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Juba Kalamka

I sucked that dick like a motherfucking champion for QueerPorn.TV and I Loved It!


juba-bioWhat makes you queer?
That I’m always trying to own who I am and do what I feel despite the ways we are constantly discouraged from such.

How has being a queer porn star changed your life?
I’ve been appearing in porn since 2003, but my Twitter feed (that I never really used before) fucking exploded in the week since my shoot with Ruckus XXX. The the overlap of my performance and activist careers has pitched up and I don’t see that slowing down anytime soon. It’s a huge privilege

What do you hope to accomplish by making queer porn?
Self-actualization and representation: presence. Colored boy, queer, gimp,postgrad, babydaddy, grandddaddy, faggot emcee, everything and all the things I be, maybe a mirror for you and you and you to see who you can be. 🙂

What is your favorite sex toy?
Hitachi Magic Wand, bar none. I gift it and reccommend it in my advocacy work. I told an ex who was a skeptic to buy herself one, and if she didn’t get interplanetary with it, that I would reimburse her. I still have my money. 🙂

Pitch your life as a reality tv show.
So there’s this queer black nerd from the west side who moved to the bay 15 years ago to ostensibly do writing and art on sexuality and race but ended up becoming an advocate for HIV+ people and sex workers and a health educator. He became a queer rap god and porn star in some of the rest of his time, that is after his time as a dutiful parent and partner. How does he do it? You gotta watch the show.

Tell us about your QPTV scene.
I typically try to meet the people i shoot with beforehand, and I we can play ahead of time that’s even better. I got to meet Ruckus the day before as he’d been out of town. He was even hotter and person, and we had a cute and geekflirty chat at a coffeehouse for about an hour.

Our vibe was really good and I was very excited to shoot with him it got down to the get down real queer, like a good play party. Good rhythm, good energy. Blazing hot and fun. I’m hoping to get the opportunity to shoot with him again!

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