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Q Tip, Emerald X Files, and Cinnamon

Three’s A (Porno) Party

Q Tip and Cinnamon Maxxine share a bed and some lusty vibes in this Seven Minutes In Heaven vignette, watching queer porn and bro-ing down with some vibrators. The queer babes start hooking up when a shy Emerald pokes her head in the door asking if she can assist. The duo invite her in and it becomes a sensual, sexy, super slippery threesome in no time.

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Cinnamon Maxxine, Chelsea Poe, Emerald X File


Kicking off a whole new season, QueerPorn.TV excitedly introduces the first excerpt from SEVEN MINUTES IN HEAVEN 4, the highly anticipated follow up to Courtney’s breakthrough film series. Seven amazing queer performers, mixed and matched however they please!

Excerpt Number One stars 7MIH alum Cinnamon Maxxine alongside QPTV faves Chelsea Poe and Emerald X File. This scene is hyperactive techno-sex, with Emerald getting to be bratty and powerful and submissive while Cinnamon and Chelsea give her a ton of explosive orgasms! This really is the best of the best, as will be the whole series. Can’t wait? The whole film is available for download now through our store.

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WE CUM IN PEACE: Emerald X File & Courtney Trouble

Alien femme princess Emerald X File visits Courtney Trouble in the night to impregnate them with adorable femme alien babies.

A short film thats high on production value, We Cum in Peace features astrological twins and real lovers as costars, a screenplay written by Courtney Trouble, and finely executed by the TROUBLEfilms crew: Ajaporn films, James Darling, and Kitty Stryker.

We Cum In Peace had its world premiere at the Queer Porn Film Festival in 2015.

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