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Jacques Le Femme and Ruckus

Screenshot 2014-11-24 15.20.23Running late for the goth club, Ruckus begs his roommate Jacques to help him get ready. But after spending that much time so close to Ruckus’ hypnotizing face, Jacques melts and goes in for a kiss! Ruckus returns his forward move, and these two end up smearing their lipstick all over each other’s cocks and faces – this femme fuck boy/boy trans-inclusive scene is like nothing in the porn rule books, and we LOVE it!

Shot by Courtney Trouble and Kitty Stryker

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Hayley Fingersmith and Jacques LeFemme Part Two

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In Part Two of this epic story, house boy Jacques LeFemme sits on top on Hayley’s gigantic clit and rides her until he comes, then Hayley fucks him in a million other positions until she’s overwhelmed with orgasms.

Hayley Fingersmith and Jacques LeFemme

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This is a power-dynamic heavy, intensely romantic, raunchy, and dirty love scene between a trans woman and a trans man, in an unforgettable houseboy and goddess scene you’ll be watching in repeat for the rest. of. your. life.

Jacques LeFemme

I surrendered to QueerPorn.TV and I Loved it!

Location: Oakland, CA
Identities: Sadomasochist, Kitty bear, Pervert, Transgender, Genderfucker, Dominant, Top Heavy Switch
What makes you queer and/or sexually transgressive?
I truly believe that gender is a concept and I present myself however I want and have sex with whomever I want.
How has being a queer porn star changed your life?
It has connected me with a wonderful group queers whom I consider my community and family. It has actualized all my kinky fantasies.
Pitch your life as a reality tv show:
Gender Fluid Jacques LeFemme moves through space like a chameleon, watch what happens when worlds collide, identities have to be hidden away or terminated and intimate relationships end or evolve.
Dish about a hot exhibitionist experience:
Puck Goodfellow and I were hosting a sex party and this sexy young fella came by and started licking the bottom of my leather boots while Puck Fucked me with his hard cock. My boots were really dirty and I’m such a sadist that knowing that, made it all the more pleasurable. I was so turned on by it I made him lick Puck’s boots to while I flogged him.
What is your favorite sex toy?
Puck Goodfellow
twitter username:
Tell us about your QPTV scene(s.) What was special about the experience/performance/set-up? Did you live out any fetishes or fantasies? Tell an interesting behind the porn story:
QPTV was special because it was the first time I surrendered to become submissive on camera. I was really excited that I got to live out my houseboy fantasy and made my co-star a custom-made pink clit-ring because she’s such a Goddess!