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We Show Fisting on QueerPornTV, and We Love It!

If fisting is, as Billy Castro claims in his QPTV Interview, the Holy Grail of queer sex, then queer pornographers are the knights of the round table, heroically searching the land for evidence of this most controversial and sacred of artifacts.

The significance of fisting to queer pornography is that it is both an indispensible element to chronicling authentic queer sexuality and paradoxically considered obscene by mainstream censorship laws. While the word obscene – like profane, pervert, dirty, and of course the word queer itself – may be a pejorative we enjoy turning on its head and reclaiming, the fact remains that institutionalized standards of morality control just how “real” our depictions of marginalized sexuality can be.

There is a social, political, artistic, and commercial demand for honest raw depictions of queer sex. Filmmakers, performers, and writers are stepping up to supply that demand, with content that stimulates the brains of those who think on the edges of identity, titillates the bodies of those who are aroused by that boundary-pushing, and warms the hearts of those who are seeing people fuck the way they fuck.

And yet these creators still have to answer to standards of morality that have nothing to do with consent, and everything to do with fear of the unknown.

What this ban means, on a practical level, is that the distribution of pornographic material is contingent on the legalized moral standards of different areas. So if an area says fisting is obscene, which most do, then a DVD depicting fisting cannot be distributed there. As a result, many companies outright forbid the act to be included in their products.

The internet provides a lovely loop-hole for this, because it doesn’t have to answer to these distribution laws. Thus sites like QPTV are able to show fisting in all of its wet hot juicy cum-drenched glory.

For example;

Jiz Lee fists buckets of cum from Papi Coxx in this gender-queer art-fuck.

In their trans-dyke hotel hook-up scene Tobi fists Maya’s hole while Maya plays with herself.

Sealu Sideshow uses a Hitachi-fisting double whamming to cum to a hollering writhing orgasms on Crybaby’s hand.

Jolene Parton loves fisting so much that she asks for it from Arabelle Raphael when they’re fucking on a bed of dildos.

In the soon to be released scene, Drew Deveaux fists her lover Nic Switch’s pussy, giving Nic countless orgasms. Here’s the world premiere clip of this incredible, boundary-breaking, edge-pushing scene.

So with all this evidence of people loving and asking for fisting (take it from us, we didn’t coerce anybody into doing it; we just turn on the cameras and let people do what they want!), why would the act be considered obscene?

If the fear is that fisting porn necessarily depicts peoples’ holes being stretched beyond their comfort level, then more energy could be put towards making certain that ethical standards of treatment of performers are expected and enforced. The fisting ban is a band-aid on a gaping wound of coercion, trafficking, and non-consent that is unfortunate reality in the sex industry. Banning fisting is not going to help this problem. A scene in which someone’s hole is stretched beyond what turns them on is not a problem because it’s fisting; it’s a problem because it’s against the performer’s wishes. Scenes – like those on QPTV – that depict fisting as a rapturous, passionate element of sex between queer bodies, replete with multiple orgasms, smiles, laughter, and romantic connection – should not be kept from the people who want to see them.

Help us celebrate International Fisting Day by downloading some ethically-made porn of fisting, or by sticking your hand in the hole of someone who wants it there!

Dylan Ryan and Tina Horn

So there I was, getting spanked by Mr Gray at the Aslan Leather Feminist Porn Awards Switch party, when out of nowhere Dylan Ryan (in fancy drag no less) approaches the spanking bench and respectfully requests to land a few smacks on my already cherry ass. I was already under such a subby spell that this attention from Dylan was icing on a very yummy cake. Afterwards she flattered me by saying she doesn’t get a chance to play with women who really love to take pain as much as she would like.

This is the perfect example of why I started QPTV: so I could make a scene like that happen again!

Dylan is usually known as a high femme, so performing with her as she showed her versatility in full butch regalia was so hot! We performed some heavy spanking, flogging, strap-on sucking and fucking, all in the East Bay dungeon where I cut my teeth as a professional BDSM switch. The red curtains in this room remind me of Twin Peaks, and the leather sling is one of my all-time favorite places to bone.

The wonderful queerness of this scene, I think, is the way we play with very common tropes of guy-on-guy BDSM porn imagery of lifestyle slavery (in the vein of say, the classic leather novel Mr Benson) even though both Dylan and I identify as women. This is the kind of genderfucking that we are proud to explore on QPTV!

Here’s what Dylan had to say:

“First of all, I LOVE Tina Horn.  Not only does that lady have a sweet ass but has a sweet heart too.  She requested that I boi out for her and give her a good working over.  We had both attended a play party in Toronto many months before the scene where I briefly spanked her.  She enjoyed it, I enjoyed it so we sought to re-create some of that D/S play for our scene.  I had such a good time, I was in a tense place and the lovely Tina let me work out my frustrations on her in the scene.  I was grateful and rewarded her sacrifice with some damn good fucking. ”

All of the photos were taken by the talented Shilo McCabe, who runs the Sex Positive Photo Blog.

Enjoy(I know we did!)



