Busy Getting Busy!

Hello again Queer Porn Aficionados!


Not to put too fine a point on it, but your humble queer pornographers are turning into megalomaniac perverts. We just won’t stop until we have compiled the filthiest collection of queer sex scenes in the universe.

This Fall:

On a Mission rooftop Puck Goodfellow and Juliette March transformed a kidnap fantasy into D/S romance.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the Mission, living legends Papi Coxx and Jiz Lee squirted sweetly on a fabulous chaise lounge while local fetish artist Suzanne Forbes sketched the action live. Those illustrations will be featured on Jiz’s charity porn site Karma Pervs, celebrating their upcoming 30th’s birthday orgy!

And as for boy-on-boy, we captured James Darling and Wolf Hudson getting it in on in Oakland’s most glamorous sky-lit bathtub.

As if all this hot sucking and fucking and bondage and cum and wasn’t enough, we have been blown away by the touching intimacy and revolutionary ardor of the performer interviews. We set out to give porn stars a safe platform to speak about their sexual identity and every single gorgeous creature took the prompt and ran with it. Their answers reflect the thought and emotion of those who live and play and get off outside the box.

These interviews are free, relatively SFW, and available right now on the Queer Porn Star pages! If you don’t want to watch these people fuck after hearing them talk about gender, lust, music, and politics, you haven’t been taking your vitamins!

October 14th we will be recreating the exhibitionist magic of Queerly Beloved with a You Are A Queer Porn Star party at the El Rio. Expect more kissing/kink booth and a porno peepshow where you can preview never-before-seen QPTV footage!

XOXO Tina Horn and Courtney Trouble

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