ruby Riots has a kinky lesbian takedown of Chelsea Poe. Chelsea gets an anal hook in her ass before Ruby uses her mouth with her strap on. Lita Lecherous introduces her submissive slut Chelsea Poe to her new life as a bimbo fuckdoll. Chelsea gets covered in cum, forced to worship Lita’s boots and fingered until she squirts all over.

“I really wanted to explore more of my kinks on camera and show a more colorful expression of bdsm that isn’t just simply black leather in a dungeon.” says Chelsea Poe, who stars in Chelsea Submits as a seasoned submissive performer/director. Courtney Trouble provided camerawork for the film, giving it that bright TROUBLEfilms glow. “We recently were able to make a new studio space so getting back into these new scenes is completely exciting,” says Trouble. “Working with Chelsea Poe is as lovely as always, our partnership is in it’s 5th year (since our co-direction debut in Fucking Mystic) and it just keeps getting better. Co-creating these films with her is an absolute dream and the titles always seem to resonate with our fans, so I’m grateful for that too. I hope people this movie is fun as hell!”

Says Chelsea, who directed this film with hopes of pushing herself in BDSM and fetish, describes her process:

“It was so great to work with such great dommes in Lita and Ruby here in the Bay Area. Working with both of them makes me feel such a sense of community with shooting in Oakland again. It was so great to perform with Alani Pi, I really looked up to her as a submissive performer from when I started at kink when I was 21. Sinn really took control of the 3some with Alani and always brings such a great top energy to set.”

Chelsea Poe, Sinn Sage, Alani Pi | Photo by Courtney Trouble
Chelsea Poe and Ruby Riots | Screencap by Courtney Trouble

The film is described by Poe as “a new kind of queer porn film, filled with art and truly explicit pornography.” Incorporating trippy visuals from various places including Berlin, Las Vegas, and the Oakland skies.

Get it now


The hardcore scenes of Courtney Trouble and Xoe Nova and Mahx Capacity were shot by Chelsea Poe, while Chelsea’s scene with Jane Way was shot by Courtney Trouble. Mixing wide angle gonzo-style GoPro technology with the queer porn style and bright overlays “hopefully provides an entertaining watch; more than the lovely reward of watching a porn but also of seeing cool colors and compositions,” says co-editor and visuals provider Courtney Trouble.

TROUBLEfilms is proud to distribute Explicit queer porn film by Chelsea Poe that incorporates lush layers, creative lighting, and abstract color stories over hot queer hook ups. Trippy location-based visuals set the scene for each strap on thrust, each kiss, and finger-and-Hitachi-fueled orgasm.

The film is for sale at RealQueerPorn.Com and TROUBLEilms.Com

OUT NOW: “Love & Lust” featurette released on Valentine’s Day by TROUBLEfilms and Sinn Sage Studios.

Love & Lust captures a real moment where genderqueer performer Courtney plans an overnight date with Sinn Sage and her husband. Shot by Rae Threat and Chelsea Poe, this film is a TROUBLEfilms collaborative effort that breaks all molds. It’s an Oral Sex film, with double head for everyone. It’s a bisexual film, exploring Sinn Sage’s fluid sexuality on camera in a rare performance with her husband and a queer porn star. It’s a Couple’s Film, shattering expectations of what a Valentine’s Night could look like for two perverts in love. It’s a queer porn film, with Sinn and Courtney fucking each other in all their sexual fluidity, endlessly appreciating each other and generally being gay af. It’s a Gay Porn film, with two cocks pressed into a twink’s hole because quite simply, one cock just wasn’t enough for them. It’s a Squirting film, with big loads of ejaculate and gushing puddles of real squirt hitting bodies, beds, and cameras throughout the piece. 

“We had mentioned that we’d be more than happy to create a scene with all three of us. at the time, i was really just throwing it out there, and wasn’t totally sure if Courtney would be into it, but it’s definitely always an option for us!” explains Sinn Sage. “I guess they thought about it enough, contemplated over the love that’s visible in our marriage and the love we share for other women, and made the FABULOUS decision to reach out to me and declare an interest in working with us as a couple!”

