Shot in January 2020 in Vegas during the AVN Convention, this adorable femme 4 femme BDSM scene was produced by the models and shot by Courtney Trouble, who then ended up licensing it for our QueerPorn.TV Showcase! Enjoy the scene these fabulous performers put on for you while they enjoy themselves and the luscious light swirling around them.


Indica Was Challenged by Sinn Sage to a Hitachi Chicken Callenge. This is the straight through experience of two girls getting wet in their pink panties. Indica could not hold back long enough. With Sinn Sage’s deep stares, Indica cums first but still feels like a winner. the losing Indica turns to help the winner Sinn Sage reach climax and more of her squirting potential. Watch this hot cum filled clip of Indica and Sinn Sage now!

Shot by Drake Man O’War

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this scene is from the film:

Queer trans man Xöe Nova invites Dominique Rystan over to his apartment for some fun in the form of a super intense fuck! 

“I had so much fun being topped by Dom, they spit on me and make me suck their dick, then they finger me and get me ready for what’s to come. They fuck me hard until they cum deep inside me” – Xöe Nova

This Queer Porn TV Showcase is brought to you by the cinematographer THE CVM CVLT and is owned by Xöe Nova and Dominique Rystan. We’re just lucky enough to show it to our members, and encourage you to support these gorgeous indie porn makers.



How lucky are we that our two biggest trans porn star crushes accepted our invitation to come get down queer porn style!!! We were falling all over ourselves during this shoot, it was so hot seeing these professionals bang it out like sex goddesses, and when they started SCISSORING…..    well, thank god we had tripods.

this porn was directed and styled by chelsea poe, shot by chelsea and courtney trouble, and edited by courtney. Music is by a queer austrailian band called gloss!

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Gorgeous new scene shot by rae threat and chelsea poe documenting Disco Titts and Courtney Trouble bouncing around the room. This connection was highly anticipated by both performers, having waited for years to get into a porn making opportunity together. What did we get? TOTALLY STUNNING FISTING FOOTAGE, lesbian sex, scissoring, titty sucking, drooling, condom play, spanking, nails, all the great things that can happen in a queer porn scene happen in this one. If you love queer femmes and you love a porn scene that doesn’t hold back, this will be your new fave.


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April giggles, moans, and comes hard around Q-Tip’s cock before returning the favor with her hands for orgasm after orgasm in this scene straight from Indie Porn Revolution’s best and brightest!

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LC3-rqp-banner copy

This scene is directly from the film Lesbian Curves 3: Soft Girls + Strap Ons – if you like it, you should see the whole movie!



Chelsea Poe wanders into Oakland sex toy store Feelmore 510  and sees Daisy Ducati checking out the bondage section. It doesn’t take much flirting before the two tumble into bed together for a switchtastic fuckfest that leaves them both breathless and spent.

This scene is part of the film Fucking Mystic, which you can find in full here!

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Cupcake Sinclair and Chelsea Poe

Two submissive sex workers take some time out in a luxe bedroom to just adore and worship each other, each giving into some lovely power dynamic experimentation and play. If you need to see two girls just love on each other gently and sweetly, but you don’t want to give up a little bit of that BDSM passion, this scene will satisfy your sweet spot.

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This 6 minute video documents Trouble going down on Nova while using a dental dam! 

As TROUBLEfilms welcomed Nova Sky into our home for some creative content trade, the conversation of safer sex came up as part of our normal pre-porn negotiations. We were both tested and wanted to do a bareback lesbian scene with clean toys, but Nova said she also wanted to try something important to her: showing safer sex techniques in a free editorial. Well, you know me… I’ve always thought it was cool to normalize safer sex in th the queer community – we don’t get nearly enough attention or information – so I said yes, enthusiastically.

Happy to present this free film, “How to Use a Dental Dam” by Nova Sky. Please follow the link to her ManyVids to stream or download this adorable high-chemistry informational.

If you’re wondering, “where can I get dental dams online?” look no further than Stockroom.

Watch for Nova’s debut in Sinn Sage’s new 2020 film release!

Affiliate link to Stockrooms Dental Dams:

It is our great pleasure to give you sex goddess April Flores putting on a relaxed, sensual, vivid show on top of luxurious purple sheets. April gets dirty, smearing red lipstick all over her own tits and ripping her red fishnets apart to reveal her luscious ass. She gives slobbery head to a thick brown cock gagging herself to get thick saliva to spread on her already dripping pussy. Then April fucks herself to orgasm in more positions than you can count. Filmed in Toronto during the 2011 Feminist Porn Awards, this private solo show by April flores can only truly be described as magnificent.


featuring an original soundtrack by David Jaberi
Special thanks to Maxwell Lander

Run Time: 16.05


Every once in a while once scene redefines the context our our thinking as a studio and this was one of them. Brace yourself for a real adventure, one in which Courtney Trouble approaches Sinn and Drake, a married couple comprised of porn star queer icon Sinn Sage and her husband porn artist and gorgeous cis male talent Drake Man O War. The only plan for the night was for Courtney to get double penetrated, but what happened before and after will completely blow your mind. This is a queer porn masterpiece.

Shot by Rae Threat and Chelsea Poe. Originally released as a film, with a few extras, on TROUBLEfilms.

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This *electric* scene has Chelsea Poe scared and on the verge of squirting all over the cross Mistress Lita’s got her attached to. Lita’s expert use of the Violet Wand on Chelsea’s body makes her sweat in her black latex and LIta’s joy and satisfaction is clear by the smile on her beautiful face.

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Ela and Draven.Still052

At last, lesbian porn goddess Ela Darling has made it to QueerPorn.TV, with one of the babe-liest alt porn babes in the whole wide world, miss Draven Star. While these girls are seasoned pros, this scene is so genuine, the love between these two performers feels edible. You can taste it. There’s no formula or rules here, just two gorgeous, famous, ridiculously smart and sweet porn stars having a total blast fucking each other and getting to show their lesbian lusts on film in a whole new way. Shot by Courtney Trouble

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