Tina Horn & Judy Minx

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Filmed in Toronto during the 2010 Feminist Porn Awards, this was the first scene produced for QPTV! Sultry Tina Horn cruised French cutie Judy Minx on a rooftop, leaded her to a public sauna. Tina spanks, spits, throat-fists, and fucks Judy with her hand before taking the elevator to her apartment. Judy gags on Tina’s cock and gets strap-on fucked hard on the floor before retreating to the bathroom for some mutual piss play. This scene depicts humiliation and taboo age play and was shot mostly in public! Featuring music by Glitter Wizard. Run Time: 17.00

VIP Lounge Exclusive Scout Solo (with Courtney Trouble and Tina Horn)

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In this cute Behind the Scenes moment, Exclusive to VIP Lounge Members, Scout takes a break from fucking this shit out of Courtney Trouble to reveal their perverted puppy side. They stick a dog bone toy in their pussy while jerking off their cock and posing for the camera. Courtney chokes Scout with a leash and collar while videographer Tina Horn eggs them on. Run Time:2.56



Who are these sleaze-bags anyway?

Courtney Trouble and Tina Horn met during the great San Francisco porn renaissance of the late 00’s. After eight years at the helm of the internet’s first and longest-running queer pin-up and porn site, Trouble began making a feature-length DVD a month, providing a forum for countless queers from literally all over the world. Emerging from a background in pro-BDSM and comprehensive sexual health education, Horn saw the freedoms of Bay Area porn as both a profitable outlet for her rampant attention-whore tendencies and an opportunity to promote real social good. Their common background of sex work and DIY punk community inspired them to band together take pornography into their own hands.

And what do they believe?

As diy punks, we value community, and believe that the relationships cultivated by art and work and shared vision contribute to rich creative experience and higher quality production

As poltically-minded artists, we believe in using sexually explicit media as a platform for documenting and archiving the sexual expression of the disenfranchised (ie those who don’t see their bodies, gender, desires, lifestyle, or erotic pastimes represented in culture or media)

As feminists, we believe that our work is essentially revolutionary because the female queer gaze is a radical tool to exploit the pornographic medium

As queers, we believe in reinforcing an open definition of Queer as an all-inclusive, empowering identity for EVERY HUMAN.

Tina Horn

 I’m Queer Porn TV’s sugar daddy and I love it.

Location: Oakland California
Identities: Ladyfaggot, sadomasochist, sleazy impresario, rocknroll exhibitionist macho slut
What makes you queer? Dissonance and a finger up the ass of protocol and tradition. Lacy bra and tighty-white-y’s. Apollonian body, Dionysian ass. Bratty little boy, hungry cunt, bossy queen, brutal dick. Service-oriented bookworm attention whore. The kinda switch that tops you the way she wants to be topped, and takes it like more bottoms should. Glamorous, yet hopeless with makeup. Insatiable.
Pitch your life as a reality tv show. Social workin punk rocker by day, dominatrix and queer porn star by night
Tell us about your QPTV scene(s.) I’ll never forget the eager list of Dirty Things To Do that the magnificent Judy Minx and I made over cocktails and pizza in a light night Toronto restaurant: piss, fist, pacifier… It became the first filmed QPTV scene!
I feel much sexier as my boyself than trying to femme it up for the camera, so I was in hog heaven doing a leather D/S spanking and slingfucking scene in a very special dungeon space for me. I’ve got a boner for Dylan’s sensible intellect and atheltic body, and she may talk the best trash of anyone I have ever performed with.
And then of course my Big Sur hot tub private sex tape with my beloved Roger Wood speaks for itself.
How has queer porn changed your life? The word Queer came into my life like a screaming locomotive, a steam-powered phallus of progress! Queer! A place to locate yourself! If the Straight line is the closest distance between two points, then Queer is every point is every direction in dimensions unfathomable and all the lines and rainbow curves between them, bouncing across the universe like glittery dime-store bouncy balls!
Queer was the first category that felt expansive enough to warrant my affiliation, and queer porn was a place I could come out loud with a lot of attention, just the way I like it.
Exhibitionist My favorite thing about exhibitionists is that we’re easy to find! My exhibitionist greatest hits would have to include: some of the extravaganzas I have organized as a BDSM professional… getting spanked by Nina Hartley at the Masturbate-a-thon… any time my Daddy and I have an audience for our marathon fucking…  the Switch play party in Toronto where I floated away on masochistic cloud nine being spanked by Mr. Grey, Papi Coxxx, and Dylan Ryan … giving Violet Blue a foot massage at Femina Poten’s Art of Restraint … and bringing my community together for the Queerly Beloved Pink Sunday Gay Shame Party!

Dylan Ryan & Tina Horn

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Dylan Ryan was ravenous for a truly submissive pain slut like Tina Horn. In her super-cool masculine persona Butch Friday she gives Tina a taste of what it would be like to be her total slave. In full masochistic faggot mode (complete with superhero panties) Tina soaks up a prolonged heavy spanking, flogging, verbal degradation, dominant-submissive play, deep-throating, fisting, and deep strap on plowing in a leather sling – all to earn the right to worship Butch/Dylan’s magnificent cock. This gender-fucking BDSM scene between two cisgendered ladies who enjoy playing with their male personas is intensely kinky, highly verbal, and disarmingly sweet. Run Time: 26.38

VIP Lounge Exclusive : Roger Wood & Tina Horn

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QPTV VIP Members get exclusive access to unique bonus footage like this scene of Roger Wood and Tina Horn, two exhibitionists who just couldn’t resist sharing their intimate sex tape.  In a gorgeous out-door natural setting, Roger and Tina make out, giggle, and photograph one another. Tina treats us to a POV film of Roger expertly eating her out in the hot tub. Roger grabs the camera and films Tina sticking a strawberry in her swollen pink pussy and eating it.  Never intended for public release, this is the dreamy early morning romance of two lovers documenting a private getaway. Run Time: 6.01