Get Love & Lust.

“Sinn Sage and her husband Drake have an adorable date over for a couple’s retreat Valentine’s Day date. Tired of porn, they really wanted something they could feel. So they got me!” says Courtney Trouble. “I don’t do many men, but I love Sinn so much that when I met Drake, the crush started to rub off on me. Quite literally. I would get turned on when he was on set, and got a kick out of figuring out was his kinks were when we were off the clock, enjoying post-work meals as a creative team.” This is Trouble’s first scene with P-in-V penetration with a cis man that’s on a mainstream release (thier first being “Cockfetish” starring Karla Lane and Mo Reese) and Courtney’s first ever double vaginal penetration. “I think Sinn was inspired to do this because the last time we shot together, her and Chelsea Poe were able to hold hands inside of my cunt. Sinn believes in my body sometimes more than I do. That’s why I trust her, and her husband, with every inch of my body in this film. I loved it.”

low res trailer 😉

(via Five Reasons Why I Love Fetish Fvckdolls By Chelsea Poe on Fleshbot)

Get Your Trans BDSM Fix Here!

Chelsea Poe has co-created “Fetish Fvckdolls 2” for Trouble Films and it is loaded with awesomeness. Here’s what Poe had to say about it!

“The first thing I loved about ‘Fetish Fvckdolls 2’ is there’s another 4 scenes of trans women as submissives. Trans women being submissives may sound like a normal thing now but there has been generations of trans performers who pushed to make this happen including Jacqueline Woods and Mandy Mitchell who came before Stefani Special and I around in the industry. All trans submissives were kind of written off by a majority of companies as something the viewer doesn’t want, so it made the success of ‘Fetish Fvckdolls’ such an amazing experience. To be able to have a sequel to ‘Fetish Fvckdolls’ is so important to me and I really hope it shows trans women they can identify as whatever they want in a BDSM context.”

“The second thing I loved about ‘Fetish Fvckdolls 2’ is there’s a new wave of amazing trans submissive performers who got to contribute their scene to this project. I love getting the chance to have River Enza, Rae Cosmos and Cookie Cosmos in this project. I feel particularly for trans and queer performers there has been a history to embrace the upcoming new performers like Tobi Hill Meyer and Drew DeVeaux did with myself, so to bring in newer performers was really such a great experience.”

This post is part of our effort to archive everything we’ve lost from the Tumblr platform.

PREMIERE: January 4th-6th 2019, 9pm
Additional event Saturday January 5th at 7pm; reception following, play party “(present)” following at 10pm at nearby location**
Sunday January 6th at 2pm and 7pm with talkback with cast and crew following the 2pm screening.

Tickets will be available through The Invisible Dog Art Center’s websiteand directly at by donation, suggested at $10, with no one turned away for lack of funds.

The Invisible Dog Art Center will present the world premiere of commissioned feature film “(W/HOLE)” created by queer/feminist porn studio AORTA films in collaboration with performance group the A.O. Movement Collective. Screenings will take place Friday January 4th at 9pm, Saturday January 5th at 7pm, and Sunday January 6th at 2pm and 7pm at The Invisible Dog Art Center, 51 Bergen St. Brooklyn, New York

Blending performance art, dance, and explicit sex, (W/HOLE) explores the incredible potency of queer hedonism, investigating how the authentic performativity of kink and queer porn can evolve trauma into orgasm, and grief into politically radical, transformative, body-based joy. (W/HOLE) investigates the complexity of pleasure, exploring the so-called obscenity of bodies in their most tremendous capacity—their glorious, illicit humanity. A toast will follow the Saturday night screening, and a talkback with the cast and crew will following the Sunday matinee.

