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Q Tip, Charlie Spats, and Drew Deveaux


drew-charlie-qtip hitachigrab 2016-10-29-01_20_38

TROUBLEfilms superstars Drew, Charlie, and Q Tip improv-ed this supercharged, genderfluid, power hungry 3 way in the TROUBLEfilms porn room during the day of the Seven Minutes in Heaven 4 shoot. It’s got a gonzo feel to the camera making, putting you right in the middle. Don’t worry, your gaze is a welcome addition to this kinky wresting match.

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Drew DeVeaux in the Middle

From Seven Minutes in Heaven, Drew DeVeaux takes on a room full of their studly crushes….


Drew Deveaux & Courtney Trouble


Feminist Porn Award’s Heart Throb and trans activist Drew Deveaux makes her huge hardcore porno comeback, starring in this career-making scene from Trans Lesbians with Courtney Trouble. With Courtney, the two lovers can’t tell up from down or top from bottom, as they trade power back and forth faster than you can perceive. There’s so much fucking in this scene, you forget that these babes are bonafide porn stars, and not just mad with lust!

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Drew Deveaux & Andre Shakti: Cis On My Face / Trans Girls Are Sexy

In another break out directorial contribution from our resident video grrrl cocopop, our annual San Franciso Dyke March porn tradition is made iconic in this year’s explosive episode! “I finally met Drew Deveaux that day at Dyke March. It was like a mythic creature came in and sat down on the grass beside us,” says cocopop of the experience shooting with the adult industry’s brightest trans dyke porn star.  While Lana Wachowski filmed a documentary less than 100 feet away from us, Drew & Andre solidified their growing love and lust in this powerful, public, and political porn scene. “Cis On My Face / Trans Girls Are Sexy” is a public display of affection that everyone needs to see – which is why we shot it in open daylight, in the middle of the mass of lesbians and queers who congregate at Delores Park during Pride every year. See you in 2015, and catch us if you can!

Directed and shot by cocopop

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Drew Deveaux & Nic Switch Part 2

We left Drew Deveaux begging and crying for mercy, with Nic Switch ready to take some of what they’ve given. Drew serves up a hot fuck that only these true switches can pull off – get ready for a sweaty, sexy, passionate finale to this ground-breaking kink-heavy fisting scene.


Watch Part One of Drew and Nic!

Drew Deveaux and Nic Switch

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Lovers Nic Switch and Drew Deveaux play with intense verbal humiliation, domination and submission. This scene has kinky face slapping, hair pulling, spanking punishment, pussy licking, finger-fucking, fisting, glass dildo masturbation and tons of real orgasms. Stay tuned for Part Two!
Special Thanks to Maxwell Lander

Run Time: 23.50

Report from the Feminist Porn Awards 2011

The news is true! Within 6 months of launching, Queer Porn Tv was honored with a Feminist Porn Award buttplug trophy for Hottest Website!

Tina and the incomparable April Flores

We were truly honored not only to be recognized for our hard work, but to be in the great company of the other honorees – Sophia Delancey, representing for Art of the Blowjob, April Flores accepting on behalf of Kelly Shibari’s ground-breaking BBW BDSM site Padded Kink (for which Courtney has performed), and Shine Louise Houston, our local mentor and friend, for her new masculinity site Heavenly Spire.

Tina and Sophia St James

Toronto sure shows its visitors a wild time. I got to stay with my new best friend, the extremely talented Maxwell Lander, who shot some appropriately faggy portraits of me the morning of my flight home. Another highlight was soaking and steaming with the stars at the Aslan Leather Switch party swanky spa sex club. And the awards themselves were entertaining, glamourous, and uplifting!

Tristan Taormino, Drew Deveaux, Nic Switch, Varina Adams, and Tina

This was my second consecutive year at the FPAs. It was wonderful to see old Torontian pals Drew Deveaux (2011’s much-deserved Heartthrob of the Year!) as well as friends from all over the world like Carlos BattsSophia St James Nic Switch Strap-On Jo Lux Alptraum and Judy Minx. I got the chance to rub elbows and make friends with folks whose work I’ve admired from afar, like Cheryl Dunye and Bobbi Starr.

And of course I worked my ass off, shooting future scenes for QPTV (with some very surprising results!).

Queer Porn Tv was born at the FPA’s last year, when Courtney’s and my speculations about starting a new hardcore video site became reality. Saturated in conversations with the world’s leaders in feminist thought and sex positive media making, we put our DIY money where our mouths were (ahem). With a Flip Cam, a french porn star, some piss, and a friend’s apartment (and sauna!), our dream of creating the filthiest sex positive porno site on the internet became reality! Since then QPTV has released 18 ground-breaking news-making scenes with a hard-drive busting backlog. We’ve also created the world’s first queer tube site, hooked up with Smitten Kitten to create one-of-a-kind sex ed videos, and thrown a helluva party or two.

