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I wrestled for toppiest top for Queer Porn TV and I loved it!
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hard femme
Location: On teh Interwebz
Identities: Steampunked hardfemme, Real Geek Girl, angry feminist, faggette, sex klown, dominant little girl, pervert
What makes you queer? My sex is perverted, political, personal, playful- it’s an alchemy where I can transform society’s institutionalized oppression and make orgasmic, hot, powerful gold. I love squirming into and exploring the spaces between false binaries- between top and bottom, male and female, public and private. Plus I strap on my activism and use it to fuck the kyriarchy every day. It’s a power struggle I can get into.
How has being a queer porn star changed your life? It’s meant a lot to me to be someone people look up to as a sexual role model of sorts. People with my body type and my attitude about being fiercely political about my fucking, especially as it pertains to sex work, don’t come along every day, and it humbles me how many people are inspired by the way I weave my ethics into my eroticism. It also means a lot to me to skirt the capitalist structures that dominate so much of the struggle to survive in this culture through sex work.
It’s also been a big deal as I’ve begun to balance being a social media marketer outside of the adult industry while simultaneously being a loud and proud queer porn star. Showing that you shouldn’t have to choose one or the other, that sex work is real work and that industries judging you for that are missing out on excellent employees, that you *can* have your cake and rub it all over your tits on camera for money too, is something that I think really needs to be heard. So many people believe it’s one or the other, and we need to challenge that for the sexist, classist, moralistic bullshit it is.
Pitch your life as a reality tv show. Kitty Stryker is the Startup Dominatrix! Sort of a mixture of Victoria from “It’s Me or the Dog” or Tabatha’s Salon Takeover with South by Southwest. I’d come in, teach offices full of brogrammers about workplace etiquette, straighten up their social media/marketing to reject oppressive imagery, and leave them a safe space for marginalized people to work and succeed.
Dish about a hot exhibitionist experience (a sex party, public sex, a wild time on set or with a client): I had an incredibly sexy experience when I went to buy my first strap on at 18. Ended up with my chest covered in a stranger’s cum in a glass elevator looking out over Back Bay. We went for coffee after and parted ways without ever sharing names, but we did share a wink and a smile. It was kind of amazing, and I still remember it fondly- probably because he was so cautious about making sure I was ok every step of the way, and had a way out/made it clear “no” was a safe thing to say.
What is your favorite sex toy? My partner- adaptable programming, don’t have to change the batteries often, multifunctional! And, depending on their proclivities, trainable. 😉
If you mean of the non-human variety? I’ll take a nJoy Pure Wand, please. Guaranteed to make me a trembling, squirting mess.
Shameless self promotion: I run two blogs, a personal one Kitty Stryker and one on Consent Culture . I also run Ladies High Tea and Pornography Society and am part of the core crew of Cum & Glitter. Mostly, though, you’ll find me on Twitter, Tumblr or Facebook!
Tell us about your QPTV scene(s.) In my first scene I was lucky enough to help dress Eden at a Cum & Glitter show, so I was excited to see what it would be like to have her boss me around! Two girls playing “Have You Ever” was an experience I never had, actually, so it was like getting to have a sleepover fantasy come true. Granted, the hard part was my role- playing the innocent was difficult for me, as I was always the girl who corrupted everyone else…
My second scene I was on steadier ground. Betty and I have enjoyed each other’s… erm, company before, and I have been wanting to see what would happen if I egged her into wrestling me. The answer is that I would get a run for my money (well, I couldn’t just *let* her win, could I?). The bruises were well worth it. <3

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