(W/HOLE) is an evening-length film created by queer/feminist porn studio AORTA films in collaboration with performance company the A.O. Movement Collective, developed over two years through a collaborative process. Their work together negotiates pornographic embodiment as a sex-positive trans-inclusive practice rooted in femme caretaking and risk, and contextualizes itself as choreographic – blending dance, performance art, kink, and explicit sex to form a wholly new medium, which could be described as explicit art. Filmed by Holyrad Studio and edited and colored by Lanee Bird with an original score composed by Ashur Rayis, the work features an interdisciplinary cast of performers—three dance performers (Special Guest, the Shape, and Trouble Clef), five adult performers (Alice the Wolf, Papi Femme, Shay Knox, Evie Snax, and Ginny Woolf), and two crossover performers who work in both fields (Parts Authority and Erykah Ohms.) Created and directed by Mahx Capacity and choreographed by Sarah A.O. Rosner, the film was developed in collaboration with the performers, and through AORTA films’ “F*CKLAB” practice.

At turns lush, humorous, sincere, erotic, joyful, and intense, (W/HOLE) forsakes traditional expectations of “porn” to create an unexpectedly textured landscape of desire. Amidst ecstatic water balloon fights, opulent feasts devoured without utensils, narrations of pleasure, lewd hand gestures, densely scored orgies, improvisational performance, and intense kink dynamics, (W/HOLE) proposes a new type of pornography: a world of queer sex that is at once surreally lush and intensely real. The film celebrates queer pleasure as a type of queer resistance, while inviting viewers of all identities towards their own human capacity for pleasure. In investigating pleasure as inherently entwined with the complexities of loss and struggle, the AOMC’s director Sarah A.O. Rosner writes “…experimental pornography is the ideal medium for this endeavor. Cutting through experimental performance’s insularity and white supremacy, pornography is immediate, incendiary: undeniably legible. Like live performance, queer porn powerfully triggers authentic, instantaneous responses which a viewer must rectify with their preexisting selfhood. It kicks hairline fractures into oppressive systems, explicitly centering the humanity of individuals traditionally devalued by capitalism, ableism, racism, and transmisogyny. There is no wrong way to have a body or an orgasm. Queer porn can take viewers by their hearts, minds, and genitals to incite change; it is a way to say I see you, I will fight for your joy, I will revel with you in your humanity. It celebrates how fiercely we exist.” (W/HOLE) was commissioned by the Invisible Dog Art Center and supported by a grant from the Effing Foundation for Sex-Positivity, the film’s Executive Producer. This work was developed in part, during a residency at Snug Harbor Cultural Center Botanical Garden

AORTA films creates lusty, opulent, ethical fuckery. Founded by Creative Director Mahx Capacity, and Performer/Producers Parts Authority and Ginny Woolf, AORTA films creates queer/feminist pornography that
disrupts boundaries and glitches desire. Working out of DIY and experimental performance contexts, they create content that centers performers across a wide range of bodies, genders, races, and identities. They work collaboratively, prioritizing safe and enthusiastically consensual creative processes, and are obsessed with creating aesthetics and narratives that explode with destabilizing pleasure. They screen and distribute worldwide, most recently winning Best International Short Film at the Hacker Porn Film Festival in Rome, and one Judge’s and one Audience Award at BRIEFS in Oakland, CA.

Founded in 2006 by Sarah A.O. Rosner, the A.O. Movement Collective has made a name for itself as a ravenously experimental force in NYC’s performance community. The AOMC investigates pomo-humanism via a rigorous love affair with the aesthetics of mess. The company is made up of movers and shakers, rockstars, researchers, ever-glitching techno-bodies, humans invested in deep presence and sincere pretending. Their work unpacks the difficult lushness of human being, valuing questions above answers and maximalism above ease. Premiering works at venues including Joyce SoHo, HERE Arts, and the Museum of Arts and Design, and through experimental venues including rooftops, Airbnb rentals, and digital economies, they create work open to the terror of being undeniably new in content, culture, and form. Rosner is a 2018/2019 Artist in Residence at Movement Research. HOLYRAD Studio is a production studio and creative agency that utilizes the regenerative power of freelance culture to directly empower marginalized artists in our community. Holyrad Studio envisions a world where artists, no matter who you are or where you come from, can access and participate in the creative industry.

