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Sara Vibes and Deanna

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In this highly anticipated QPTV NYC scene directed by Tina Horn, Sara Vibes brings Deanna Cannonball to the edge in an intense and beautiful play piercing scene. This video is edited into three vignettes: First, Sara puts her knife all over Deanna’s body and punches and flogs her to warm her up. Then, the middle of the scene focuses on the piercings, as Sara punctures Deanna’s skin up and down her entire arms to create a beautiful bind. Deanna experiences the edge of consent, and begs Sara to take them out and fuck her. The third portion of the scene has Sara fucking Deanna with her hands and a giant strap on – the orgasms Deanna shudders through seem to be laced with the pain and pleasure of being edged and bled by one of the absolute best in the BDSM community, Sara Vibes.

Sara Vibes

I made someone cry for Queer Porn TV and I loved it!

What makes you queer?
 How I create my life is queer, different, off the path, so are my relationships, some would say my hair, and so is my sex.  I’ve always been queer, just didn’t always have the name for it.  Making porn is just an extension of my exhibitism and self-expression.
How has being a queer porn star changed your life? I don’t know if I would call myself a star… yet!  I hope to be one day and follow in the ass-prints of Courtney Trouble, Tina Horn and Jiz Lee.  However, being able to show people how I have sex will hopefully turn people on as well as make queer sex accessible.  If someone can find clown fetish porn, they should be able to find queer porn just as easily.  I really like knowing that people are wanking it to me and my scene partners.
Pitch your life as a reality tv show: Queer World: Queer Rules!  Following me around and my crew and the sexy fun and games we get into.  I’m thinking like the Saw Series of sex!  So lots of fisting and gangbangs, tit for tat games. Other cool ideas: seven sisters homecoming, basically 7 people from the seven sister schools coming back to new emgland for a reunion.  We have a milf (nina hartley so generously offered her self as) head mistress and we’re all older and queer-er and ready to get back to studying… each other!
Dish about a hot exhibitionist experience: At this past dore alley, my girl gave be a bj under the skirt (I pack in skirts) and her back was up aganist the wall and I got to fuck her face while having a convo with my friend and people were watching as they walked by.
What is your favorite sex toy?  Njoy Eleven
Tell us about your QPTV scene(s.):Deanna and I started out as twitter friends who live in the same city.  I posted I needed a partner for my shoot who thought it would be really hot for me to play with them and make them bleed.  I really wanted to do a heavy s/m bloody needle scene mainly because that’s what’s hot to me and its hard to find good s/m porn, let alone needle play or anything envolving blood.  So I really wanted to take that risk and make something really sexy that shows of the kind of top I can be.