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Let Me Tell You About This: BJ Dildo!

We have a new feature at QPTV, free on our YouTube Channel! Sex-educator Andres Everything takes a look at some cool queer sex toys and in every episode, tells you all about them! How cool is that?  Courtney Trouble and Andres Everything produce this mini-segment together with hopes to help queers figure out how best to use some of their favorite sex toys.

Andres is a sex toy, safer sex, and accessory expert with over a decade of experience in the field and he is here to tell you all about some of the cool stuff we find in the world of queer and queer-friendly sex toys.

This episode was filmed on-the-spot – as in, we made it on an iPhone the second we got the idea!

Our toys come from various sources, some we get for free through our personal sponsorships. Our videos are hopefully seen more as how-to discussions, and not an advertisement for the toy. If you do choose to purchase something from Let Me Tell You About This, please support a rad queer-run business and go local if you can!

Akira Raine & Ex Libris

SM aficionados Ex Libris and Akira Raine have been wanting to play together for a long time. When they get their hands on leather floggers, wooden paddles, and of course each other, they dig into corporal punishment play that leaves them both flushed and gasping for air.
Length: 13 minutes

Queer Porn Tv gets in bed with Smitten Kitten!

We are thrilled to announce, to all you romantics, lovers, self-lovers, and lusty lovers of loving love this Valentines Day, an epic partnership between sexually media juggernaut Queer Porn Tv and Mid-West retail mavericks Smitten Kitten!

Queer Porn Tv available On-Demand through Smitten Kitten website

New-comers to porn who trust sex positive companies like Smitten Kitten previously could only choose between pricey DVDs. They didn’t have a clear path to the wealth of dynamic queer porn available exclusively on-line. Smitten Kitten is now bridging that gap, offering Queer Porn TV scenes for streaming rental or download alongside their selection of erotic films.

Smitten Kitten commissions Educational Porn Series from Queer Porn TV Creators Tina Horn and Courtney Trouble

QPTV believes that all adults deserve access not only to great pornographic entertainment but also to quality sexual education that speaks to their experience. Following our trip to Evergreen College in Olympia, where we livestreamed, for free, our workshops on trans sexuality, dirty talk, impact play, fisting, and strap-on play, QPTV will be realizing our dream of making sex positive educational videos! The visionaries at Smitten Kitten are helping us make these videos available through their retail website.

All videos will feature hardcore demonstrations of different subjects as well as perspectives from people with a broad range of bodies, identities, and needs.

Our first episode, with production already underway, will be on the joys of strap-on play!

Queer Porn TV and Smitten Kitten are making safer sex sexy in porn!

Smitten Kitten is now official safer sex sponsor of QPTV. Every time a performer shows up for a QPTV hardcore sex shoot, they will not only be encouraged to portray sexier sex practices in their scene, but will find well-stocked kit of condoms and other barriers, water and silicon based lube, and gloves supplied by Smitten Kitten! QPTV prides ourselves on smashing the misconception that safer sex ruins the fantasy of porn, and Smitten Kitten is helping facilitate that vision.

This partnership marks the first time a queer porn website has joined forced with an ethical sex product company. We are pooling our resources and forging community in our mission to make informative, innovative, comprehensive sexual information and entertainment accessible to every kind of adult everywhere.

Stay tuned!


Courtney and Tina

Queer Porn Tv hearts Smitten Kitten!

Courtney and Tina at the Smitten Kitten Party in Vegas 1.11!

Smitten Kitten is one of the nation’s premier retailers of sex toys, accessories, gear, videos, books, and resources. Their commitment to making dildos, vibrators, porn, handcuffs, erotica, and education available to women, queers, transfolk, and sex positive people of all kinds is inspiring!

We have been scheming with the radical women at Smitten Kitten to collaborate on some innovative approaches to queer porn accessibility as well as education and technique videos. One of our most exciting projects will be revealed on Valentines Day, so stay tuned!