Instagram: @AORTAfilmswillneverdie, @theaomc, @holyrad_studio / Facebook: @AORTAfilms, @theAOMC

Behind the scenes of “Going Here“ starring Jiz Lee and Lyric Seal for QueerPorn.TV and Courtney Trouble’s upcoming film Wet Dreams  (photos by courtney trouble, aja pop, and shilo mccabe)

This post was originally posted on Tumblr. We are preserving our social media archive on this site in a series of Tumblr Archive posts.


Looking to supplement the income you make as a dancer?  Not ready to quit and get a full time job and don’t really wanna change your schedule enough to get a part time job either?  Need something positive to do in those lean winter months before everyone gets their taxes back?

Think about becoming a nude figure model.



Sex workers have a long history of playing the muse for talented artists, famous painters and newbie students alike.  There’s even this great list of some well known pieces you may know where the model depicted was a sex worker. It makes sense, we are a group of folks who are at the very least comfortable with our own bodies enough to share them with others.  If you are a dancer you’re used to being on the stage with all eyes on you, the center of attention.  Follow in the footsteps of the whores of yesteryear and use your body and sensuality to inspire artists.


There’s a few different avenues to go down depending on where you are located regionally.  Some cities and areas have THRIVING art scenes with LOTS of different groups and get together.  I live in a very obscure and rural town in western Massachusetts, and there are at least 8 active groups at any given time and different times and days.

Last year I went through the entire winter season some how getting by on figure model gigs.  I was working at least four days a week, and sometimes doing more than one session in one day. The pay is not amazing.  It ranges from $15-30 an hour. More for private sittings; which we’ll get into later. Google is your friend.  Lots of places have art schools, groups or workshops held at galleries or even museums.

Look at Universities and Colleges in your area.  Check out the classes, if there’s a human figure drawing, anatomy drawing, or life drawing beginner class they usually need models. Search Facebook for life drawing groups specific to your area and find listings for local groups.  Sometimes even calling the local library and art schools and asking directly is a great way to find out about lesser publicized events.  Sometimes those are even the best gigs with serious painters and artists looking for experienced models. Drop an email to the art teachers or Art Department Head and ask if they are looking for models.  Most college based classes book the entire semester one semester before so keep that in mind.  But even if they reply that they are currently booked, send a polite response saying please let me know if you have any cancellations, otherwise keep me in mind for next semester!  I have gotten some of the best figure model gigs because someone else called out and they needed a replacement.

Aside from high education: search craigslist.  Believe it or not…MOST colleges advertise looking for a model on craigslist.  I don’t know why, but it’s been proven true time and time again.  Aside from organized institutions using CL to find models, a lot of solo artists use it to find models to sit for them on a custom basis.  And just like booking a photoshoot from a sketchy place like craigslist, ask to see their portfolio and for references from other models that have sat for them.  Which brings Me to My next point.

Meet other figure models.  Sometimes the best gigs come from word of mouth.  If you are in an area with a lot of galleries, artists and Universities, chances are there is a tight knit group of at least 20 models that are working and rotating to each different class.  It’s not uncommon for models to cover all the bases and sit for lots of different classes.  Use google to just type in , your city, figure model and see what comes up.  Probably stuff that you didn’t even know about!  Use facebook to look for figure model networks in your area.  There’s TONS.  Join them and meet the players in this strange little world.  There’s even nation and international fb groups where people network, talk rates, show off work and build community.

Sometimes wealthy groups of painter hobbyists get together at one another house and pay a model to come sit for the group while they drink wine and play classical music (those kinda gigs pay the best!)  With the popularization of events like “paint and sip” and “drink and draw” there’s an increasing number of places to model.

