Chelsea Poe wanders into Oakland sex toy store Feelmore 510  and sees Daisy Ducati checking out the bondage section. It doesn’t take much flirting before the two tumble into bed together for a switchtastic fuckfest that leaves them both breathless and spent.

This scene is part of the film Fucking Mystic, which you can find in full here!

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This *electric* scene has Chelsea Poe scared and on the verge of squirting all over the cross Mistress Lita’s got her attached to. Lita’s expert use of the Violet Wand on Chelsea’s body makes her sweat in her black latex and LIta’s joy and satisfaction is clear by the smile on her beautiful face.

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Queerions, you have not seen this film yet, TRUST.

You have not seen Sinn Sage ravage Chelsea and Alani. Nor have you seen Ruby snag Chelsea in an anal hook and force her to suck cock. And you definitely have not seen Lita Lecherous explode cum balloons all over Chelsea’s pretty tits.

But…. you could be, right now. 🙂


Chelsea Submits is a colorful femme BDSM film featuring Chelsea Poe, Sinn Sage, Alani Pi, Ruby Riots and Lita Lecherous. Chelsea explores sploshing, humiliation, slut training and generally roughed up by 3 super hot femme dommes!!!

“Playing with Chelsea is so fun – she loves getting messy just as much as I do,” exclaims Lita Lecherous who douses Chelsea in sticky cum in a pervy hot pink birthday scene in the new TROUBLEfilms exclusive release, Chelsea Submits. The raven-haired femme dom who makes her porn debut this year continued, “The scene was a huge fantasy of mine and she was the perfect fit.”

Bratty roommates Alanı Pi and Chelsea Poe get some domestic discipline from fed up roommate Sinn Sage. Sinn Sage strap ons a cock and puts her roommates in line over the kitchen counter. Ruby Riots has a kinky lesbian takedown of Chelsea Poe. Chelsea gets an anal hook in her ass before Ruby uses her mouth with her strap on. Lita Lecherous introduces her submissive slut Chelsea Poe to her new life as a bimbo fuckdoll. Chelsea gets covered in cum, forced to worship Lita’s boots and fingered until she squirts all over.

“I really wanted to explore more of my kinks on camera and show a more colorful expression of bdsm that isn’t just simply black leather in a dungeon.” says Chelsea Poe, who stars in Chelsea Submits as a seasoned submissive performer/director. Courtney Trouble provided camerawork for the film, giving it that bright TROUBLEfilms glow. “We recently were able to make a new studio space so getting back into these new scenes is completely exciting,” says Trouble. “Working with Chelsea Poe is as lovely as always, our partnership is in it’s 5th year (since our co-direction debut in Fucking Mystic) and it just keeps getting better. Co-creating these films with her is an absolute dream and the titles always seem to resonate with our fans, so I’m grateful for that too. I hope people this movie is fun as hell!”

Says Chelsea, who directed this film with hopes of pushing herself in BDSM and fetish, describes her process:

“It was so great to work with such great dommes in Lita and Ruby here in the Bay Area. Working with both of them makes me feel such a sense of community with shooting in Oakland again. It was so great to perform with Alani Pi, I really looked up to her as a submissive performer from when I started at kink when I was 21. Sinn really took control of the 3some with Alani and always brings such a great top energy to set.”

Chelsea Poe, Sinn Sage, Alani Pi | Photo by Courtney Trouble
Chelsea Poe and Ruby Riots | Screencap by Courtney Trouble

In Fucking Against Fascism, you get to experience this threesome in a kaleidoscopic collage that strengthen it’s Nixon-era business hotel debauchery theme. For QueerPorn.TV you get to see the uncut threesome in all it’s hardcore glory, as these three queer porn superstars go for each other’s bodies with hunger.

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Sinn and Chelsea met up in Vegas to fuck each other’s brains out – and they captured the entire thing! This scene is shot mostly in POV format HD, from the points of view of Sinn and Chelsea. They both take turns with strap on’s and cum harder than you can even imagine!!


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…You Want This… You Love This…

In a black bath bombed out bath, Chelsea Poe is transfixed on a shiny black dildo she must suck and fuck, and in doing so, she makes you want to fuck yourself hard and cum as hard as she does. perhaps, a little bit of the camerafemme’s coaxing will help you both along… About as pervy as a solo can get and perfect for “Queer Wrath Month!!!”

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An epic collaboration in London brings QueerPorn.TV director Chelsea Poe and Dreams of Spanking owner Blake (aka Pandora Blake, pronoun they!) together in a bright, lofty library full of sexy books. But these two are a quick read to one another, with Blake squirting within 30 seconds of getting thier cunt caressed by Chelsea. What kind of Dreams of Spanking scene would this be without spanking? We’re not sure, but thankfully we didn’t have to find out – Blake spanks Chelsea until she’s red in the face and well as behind. Shot and directed by Courtney Trouble post art school.

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Chelsea Poe adores the domestic bliss of scrubbing the floors, but not quite as much as she loves getting controlled and dominated by Jade Phillips on her kitchen floor. This hypercolor BDSM romance was conceptualized by Courtney Trouble, shot by Ajapopfilms, and brought to life by the incredible Jade Phillips and the happy kitchen slut herself.

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Face Fucking The Handyman

Trouble and Chelsea Poe corner their handyman Nefarious and start shoving gorgeous strap on cocks into his mouth. He submits immediately and begging sucking us each off. We move to the bedroom where we blindfold him and play bratty bedroom games, making him guess which cock he is sucking on, making him gag, and getting that drool of his everywhere. We turn him into a pathetic little pretty boy with two cocks in his mouth. You can hear us humiliating him and giggling, and there’s some great POV shots and close ups of him gagging and drooling on our big strap on dicks.

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Chelsea Poe and Courtney Trouble are known for their highly charged on-set chemistry, and this femme daddy scene is no exception. With a kink for doing it in front of friends, trying new things, and putting on a show, this couple is right at home at the NYX MIX Experimental Queer Film Festival, fucking in an art installation in front of a crowd of Brookyln babes. In the end, Courtney takes a facial from her horny submissive, just to make it extra pervy.

Shot by Jacqueline Mary.


Chelsea invited her friend Betti over for a slumber party, only to get herself caught being a brat and told to shut up before getting punished with a giant strap on and a face sitting session. This is sexy, flirty rough sex with a strong foundation of consent and communication. Bettie doesn’t settle for anything less than a completely ravished Poe – and Poe thanks Bettie with a beautiful assisted masturbation finale.

Shot by Courtney Trouble and Ajapornfilms

chels-betti-1 chels-betti-2 chels-betti-3


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In this groundbreaking scene, two boys hungrily make out and suck each other’s cocks while trans porn star Chelsea Poe takes advantage of their horniness in her own ways. Featuring a powerful internet orgasm by Chelsea that leaves her a little cross eyed, as well as a simultaneous double cum shot from the boys, Ruckus and Nefarious!  get the film Fucking Mystic here to see what made these friends so damn horny for each other!

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In our favorite queer porn play space, we are invited to watch Chelsea Poe get completely humiliated, dominated, and fucked by the great Mistress Nikki Darling.

By Chelsea Poe, Ajapornfilms, and Courtney Trouble

Check out Chelsea Poe’s Submissive Mixtape anthology film.