Thus to be recognized a year later by the same institution that inspired us seemed appropriate and also incredibly flattering.

Thank you Good For Her, thank you Toronto community, thank you international community, thank you to feminist pornographers everywhere (and those that love them)!!



Please enjoy my acceptance speech (along with the other website winners), with Judy Minx standing in for Courtney:


Drew Deveaux & Mickey Mod Part Two

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If you watched Part One of Drew Deveaux and Mickey Mod‘s nasty on-screen hookup, you may have heard Mickey whisper “I want to piss on you” into FPA‘s Heartthrob of the Year Drew Deveaux‘s ear. And that’s exactly what happens in this exciting finale, and then some. After pissing all over Drew’s sexy stomach, Mickey submits himself to a handjob/blowjob/violent slapping&spitting combination that is severly arousing, and skillfully served! Mickey thanks the lovely Drew for the beating, jerking, and sucking by fingering her on the bathroom floor until she erupts in orgasm!

Run Time: 19.45 | Watch Drew Deveaux & Mickey Mod Part One

Drew Deveaux

I took it good for Queer Porn TV and I loved it.

Location: Toronto
Genderqueer | Performer | Artist |
Activist | Lover | Fighter
What makes you queer?
My queerness runs deep. Its kinda written all over me and rushing through my blood. There really is no other way to describe it. Queer is a definition and simultaneously a deconstruction. Queer is the perfect word to describe the beautiful creation and destruction that happens in how I live, how I fuck.
How has being a queer porn star changed your life?
Through performing in porn, I’ve been able to take the world’s fucked up notions about trans women and fuck them into blissful oblivion. I really rejoice in getting the chance to tap into my creative sexual self and make those ideas become real and share them with others. I’ve loved meeting people who ‘get’ my work and my identity and I’m constantly blown away by the people that I meet in the process of making queer porn. Its sorta the worst kept secret that the queer porn world is full of not just incredibly sexy and talented people, but that they’re also gifted with killer smarts and sass. Performing, I think, taps into power of being sexually present and aware and takes it to a higher level, so through queer porn I’ve been able to push my own boundaries and ride my edge in ways that have been amazing and explosive. And to get paid, to have this as ‘my job’ is just something that gives me sublime joy many a day.  
Pitch your life as a reality tv show.
It would be a scrap out where all contestants had to demonstrate mastery over a bunch of random modern-day life skills, from cooking for a group of 20 each with their own unique food sensitivities to hot yoga marathons. Success is defined by overall stamina, making sassy double entendres, and keeping up good hair through all the sweat and messyness. The three judges would of course be a riduculously fabulous chubby femme with her signature leopard print bangles, a jaded haggard old drag queen who chain smokes and makes pervasive references to motorcycles and leather, and an obtuse and inaccessible queer theory professor dressed in black but who always and inexplicably gets the last word in amongst the three. And everyone would have to ride bikes.
Dish about a hot exhibitionist experience:
Oh so hard to pick one – damn you Queer Porn TV! I once met this sailor, well, she probably wasn’t in the navy. But really, that’s not what matters cause she was authentic surf and turf, a piece of meat washed up onto the land and into a leather bar. And my knowing eyes led to her buying hot shots and a that foreshadowed a kiss that still makes me wet to even just have my mind go there. We ditched that bar quick cause there was somewhere we needed to be. Couch surfing is great cause it means you don’t have to fork out for a hotel. It’s also great cause you can’t take someone back to your place, which forces you to get creative. And creativity and desire are a wicked hott combo. So we stumble through Noe Valley in San Francisco, which for all its charm, is bereft of alleyways and other fine shady places. An empty porch would have to suffice and we hold our moans as low as we could as we worked each other up into big wet frenzy. Until the lights snap on in the house above us. We whip it in as fast as we whipped it out and my sailor and I get our swollen spoiled asses outta there STAT.
What are your favorite sex toys?
The Stainless steel goodnes that Njoy makes is just pretty damn perfect. The weighty presence of the Eleven is living proof that God exists.
Tell us about your QPTV scene(s.)
My scene for QPTV happened at 2am after I flew into San Francisco from LA. I’d never met but often fantacized about my co-star, Mickey Mod. The scene we did was the most intense, high-charged scene I ever did. After shooting mainstream porn in LA earlier in the day (which can be a lot more measured with a lot of waiting around on set) I was really craving a wild, rowdy encounter rather than a staged, scripted pairing. And I definitely got that, and more.