Check out to see if there are any Dr. Sketchy’s Anti Art School groups in your area.  Dr. Sketchy’s is a burlesque life drawing event, usually held at a bar that incorporates costumes and has themes.  Dr Sketchy’s are also super accepting of sex workers so it can be a great starting point for figure modeling for the first time. to search for active branches and their locations.

In My experience, groups, organizations and individuals who book you will continue to book you again and again if they like what you do.  SO once you’ve secured  a booking here’s some tips to get the most out of your experience as a nude model:

  1. Arrive early. Not on time.  Sometimes gigs are unpredictable and it’s good to get a lay of the land before you begin your work.  Especially if it’s at a place you don’t know.  Some campuses are huge and easy to get lost in.
  2. Be aware that your dressing room might be a closet, teacher’s office or bathroom stall so arrive prepared.
  3. Wear minimal, natural or even no makeup.
  4. Wear loose fitting clothing that will not leave lines and mark on your flesh the day you are modeling.
  5. Wear your hair up, most classes will want to be able to see and paint your face.  Even if your hair is not fully up, something to the side so at least half your face is visible is good.
  6. STRETCH.  Stretch before you figure model, stretch on your break, stretch again after you figure model.  Seriously.  It’s really hard!  It can do a number on your body.

Most classes start out with some quick gesture drawings to warm folks up.  1-5 minutes long, and then move on to 10-20 minute poses and then finally one long half hour to one hour long pose.  All classes differ however, and some are just one long pose for several hours (with breaks of course) or all short one minute gesture poses, or can be broken up into 20 minute blocks.  Some classes artists will be drawing JUST your face and may want your hair or makeup a certain way.  As a general rule it’s good to ask ahead and find out what type of class you will be siting for.

Staying completely still is not easy.  Don’t drink a lot of coffee before doing this!  Practice practice practice at home.  It can be hard not to be  a hoe when you’re used to positioning your body for the purpose of eliciting a sexual response.  But try to remember to be demure.  No open leg poses.  Do your research and find positions you like.  There’s even apps you can download for inspiration and ideas. Find at least five solid poses you can hold for various amounts of time before it getting uncomfortable.  For instance, I can do certain poses on My knees for 1-5 minutes but if I try to be on My knees for ten minutes without shifting any weight it gets very uncomfortable.  For long poses like one hour I know I’ll have to be seated or laying down.  I can’t do long standing poses without feeling like I’m going to pass out so that’s a no for Me.  Know your own bodies limits.  Practice while watching TV.  Can you hold one pose for a full half hour show without moving or talking?

Don’t hurt yourself or put yourself in pain for the sake of a great piece. If you find yourself in a lot of pain in some cool pose you thought would be easy to hold but midway through your arm went numb and there’s a shooting pain in your leg…just say hey y’all I know I’m supposed to hold this for ten more minutes but I need to take a break to shake it off.  No one will be mad. Sometimes, if artists really want Me to do some super difficult pose for a group or class I tell them it’s too difficult for the rate they are paying Me, but remind them that I am available for private or custom bookings starting at $100.  It pays to have a background as a stripper.

The groups you will sit for can range from shy, young students who are giggly and a bit uncomfortable with nudity to experienced oil painters and rich folks who have expensive hobbies.

Just remember YOU are in charge.  The entire experience relies upon you and is dictated by you.  If you need a break, everyone needs to take a break.

Things to bring:

  • A bag to keep your things in
  • A mirror or compact to check yourself
  • WATER!
  • Lip gloss or balm
  • Baby wipes
  • A robe
  • Slippers
  • Lotion
  • A clean sheet or blanket that you can put over wherever they want you to model
  • A scarf or smaller towel.
  • A pillow or two
  • Snacks,
  • Fuzzy/comfy pajamas or sweats you can easily slip on and off.

Let Me get a bit more in depth on some of these items.

It’s kind of like a modified dance bag.

I am a huge fan of water.  I always want everyone to be well hydrated. It may seem like an easy gig compared to what you are used to as a dancer, but make no mistake, this is tough work that takes it’s toll on your body.  Don’t assume water will be available to you.  Bring your own. Same with snacks.  Just like with dancing, I always encourage My sisters to bring along protein rich snacks to help them power through.

