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Syd Blakovich & Cinnamon Maxxine


Legendary lesbian top Syd Blakovich takes Cinnamon Maxxxine for a ride in this sexy scene. Cinnamon devours every second of Syd’s body worship, sexual massage, and finger fucking – this scene is luscious, wet, and sensual! It begins when Cinnamon calls out for a luxurious massage in their hotel. When Syd’s hands start sliding around their body, it’s clear that something sexy must be done. Syd and Maxxine fuck passionately in the hotel bed, and Syd leaves a calling card for next time…


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Cinnamon Maxxine & Courtney Trouble


Shot on location in Joshua Tree on the set of feminist artist extraordinaire Peaches’ music video for RUB, video babes Cinnamon Maxxine and Courtney Trouble took advantage of the incredible location, and nearby film makers, to make this theatrical piece shot on location in collaboration with members of the RUB crew.

Here’s the fictional and consensually performed storyline: Having being kidnapped by Cinnamon Maxxine, Courtney Trouble awakes tied to an air stream, burning in the joshua tree heat. Cinnamon fucks them hard, and forces them to crawl across gravel to get off and be set free.


shot by deke thank you deke / directed by courtney and cinnamon
a special thank you to peaches, april flores, A.L. Steiner, and the pink flamingo that let me pee on it later.

Cinnamon Maxxine, Chelsea Poe, Emerald X File


Kicking off a whole new season, QueerPorn.TV excitedly introduces the first excerpt from SEVEN MINUTES IN HEAVEN 4, the highly anticipated follow up to Courtney’s breakthrough film series. Seven amazing queer performers, mixed and matched however they please!

Excerpt Number One stars 7MIH alum Cinnamon Maxxine alongside QPTV faves Chelsea Poe and Emerald X File. This scene is hyperactive techno-sex, with Emerald getting to be bratty and powerful and submissive while Cinnamon and Chelsea give her a ton of explosive orgasms! This really is the best of the best, as will be the whole series. Can’t wait? The whole film is available for download now through our store.

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Jade Phillips, Alaya Stone, Cinnamon Maxxine

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QPTV all stars Jade Phillips and Cinnamon Maxxine came together to usher a new porn star into our land of queer candy crushes, but they were not expecting Alaya Stone to take them like this. Orgasm after orgasm after earth-shattering orgasm bring Alaya’s body to a writhing, unfathomably transcendent puddle of mush thanks to Cinn and Jade’s expert cocks and hands, but the experience of her own embodied pleasure is all her own. This new star turned these seasoned queer porn pros into her playthings and devised the gorgeous gang bang of her dreams.  #melting


Cinnamon and Indigo

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In this scene brought to you by QPTV NYC director Tina Horn, real life couple Indigo and Cinnamon indulge in a night of fun featuring strap ons, high heels, and some good hard hand fucking. They fuck as only a real life couple of lovers can, with authentic passion, trust, and knowing eye contact.

Length: 14 minutes

Cinnamon Maxxine

I wore amazing shoes for Queer Porn TV and I loved it.

cinnamon-maxxine-1414Location: Bay Area Cali
Identities: Fierce Femme Boi. Or something like that. I wear 6 inch heels and a dick.
What makes you queer?
 My appreciation of all genders, body types, fucking styles. Etc
How has being a queer porn star changed your life?
  It made my life interesting! I have fun, meet amazing people. And I love being an advocate for hot chubbies everywhere!

Pitch your life as a reality tv show. QOC chubby warrior diva takes doesn’t give a fuck.
What are your favorite sex toys? Hitachiiiiiiiii and shoes!
Shameless self promotion: I’ve got fierce shoes and a 50 inch ass.
Tell us about your first QPTV scene. I high femme topped my real life partner!  Indigo squirted! Indigo appreciated my new shoes. We drove down from Portland, Maine six hours  to New York just to shoot for queer porn tv because we love the fuck out of them.