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April Flores & Q Tip

April giggles, moans, and comes hard around Q-Tip’s cock before returning the favor with her hands for orgasm after orgasm in this scene straight from Indie Porn Revolution’s best and brightest!

This scene is directly from the film Lesbian Curves 3: Soft Girls + Strap Ons – if you like it, you should see the whole movie!

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Queer Porn Orgy from Fucking Mystic

orgy-posterChelsea Poe‘s sexual magic has come to a climax, and a hedonistic one at that! As she enters the room, a swarm of gorgeous queers devour her, over come her, and come over her over and over again. With a cast of 17 incredible queer porn performers (listed blow), this orgy is the culmination of a community of stunning, creative, brilliant, beautiful queers come together for a wet and emotional art project.

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chelsea poe, andre shakti, ramses rodstein, james darling, kitty stryker, jeze belle, april flores, betty blac, jiz lee, lyric seal, juba, cinnamon maxxine, b. nefarious, vivian dawn, cyn, ivy dykes, and indigo bleu.

directed by courtney trouble.
shot by courtney, cocopop, and nyc


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April Flores and Courtney Trouble

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Two of porn’s most luscious babes are finally matched in an epic titty fucking, sloppy strap on, squishy squirty sex scene that will go down in the queer porn history books. Superstars April Flores and Courtney Trouble invent all-new sex acts, as well as perfect their favorites in this incredible lesbian sex scene. Courtney’s stone femme topping skills are on par with any butch in the phone book as far as we’re concerned!



QueerPorn.Tv Celebrates Plus Pize Porn Stars!

Sequence 10 thumbnailavnnominationbuton

2014 will mark the first year that mainstream porn superpower AVN magazine will recognize plus size performers in their own category at the AVN Awards, which take place on January 19th in Las Vegas at the Hard Rock Cafe.

We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate every single nominee, for making work that shines so bright, they finally gave it a shelf. It is because of these hard working and unapologetic plus size performers that the industry is changing. For those who paved the way, we thank you.

Below, we feature those AVN nominees who have graced our humble website, and thank them for their hard work and soft, award-deserving bodies!

April Flores


April stole our heart way, way, way before we started this website. She simply put plus size porn on the map. Simple as that. She’s got our vote of plus size performer of the year! Watch April Flores’ solo scene on QueerPorn.TV, and look out for her scene with Courtney Trouble coming soon.

Courtney Trouble


Owner of QueerPorn.TV and the only queer-only indie actor included in the nominations. It would be pretty fierce if we won this considering the stakes against queer plus size pornography and how rare it really is. But we are just HAPPY to BE ON THE LIST!!!! SO COOL!!! Watch Courtney Trouble with Papi Coxxx, and Courtney Trouble with Sinn Sage – two of our favorite CT 2013 releases.

Betty Blac


Betty simply makes us melt, she’s so hot. This sultry woman of color has been working for indie and mainstream porn outlets for just over a year or two now, and we just keep falling more and more under her spell. Watch her tremble under Kelly Shibari and tower over Kitty Stryker on QueerPorn.TV

Kelly Shibari


With some serious social media skills and a seductively curvy body, Kelly acts almost as our plus size cover girl. With her porn production, performance, and promotional work – Kelly has been at the forefront of bringing plus size sexuality into the mainstream, but every once in a while, she takes a time out to get a little weird with us and she also recently modeled for Spare Parts packaging! Her scene with Betty Blac is our favorite, and her appearance on the Hard Femme DVD is incredible!

Crush Satus: Karla Lane


Karla Lane is slated to shoot her very first QueerPorn.TV scene the week after the AVN Awards… I wonder if there will be a trophy on set for her scene? We shall see! This girl is cuuute and we simply can’t wait to have her all to ourselves.

Honorable Mention: Kitty Stryker

kitty-qptv-bio 001We think it’s a damn shame that Kitty Stryker didn’t make the official list, but god damn it – she’s on the top of ours! Her performances for QueerPorn.TV have been phenomenal and we hope to see her on the red carpet at next year’s party.  Watch her get switchy with Betty Blac, or watch her play slumber party games with Eden Alexander!

April Flores

HOME: Los Angeles
WHAT’S QUEER: Being attracted to people for who they are inside.
WHY PORN: Because I am an exhibitionist, I am having a great time, and I am showing that people of all sizes are sexual beings.
WILDEST FANTASY: Having sex on a stage, in front of an audience. I have done this once before and I enjoyed it so much that I can’t wait to do it again!
CANT LIVE WITHOUT: My loved ones.
MAKES ME HOT: Confidence, Sense of Humor
MAKES ME NOT: Judgmental people, racism, closed minded thinking.
VICES: Herbs & Carbs
I WANT: Health and happiness for me and my loved ones.
TWITTER: fatty_d

April Flores

It is our great pleasure to give you sex goddess April Flores putting on a relaxed, sensual, vivid show on top of luxurious purple sheets. April gets dirty, smearing red lipstick all over her own tits and ripping her red fishnets apart to reveal her luscious ass. She gives slobbery head to a thick brown cock gagging herself to get thick saliva to spread on her already dripping pussy. Then April fucks herself to orgasm in more positions than you can count. Filmed in Toronto during the 2011 Feminist Porn Awards, this private solo show by April flores can only truly be described as magnificent.

featuring an original soundtrack by David Jaberi
Special thanks to Maxwell Lander

Run Time: 16.05