Just like with water, don’t assume a mirror will be available so be prepared and bring your own.

Lotion!  Well, you can finally wear all that glittery, shimmery lotion that everyone says strippers always wear but we actually don’t!  You won’t be grinding on anyone and there’s no risk of contaminating customers or ruining the night of your co workers.  Bring lotion and lather up before modeling, even if you aren’t dry, it’ll make your skin glisten and the contrasts and gleam will make the artists happy.

I really like bringing fuzzy pajamas pants for these cold New England winters, to warm up in between poses or wear for bathroom breaks.  Same with slippers.  I keep them right near Me when I am posing so I can slip them back on and My feet never have to touch the cold, dirty ground.

The most essential elements of the figure model bag are the robe and the sheet/blanket.  If you bring nothing else, bring a robe and sheet.

Once you arrive and figure out where you’re going and meet the instructor, they will show you where you can get ready.  Getting “ready” means taking your clothes off, freshening up your lipgloss, straightening hairs and putting on your robe and slippers.

And then you take that very important sheet or blanket you brought with you and drape it over wherever it is you will be arranging yourself to pose.  The instructor or teacher might say, oh hey, we have sheets for you to use.  I am here to tell you, don’t trust it.  You just cannot truss it friends.  Bring your own, they won’t be mad.  Then you KNOW what you’re putting your naked butt down on and you know it’s clean.  You have a lot more control here than at the club so exercise it!  I like to use the smaller scarf or towel to use to cover a stool or chair if they want you to sit in one.  You can also use your robe for this in a pinch.  As a general rule, I do not like to put My naked butt on random surfaces.

Make note of your surroundings.  Is it cold?  Ask if they have a space heater (lots of places do). Too hott, ask if there’s a fan.  Is there a chair you can sit on for longer poses?  A stool to lean against.  Are they providing any cushioning or should you utilize that pillow you brought to cushion your tush.

I think you should wear your robe up until you are about to do your first pose.  My girlfriend, who also models, like to walk around naked but I’ve seen it make folks uncomfortable and I think it’s a lot more professional to keep it on until you are finally standing where you need to be, and then do the big reveal.

The big reveal is a big deal.  Yes, you’ve been naked in a club, under dark lights, in a sexualized setting.  But have you ever stood stark naked under bright lights in a silent room while five to twenty people stared at every inch and fold and curve of your flesh?  No heels.  No sexy positions.  No vamping it up.

Don’t try to really have facial expressions, it’ll get too hard to continue to hold and you’ll end up twitching, I swear every time.  Just soften your face.  Look off into the distance.  Fix your gaze on one spot.  Particularly for longer poses so that if you have to break you know where to bring your gaze back to.  Here’s a tip to avoid awkwardness.  Try to gaze high.  Above the heads of everyone.  It’ll help bring out the whites of your eyes and make them easier to draw AND as an added bonus could save you from weird embarrassing things.  Sometimes artists move around while drawing so it’s totally possible that if you fix your gaze straight ahead someone will end up sitting RIGHT directly in your line of vision and it will be weird to stare at them for an hour.  One time an artist moved to where My line of vision was and I ended up staring at his crotch the whole session and that was horrible.

Try to make interesting shapes with your body, that’s what folks want to draw.  Mix it up, have some standing poses (I recommend to do shorter poses standing), some sitting, sitting in different positions, laying down.  Don’t forget to turn directions.  Everyone in the room’s perspective is different so some people will be drawing your profile, some drawing your back some your face straight on.  If it’s a class that requires lots and lots of position changes then don’t forget you can sometimes do the exact same pose, just angled toward a different part of the room.


