Max Wellander

I got flipped for Queer Porn TV and I loved it.

Location: Toronto/the house of skeeze
Identities: queer. butch. photographer. artist. occasional pornographer. sometimes i even take up that woman space (but sometime also, it makes me feel squidgey). instigator.
What makes you queer?
my attachment to all things blood-lettingly sharp and engulfingly squishy.
How has being a queer porn star changed your life? well, seeing as this is my first scene
ever, i dont think those changes have completely rolled out yet. except maybe they have. that community you dream about when you’re a young horny queer? it’s queer porn. connected, sexy, intense, emotional, and artistic. these things became my world.
Pitch your life as a reality tv show. wipeout meets temptation island. with really good camera
Dish about a hot exhibitionist experience: they fought in the grocery store over who would fuck me with the cucumber. resolved, we piled back into the car. i held the hand of the driver while the winner slid the carved-a-little-bit-bigger-then-expected coldness into me. We sped past the truckers and forest of northern Ontario. After I came we pull into an off ramp, smoked cigarettes and ate that cucumber.
What are your favorite sex toys? every tool has its perfect use.
Tell us about your first QPTV scene. it was break-up sex. varina and i had been involved for a good 2 and half years, and decided the week before the FPA’s that we were gonna have to try something different. determined to make it the best break-up of life (which i can solidly say it was – although it became more of a transition than a real break-up), we decided to continue through with our plans to do the FPA week together. porn was something i knew i would try at some point in life, as i have a motto about putting myself in the positions that i ask other people to put themselves in. since varina’s first scene was in my first porn, it really felt only fitting to let her add this to the plethora of my firsts she has collected already. it was the kind of break-up sex that makes you realize you can’t actually stop sharing that space with someone…

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