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The Villains Win


Shrinking Violet (Ivy Dykes) gets a text message location, with no explanation. But as soon as she arrives on the scene, she’s accosted by sexy supervillains Flowers of Evil (Doublecakes) and Fallen Star (Tobi Hill-Meyer)! What do they want from our hapless heroine? Some rope bondage and some rough play back in the lair is what’s in store- but Shrinking Violet doesn’t seem to be shrinking away from these two…

Made by Courtney Trouble & Ajapornfilms

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We Show Fisting on QueerPornTV, and We Love It!

If fisting is, as Billy Castro claims in his QPTV Interview, the Holy Grail of queer sex, then queer pornographers are the knights of the round table, heroically searching the land for evidence of this most controversial and sacred of artifacts.

The significance of fisting to queer pornography is that it is both an indispensible element to chronicling authentic queer sexuality and paradoxically considered obscene by mainstream censorship laws. While the word obscene – like profane, pervert, dirty, and of course the word queer itself – may be a pejorative we enjoy turning on its head and reclaiming, the fact remains that institutionalized standards of morality control just how “real” our depictions of marginalized sexuality can be.

There is a social, political, artistic, and commercial demand for honest raw depictions of queer sex. Filmmakers, performers, and writers are stepping up to supply that demand, with content that stimulates the brains of those who think on the edges of identity, titillates the bodies of those who are aroused by that boundary-pushing, and warms the hearts of those who are seeing people fuck the way they fuck.

And yet these creators still have to answer to standards of morality that have nothing to do with consent, and everything to do with fear of the unknown.

What this ban means, on a practical level, is that the distribution of pornographic material is contingent on the legalized moral standards of different areas. So if an area says fisting is obscene, which most do, then a DVD depicting fisting cannot be distributed there. As a result, many companies outright forbid the act to be included in their products.

The internet provides a lovely loop-hole for this, because it doesn’t have to answer to these distribution laws. Thus sites like QPTV are able to show fisting in all of its wet hot juicy cum-drenched glory.

For example;

Jiz Lee fists buckets of cum from Papi Coxx in this gender-queer art-fuck.

In their trans-dyke hotel hook-up scene Tobi fists Maya’s hole while Maya plays with herself.

Sealu Sideshow uses a Hitachi-fisting double whamming to cum to a hollering writhing orgasms on Crybaby’s hand.

Jolene Parton loves fisting so much that she asks for it from Arabelle Raphael when they’re fucking on a bed of dildos.

In the soon to be released scene, Drew Deveaux fists her lover Nic Switch’s pussy, giving Nic countless orgasms. Here’s the world premiere clip of this incredible, boundary-breaking, edge-pushing scene.

So with all this evidence of people loving and asking for fisting (take it from us, we didn’t coerce anybody into doing it; we just turn on the cameras and let people do what they want!), why would the act be considered obscene?

If the fear is that fisting porn necessarily depicts peoples’ holes being stretched beyond their comfort level, then more energy could be put towards making certain that ethical standards of treatment of performers are expected and enforced. The fisting ban is a band-aid on a gaping wound of coercion, trafficking, and non-consent that is unfortunate reality in the sex industry. Banning fisting is not going to help this problem. A scene in which someone’s hole is stretched beyond what turns them on is not a problem because it’s fisting; it’s a problem because it’s against the performer’s wishes. Scenes – like those on QPTV – that depict fisting as a rapturous, passionate element of sex between queer bodies, replete with multiple orgasms, smiles, laughter, and romantic connection – should not be kept from the people who want to see them.

Help us celebrate International Fisting Day by downloading some ethically-made porn of fisting, or by sticking your hand in the hole of someone who wants it there!

Tobi Hill-Meyer & Maya Mayhem

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The chemistry between Tobi Hill-Meyer and Maya Mayhem is clear in this all trans dyke hardcore scene – these two are real life lovers, sharing thier first on-screen hook-up with us, and excited to show you how they love to fuck! Tobi straps on a big, fat cock and gives it to Maya hard from above and behind. With her freshly fucked ass up in the air, Maya puts her wet mouth all over Tobi’s incredible body, and brings her to a shuddering tit-gasm! Tobi then flips Maya around to fist and finger-fuck her ass to mind-blowing orgasm. Run Time: 16.15

Tobi Hill-Meyer

I had a titgasm for Queer Porn TV and I loved it.

Location: Eugene, OR
Identities: Indigenous, colonized mestiza, poly, kinky, trans woman, queerspawn, activist, butch, feminist, pan-dyke, genderqueer…
What makes you queer and/or sexually transgressive?
All my life I’ve had a drive to surround myself with queer people and community.  Queerness gets me hot.  I’m a major dyke, but there are definitely some hot queer guys that I go for.
As for sexual transgression, the vast majority of my lovers have been other trans and genderqueer folks, and my ability to love in them the characteristics I have been taught to hate about myself has been more than transgressive, it’s been revolutionary.

How has being a queer porn star changed your life?
Being a queer porn star has given me more confidence, helped me be more comfortable in my body, helped me connect to a wonderfully supportive community, and taught me a whole lot about filmmaking.  Most importantly, it’s led me to feel that my community is entitled to a healthy and self-directed sexuality.
Trans women are often told we need to hate our bodies and our sexuality.  Denial of medical care is threatened if we admit to liking sex before vaginoplasty.  Alternatively, we are often expected to find validation through being sexually available to men.  Again, medical care can be denied if we admit not being attracted to men.  We deserve better than these options.  We deserve sexuality on our own terms.  And queer porn is one way I’ve found that delivers that.
Pitch your life as a reality tv show.
I’ll host a competition elimination show with activists from my life ranging from performance artists, professional fundraisers, anarchists, sex workers, and local leaders of the Democratic party.  Challenges will be based around conflict resolution, analyzing/explaining oppression in hostile situations, peer sex ed, navigating poly-drama, identifying abusive behaviors and structures, building healthy sexual community, and facilitating consensus.  The surprise winner will be a previously eliminated contestant who rejects the structure of the show.
Dish about a hot exhibitionist experience:
The first time I engaged in explicit sexual activity at a party was when I took my partner, Briar, to a crowded conference play party, tied hir to a rack, flogged hir, and fucked hir with my strapon.  Confronting and overcoming the urge to be self-conscious was liberating. Afterward, a woman came up to tell me she was very impressed that I could hide my strap-on under such a tight skirt and asked me how I did it.  My secret was simple: carry your cock in a bag until the right moment.
What is your favorite sex toy?
I’ll always have a soft spot in my heart for my first dildo.  She’s a Mistress by Vixen Creations, red and black swirls with a heart shaped flourish at it’s base.  They don’t seem to make color swirls anymore, so she really is irreplaceable.  To this day she’s the only thing I ever call “my cock.”
Tell us about your QPTV scene. I’ve worked with Maya a couple of times before, both times from behind the camera, and although we’ve fucked off camera, we’ve wanted to do a scene together for a while.  Queer Porn TV gave us the perfect opportunity.
While we were setting up, my lover Rose Pedals, was being shot in the same room for NoFauxxx.com.  Sexual creative energy filled the room.  By the time the cameras were rolling, Maya and I were more than ready to go at it.  I love fucking Maya because she never gets enough and is constantly pushing me on for more.  To top it off, her resilient smile and deep compassion gives me a real heart-on.