Just like with stripping, you’ll have your good days and your bad days.  Sometimes those rich hobby artists are really entitled and rude and will loudly complain that they don’t like the pose you are doing.  There’s one in every bunch.  Some complain-y high maintenance artist.  Sometimes artists are just new and not great at realism yet and might make your head super tiny or draw you long, short and fat.  Sometimes I’ve left a session wondering: do I REALLY look like that OMG!  Sometimes you luck out and get a whole class full of actual angels.  The current intro class I am modeling for the winter semester is all women who are full of compliments and love to draw Me like I am a Goddess.

It can be really a really wonderful and positive experience.  A room full of folks can tell you how beautiful you are.  One time when having a really rough time an artist just drew literally an up close detailed piece of My fat rolls on My stomach while I was in a sitting pose.  She saw what most have been the horrified look on My face and said “I’m so sorry you’re body was just so beautiful and soft and feminine I loved the beauty in the folds of your skin.”

Yall, no one has ever said anything like that to Me and I just about cried. (I’m getting teary remembering it now)

On some occasions you even get to keep the art. Sometimes the art ends up in gallery shows. It’s a really cool feeling to be the inspiration for art people to create.  To have your body studied and valued and rendered.

The feedback and conversations I have received in My more than ten years doing this as a side gig and being connected to other models and artists all over is:

People REALLY want diversity with models.

Thin, white and conventionally pretty is probably the majority of folks doing this work.  So thick women apply! Women of color I strongly urge to seek this work, there’s a definite lack of brown models being drawn and showcased on gallery walls.

If you have something interesting or unique about you that makes you fun to draw and beautiful to look at this could be a great side gig for you.

Be aware that most Universities and Institutions will need you to fill out a W-9 and you will be paid later by check.  Some places you’ll get cash on the spot and in settings like Dr. Sketchy’s you’ll also most likely get tips.

Go forth and make art using the work of art that is your body.

This article was originally on MyAlterEGo, a dancewear store owned and run by a stripper!

All Photos are from Bella’s IG

About the Author:

Bella Vendetta is a 16 year veteran of the adult industry, has been modelling for over  a decade as an art model for painters and art classes.  She’s brought a lot of folks into the figure model community and currently is still reaching out to as many classes, schools and workshops she can find to add to her roster.

You can find her schedule for open to the public drawing groups on Trouble Films Calendar of Events. She currently is the host and organizer of a western MA branch of Dr. Sketchy’s Anti Art School, with a diverse cast of new models, themes and costumes each month.

Visit,, and



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This week, QueerPorn.TV took a direct stance against the trans-phobic policies of the 38-year old Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival, when Courtney Trouble declined to allow them to screen the QueerPorn.TV documentary What Makes Us Queer as part of their festival.

Here’s Courtney’s public statement, which includes the e-mail sent to MWMF.

Michfest Wants What Makes Us Queer

This week I was invited to screen the short film I made with Tina Horn and QueerPorn.TV, What Makes Us Queer, at the Michagan Womyn’s Music Festival happening this summer.

The organizers of the MWMF have steadily enacted or fought to enact Womyn-Born-Womyn (but since trans women Can and Are often “born womyn,” I will simply say that they have fought for an anti-trans policy) for the past 30 years, refusing trans women at the gate until just recently, where they are allowed to come, but not without a tremendous amount of pressure to leave.This year Lisa Vogel (Michfest founder and producer for the past 38 years) made it plain and simple in an open letter: MWMF is “WBW” only space and how dare we challenge that lived experience, that “sisterhood” – clearly stating that the “trans community” is not part of the “womon’s community.”

(If you are unfamiliar with the 24 year old struggle for trans women inclusion on the land, please read this essay by Emi Koyama or this article written in 2003 by Michelle Tea

The main organizers of the festival continue to make excuses and attempt to protect themselves from the blatant fact that trans women are women, and should be welcome in any women’s only space. Their refusal to switch to a completely trans-inclusive policy breeds the kind of hatred that radscum like Cathy Brennan, owner of trans-phobic threat sites like Pretendbians and Gender Identity Watch, are born from – the longer Lisa Vogel makes distinctions between women and trans women, the more these rad fem hate mongers feed from it.

