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Q Tip, Emerald X Files, and Cinnamon

Three’s A (Porno) Party

Q Tip and Cinnamon Maxxine share a bed and some lusty vibes in this Seven Minutes In Heaven vignette, watching queer porn and bro-ing down with some vibrators. The queer babes start hooking up when a shy Emerald pokes her head in the door asking if she can assist. The duo invite her in and it becomes a sensual, sexy, super slippery threesome in no time.

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Chelsea Poe’s Slumber Party Anal Destruction!


Chelsea invited her friend Betti over for a slumber party, only to get herself caught being a brat and told to shut up before getting punished with a giant strap on and a face sitting session. This is sexy, flirty rough sex with a strong foundation of consent and communication. Bettie doesn’t settle for anything less than a completely ravished Poe – and Poe thanks Bettie with a beautiful assisted masturbation finale.

Shot by Courtney Trouble and Ajapornfilms

chels-betti-1 chels-betti-2 chels-betti-3


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Papí Coxx and Rizzo Ford

Without one word, Papì comes to Rizzo in a wet dream and dominates her beyond her wildest imagination. The WET DREAM series attempts to bring salacious, captivating queer sex fantasies to life on film, and this dreamy, kinky, endless fanfuck masturbatory journey is beyond dripping  – it’s drenched.

Directed and Edited by Courtney Trouble
Shot by Courtney Trouble and Ajapornfilms

The Temptation of the High Priestess: Akira Raine and Joey Minx


akira-joey-posterGenderqueer porn prince Joey Minx gets witchy in their bedroom and casts a tarot spell to possess the dirty mind and body of a horny alter boy who is setting out to seduce his favorite nun, Sister Akira Raine. This scene is the final part of the Wet Dreams series by Courtney Trouble exploring genderqueer fantasies, role play, and artistic narrative adult cinema. Included in the full length film Ban This Sick Filth, this film contains religious themes, age play, wax dripping, and BDSM – all censored in adult in some parts of our modern world despite their important role in queer sex. 

Shot by Courtney Trouble and CocoPop

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Syd Blakovich in VALENTINE

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Syd Blakovich, the original queer porn superstar, finally makes her way to QueerPorn.TV. She needs no introduction, nor does she need a co-star. This intimate solo masturbation scene shot on QPTV’s new Canon 7D is our VALENTINE: you’ll be seeing red.

Shot by Courtney Trouble

Length: 14 minutes

Note from the makers: We want to post a trigger warning for those of you who may be squeamish against blood. The blood in this video is from menstruation and is included in this short film for artistic and authenticity’s sake. No Syds were harmed in the making of this film. Thank you.


Courtney Trouble and Jiz Lee Part Two

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This episode picks up where Part One left off. Courtney Trouble and Jiz Lee have been fucking for almost an hour already, and have been reduced to vehicles of intense pleasure, driven by vibrators, liquids, and dirty whispering that feels like a secret language. This sex affair with gushing doesn’t end here, in Part Three (released in conjunction with Smitten Kitten and JizLee.Com) you will see something totally revolutionary – a close up, high definition look at what happens when Jiz Lee ejaculates with a speculum being held inside them. Welcome to the future.

Length: 13:00

April Flores

It is our great pleasure to give you sex goddess April Flores putting on a relaxed, sensual, vivid show on top of luxurious purple sheets. April gets dirty, smearing red lipstick all over her own tits and ripping her red fishnets apart to reveal her luscious ass. She gives slobbery head to a thick brown cock gagging herself to get thick saliva to spread on her already dripping pussy. Then April fucks herself to orgasm in more positions than you can count. Filmed in Toronto during the 2011 Feminist Porn Awards, this private solo show by April flores can only truly be described as magnificent.

featuring an original soundtrack by David Jaberi
Special thanks to Maxwell Lander

Run Time: 16.05

VIP Lounge Exclusive Scout Solo (with Courtney Trouble and Tina Horn)

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In this cute Behind the Scenes moment, Exclusive to VIP Lounge Members, Scout takes a break from fucking this shit out of Courtney Trouble to reveal their perverted puppy side. They stick a dog bone toy in their pussy while jerking off their cock and posing for the camera. Courtney chokes Scout with a leash and collar while videographer Tina Horn eggs them on. Run Time:2.56

Gemma Grey

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Horny and alone in her bedroom, sultry Gemma Grey shaves her armpits and quickly moves on to her pussy. When she is satisfied with her grooming job she lays back and brings herself to a transfixing orgasm by fucking her freshly shaved bright pink pussy with a handy dick. Newcomer Gemma is so unbelievably hot she doesn’t need a partner to create an unforgettably arousing scene. Run Time: 11.17

This voyeuristic clip features an original song by Ryan the Truck.