Queer Porn Tv Glossary of Terms

Some language used by the people on this site may be unfamiliar to you, or may be outmoded by the time you see it. This glossary is a general definition of terms, but many people choose different language to describe their own identities. If you’re curious about the language that people prefer, don’t take our word for it; ask them!

Cisgendered women and trans women often prefer she, her, her’s
Cisgendered men and trans men often prefer he, him, his
Genderqueer people and some trans people often prefer the gender neutral they, their, their’s, zir, hir, or, something else entirely. Most folks openly identifying is genderqueer wont be offended if you ask what pronouns they would prefer.

Trans man (aka FTM) – An FTM is a female-to-male transsexual or transgendered person. Many (but not all) trans men undergo surgery and/or hormone treatments to transition from female to male.

Trans woman (aka MTF) – An MTF is a male-to-female transsexual or transgendered person. Many (but not all) trans women undergo surgery and/or hormone treatments to transition from male to female.

Bottom Surgery – Any number of proceedures meant to change the genitals of a trans person. Some, not all, trans-people elect to get genital reconstructive surgery to align their bodies with their identities.

Top Surgery – A bilateral mastectomythe removal of the breasts and the shaping of a male contoured chest. Some, not all, trans-people elect to get reconstructive surgery to augment their chest to align their bodies with their identities.

Genderqueer – Not identifying with either male or female gender, but neither, both, a cycle, or completely outside of any gender binary. A fluid gender identity that encompases all sexual orientations, physical sex, and may include a trans element of identity as well.

Cisgendered – Someone whose gender is not in transition. Preferable to “biological” because many trans-folk believe their preferred gender is just as biological as any one’s

Squirt – female ejaculation, also referred to as gushing, femjaculate, cumming, ejaculate, jiz, and many other pet names. refers to the expulsion of noticeable amounts of clear fluid by human females from the paraurethral ducts through and around the urethra during or before an orgasm.

Play Party – a space for people to have group sex or kinky play like spanking

Play – may refer to sexual, erotic, or kinky activities

BDSM – Acronym for kinky and fetish identities and activities. Stands for Bondage and Discipline, Domination and Submission, and Sado-masochism

Top – The Do’er – the person penetration, taking control of the scene. Some people identify as a Top. Sometimes associated with Dominant or Sadist.

Bottom – The person on the receiving end of penetration, torture, etc. Some people Identify as a Bottom. Sometimes associated with Submissive or Masochist.

Switch – Someone who tops and bottoms, within a scene or in different scenes, or with different people.

Sadist – Someone who enjoys giving erotic pain

Masochist – Someone who enjoys receiving erotic pain

Consent – Permission, approval, or agreement. Sexual consent refers to a person’s permission to another person or persons to engage in sexual acts. Consent is never implied and should never be assumed, even among people with an established sexual relationship.

Consensual “non-consent” fantasy: A common, yet controversial and minimally researched, fantasy role play involving physical or psychological aspects of force, coercion, molestation, or rape built on a foundation of established consent, desire, and pre-negotiation between partners. Can be referred to as “rape play,” “forced sex role play,” or sometimes in the BDSM community, “ravishment.” There is often an understanding between partners that words like “stop” or “no” are not the safe-words of the bottom, and that physical resistance or even fighting back may be part of the scene. This kind of role play can be confusing, or even triggering, to an outside viewer of a public role play or porn scene of this kind, since safe words, stop lights, and negotiations of consent are often discussed and agreed upon before the scene takes place. Disclaimer: Queer Porn TV has a very strong political and personal stance against the perpetration of rape culture. We consider fantasy images of non-consent to be powerful when explicitly negotiated between performers.

Puppy Play – Erotic fantasy role-play in which one or more people behave like a dog. Can involve a human BDSM version of the ownership, discipline and training involved in actual dog-human relationship. Can also be a chance to experience regressive primitive states.

Butch – (Noun) – Person of any gender or body who presents as, and/or identifies with the masculine. As an adjective, may describe behavior, style, or identity pertaining to masculinity. Note that masculinity means many different things to different people.

Femme– (Noun) – Person of any gender or body who presents as, and/or identifies with the feminine. As an adjective, may describe behavior, style, or identity pertraining to femininity. Note that femininity means many different things to different people.

Androgynous – Someone who presents or identifies with qualities of both the masculine and feminine.

AVN – Adult Video News magazine, a mainstream magazine covering the porn industry. AVN organizes the Adult Video News Awards, which are considered the Oscars of pornography.

FPA – the Feminist Porn Awards, organized by Toronto-based sex positive sex retailer Good For Her, recognizes the best in sex positive, queer, artful, boundary-breaking, and educational pornography.

Enema – Medical technique in which water is injected into the rectum through the anus. Used to clean the bowels before anal play. Can also be an erotic activity unto itself, as medical role-play, punishment of a submissive, or for the erotic potential of the deep stimulation of the ass.

Queer Porn – Porn that is directed and produced by queer people, depicting queer performers engaged in queer sex acts. Associated with, political consciousness, authenticity and artful independent production.

Strap-on – The use of a dildo in a harness usually worn on the hips to penetrate another person’s holes for the purpose of erotic pleasure. Can also be used for gender play.

Fisting – The penetration of a person’s hole using the entire hand and sometimes arm for the purpose of erotic pleasure.

Pain slut – A person who experiences pleasure as a result of erotic pain (see masochist). More specifically someone who experiences pleasure from tests of their ability to endure long or intense exposure to erotic pain.

Flogging – The use of a whip or cat-o-nine-tails, often leather or rubber, to give erotic pain. Most commonly used on the ass or upper back.

Gender-fucking – Playing with or confronting traditional notions of gender. Can refer to identity, social presentation, or erotic play.

Bondage – Restraint or immobilization using rope, cuffs, or other devices. People enjoy bondage for a variety of reasons, including power exchange, role-play, resistance, and physical access.

POV – Stands for Point of View. Refers to porn filmed by one of the performers, giving the viewer has the experience of interacting with the other performer.

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