A simple Google search for “trans woman murdered” brings up multiple unique results daily. In a world where trans women are murdered, abused, and neglected by family at such an alarming rate, this is activism required by ALL feminists.

Violence against trans women is violence against women – and as long as women’s spaces continue to protect the hatred and actively discriminate, all of us must fight.

This year, the Indigo Girls stated that this would be their last MichFest performance unless the policy was changed for good.

I have friends who go, I have friends who boycott, I have friends who go and do activism on the land or help run Camp Trans across the street. I have friends who run Trans Womyn Belong Here, an organization that fights for trans inclusion in feminist spaces like MichFest.

I personally find myself walking away from conversations about MichFest seemingly constantly – I am annoyed by how much space it takes up. I’m from a younger generation of feminism, a riot grrrl, a gender queer punk who has revolted against lesbian separatism and women’s only spaces since birth. A woman’s only space is not mine to participate in. I do, however, make the yearly pilgrimage to Fabulosa Fest, a 5 year old festival that celebrates women’s music, art, film, and health – but invites all genders to participate.

Anyways, I digress. I am FOR SURE not the expert on all of this stuff, and a deep inner shyness is being fought right now as I type this, but here it goes. There are others who say this better, and I give great thanks to my friends who inform me of what’s going on and help me form the words I need to bring this kind of awareness not only to my fans, but also myself.

The express and direct UN-inviting of trans women from women’s spaces, feminist community, and queer/lesbian culture is aggravating to me, and would like to finally come out with my response to this and any future invitation to take part in the MWMF:

My response is that I will not allow my work to be shown at MichFest until it is a truly inclusive space for ALL women.

Trans women are women, and I don’t feel comfortable showing my film where trans women may feel directly unwelcome, unappreciated, othered, or unsafe.

The organizers of the festival have made it clear that this is still an issue, and while I have largely stayed out of it, this invitation gives me a direct chance to align with those that boycott MichFest for being trans phobic and creating an atmosphere for some radical feminists to continue to abuse, threaten, diagnose, and discriminate against trans women.

Until MWMF actively fights the hatred it’s bred, I have no interest in being involved.

My participation in the film festival would require all the following:

1) That the film festival where my film is shown has a clear, direct statement that MWMF is a space for ALL women, and that there be a director’s statement posted before my film that states this as so.
2) That a screening fee of $100 be paid to the Trans Womyn Belong Here organization as a donation to charity.
3) The screening and any discussion space before or after it be officially declared a welcoming space for all women, “WBW” or not.
4) That MWMF as a whole release a statement against the discrimination of trans women, specifically denouncing the abuse and hatred against trans activists by sites like Gender identity Watch and Pretendbians. A good start would be to donate money to organizations that benefit trans women like TGIJP, CeCe MacDonald, SRLP, or Trans Womyn Belong Here. MWMF could also provide scholarships to trans women who want to come to the festival, create fest-sponsored safe spaces on the land, and try to right some of the hundreds of wrongs those on the land have committed in the past 30 years.
I should also declare that I do not identify as a WBW, but as a person, sometimes a woman, and always a feminist.
Thank you for considering What Makes Us Queer – it’s a great film, and I do hope that those on the land get a chance to see it at some point or another!

Courtney Trouble

Last night in Brookyln, we took over one of NYC’s sexiest queer dance clubs, Rebel Cupcake! Hosted by Courtney Trouble and Bevin (of QueerFatFemme.Com fame) – Rebel Cupcake was one giant make out session. Porn, fashion, femmes, fags, and fierce dance moves collided!

Thanks to Sugarland for hosting us, and to VIP guest Tina Horn for repping QPTV NYC and letting us have a little co-founder’s re-union!

Thanks to former TROUBLEfilms editing intern Jacqueline Mary for the incredible QPTV backdrop – it was a GIANT TV!

Here’s all the pics from the photobooth, taken by Courtney Trouble! (or click here to see the smaller, SFW set on Facebook!)

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