What Makes Us Queer Documentary


What Makes Us Queer 
directed by Courtney Trouble and Tina Horn
USA, 2011, 7 minutes.

“Best Experimental Short” Winner, Cinekink 2012

It’s who we fuck, it’s how we live. Queer is not an easily defined identity. For some of us, it’s a liminal space between boy and girl, straight or gay. For others, it’s not between, but it’s all-encompassing, or in a different spectrum entirely. This explicit mini-documentary presents a juxtaposition of visual imagery of queers having sex (taken from the archives of porn site QueerPorn.TV) and audio clips from an interview that simply asks, ‘What Makes Us Queer?’ Featuring cameos from dozens of queer porn performers including Jiz Lee, Dylan Ryan, Tobi Hill-Meyer, Maxine Holloway, Mr. Grey, Madison Young, James Darling, and Wolf Hudson.

This short debuted at the Berlin Porn Film Festival, won at Cinekink, and this summer will be screened at The Tel Aviv Porn Film Festival and some fantastic festivals we’re not allowed to talk about yet!

This short film is currently playing in film festivals only, or exclusively on the Fuckstyles DVD.

Please contact us to watch the screener for consideration for your event or film festival.