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Rob & Skylar

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These two queer men, Rob Benson & Skylar Cove, meet in a subway, flirt in a theater, and fuck in a public restroom in our debut QueerPornTV NYC scene shot by Tina Horn in her new hometown. Let’s celebrate being bi-coastal by enjoying these two seriously smokin hot fags face fuck, jerk off, and get down and dirty in public. Spoiler Alert: The simultaneous cum shot is basically the best thing that’s ever happened!

Length: 23.56

Skylar Cove

I got sleazy in a bathroom for Queer Porn TV and I loved it.

Name: Skylar Cove
Location: Brooklyn
Identities: Human
What makes you queer? Depends on who is asking. Usually essence of sexuality, politics and social realities. My intention is to be myself, and at times it’s a struggle… People I consider to be close friends and commit to understanding them selves, my self and our selves together typically have a fluid and brilliant individualized understanding of life and human relation. Creative, sensible and wise determination to understanding varieties of life and experience conveys the basic foundation of queerness to me.
How has being a queer porn star changed your life? Being a queer sex worker offers optimal time and energy for artistic, social and political explorations – with minimal sacrifice to the capitalist infrastructure. Free your mind, and the rest will follow.
Pitch your life as a reality tv show. Skylar is an over analytical, pseudo-paranoid, intrepidly humanistic sex worker whose tendency towards the prosaic might be seen as superfluous, but is in actuality the self-effacing product of an aversion to commerce-driven unilateral individualism, the response to which has been a lifetime in the making, and sometimes even longer in articulation. David’s self has been shared with many people in many places; perhaps too numerous and certainly not all legally sanctioned. 
The show would probably be something similar to the movie Network with lots of hallucinogenic drugs. Only projected on film in intimate settings, no brain-draining boxes.
Dish about a hot exhibitionist experience: Recently went to the release party of a new “queer” magazine in Tribeca… The content was not particularly intriguing to me, especially in a plush atmosphere with $15 glasses of champagne being the cheapest drink. So I perused the neighborhood with a hottie from the party and quickly found an alley close by. We fucked for a while behind the dumpster, so romantic with the moon shining down on us.
What is your favorite sex toy? Dental Gag
Tell us about your QPTV scene: The space we shot the scene was familiar and intriguing. Hanging out and discussing politics with everyone involved before the scene was incredibly comforting and motivational. Did you live out any fetishes or fantasies? Bathrooms are always very sexy to me… Surprisingly, I was inspired to be more aggressive during the scene, and since have felt more of a balance of power dynamics. Tell an interesting behind the porn story. I first saw Rob Benson during a Wall Street protest in Spring 2011, then again at an intimate performance at Splatterpool in Williamsburg… Then finally fucked around at MIX, NYC’s Queer Experimental Film Festival, in the fall. We’ve been spending a lot of time traveling, organizing, performing, partying and working together. It’s been a great learning experience in many facets of interpersonal communication, sex, friendship, art and politics. I’m very pleased that we were able to do this scene together.