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Queer Porn Orgy from Fucking Mystic

orgy-posterChelsea Poe‘s sexual magic has come to a climax, and a hedonistic one at that! As she enters the room, a swarm of gorgeous queers devour her, over come her, and come over her over and over again. With a cast of 17 incredible queer porn performers (listed blow), this orgy is the culmination of a community of stunning, creative, brilliant, beautiful queers come together for a wet and emotional art project.

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chelsea poe, andre shakti, ramses rodstein, james darling, kitty stryker, jeze belle, april flores, betty blac, jiz lee, lyric seal, juba, cinnamon maxxine, b. nefarious, vivian dawn, cyn, ivy dykes, and indigo bleu.

directed by courtney trouble.
shot by courtney, cocopop, and nyc


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Ramses Rodstein and Jade Phillips Part 2

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Part two of this scene brings us back to these two gorgeous trans men trying out some pretty athletic & adventurous positions, before trading off sucking each other’s cocks and jerking off to orgasm. Did you know these two are best buds in real life? I’d say these friends have some pretty awesome benefits.

Ramses Rodstein & Jade Phillips

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In this scene, two trans men of color take rough sex to a whole new level. Sure, they’re hard for each other, and hard ON each other, but they’re also doing things (like somersaults, handstands, and lifts) are are rough for most of us civilians to do, even if we aren’t fucking! Jade is a yoga guru teaching sweet Ramses how to hold a pose – with a dick in his hole!

Ramses Rodstein

I Fucked My Best Friend for Queer Porn TV and I LOVED IT!



Gender: genderqueer, transman
Location: Oakland, CA
Identities: FTM, Genderqueer, Transman, Polyamorous, Switch, Kinky, Artist, Activist, Feminist, Queer
What makes you queer? Being queer is a way of life that is sexually transgressive…a life that subverts the dominant paradigm. Where one challenges the -isms around them and have the freedom to be their fabulous sexy selves without having to adhere to anyone else’s standards. Queer is my sexuality and state of being…to love & respect people of any gender and be willing to think outside of this capitalist box and live my life creatively with love.
How has being a queer porn star changed your life? It has created an avenue for me  to be able to express myself sexually through performance and film.
Pitch your life as a reality tv show. Follow the naughty adventures of a kinky filmmaker activist who relocates to the bay on the weekend of the Folsom Street…working by day as a computer tech/multimedia artist and making queer porn by night.
Dish about a hot exhibitionist experience: For my 30th birthday, I had a kinky birthday gang bang put together by my sexy bandits: Jacques LeFemme, Jade Philips, Bianca Stone and Nick Catastrophe. They crashed my fancy birthday party and took me hostage and tortured me in the most pleasurable ways in front of all of my guests. It took place on The Upper Floor at the Armory with 30 of my sex-positive, kinky, sexy queer friends there to witness and participate in my kinky celebration.
What is your favorite sex toy? At the moment it is my Fetter’s front buckle mouth gag from Mr. S Leather.
Shameless self promotion: Follow me on twitter @ramsesrodstein
Tell us about your QPTV scene(s.): I am excited about working with my best friend Jade Phillips. He and I go way back and know each other from when we were living in LA. He is definitely a sexy friend that I can count on to have my back always and we are gonna have fun getting down and dirty for Queer Porn TV.  Watch out for some sexy queers of color having some nasty bromance fun with each other!