Puck Goodfellow & Juilette March, Part II

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In part two of this kinky sex scene, the tables are turned and the power play thrown off between captor and victim. These two performers so hot for each other we couldn’t stop them from having more sex – so we just kept quiet and kept the cameras rolling! This scene features intensely degrading dirty talk and BDSM play negotiated by the performers. It includes bondage, tit torture, verbal humiliation, service, intimidation, domination and submissive play, strap on play, cocksucking, Njoy wand, Hitachi, back scratching, and orgasm control. Juliette is so submissive she barely takes a breath after a screaming orgasm to thank Puck for allowing her the privilege of cumming and returning the favor by jerking him off. Run Time: 17.21

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